How to Stop Being Indecisive

If you find yourself constantly wavering between choices, procrastinating on making tough decisions, or feeling overwhelmed every time a choice presents itself – you’re in the right place. Being indecisive can be a super frustrating quality. Not only does it make us feel stuck and stagnant, but it’s also a huge time killer and can lead to built up anxiety. We have put together five easy tips on how to stop being indecisive so you can make decisions quickly and painlessly. If you prefer video, Coach Elise has recorded her favorite tips below. Otherwise keep reading our tips on how to stop being indecisive!

Narrow Down Your Options

Choice paralysis is usually at the root of indecisiveness. This is why Costco, aka the best place ever, usually only has two skus of products to choose from. You want ketchup? Great. There are two brands to choose from. That’s it. Trader Joe’s follows the same strategy and it seems to be working well for them, too. Whereas when you go to your typical grocery store, there are a ZILLION choices when all you are trying to do is grab some paper towels and some salad dressing.

This reason alone is why I typically loathe going to my local Pavillions but always run at the chance to go to Trader Joe’s. It’s not because one is better than the other – it’s because I know I won’t waste a half hour mulling over dumb decisions that honestly don’t matter. I’m in and I’m out because I’m not having an existential crisis over each and every thing I place into my cart. I feel confident when my choices are narrowed.

So if you truly want to know how to stop being indecisive – be a Costco! Only offer yourself a few choices. Narrow them down. Don’t bother going over every possible scenario in front of you. This will only waste your time, heighten your anxiety, and cause buyer’s remorse later. Stick to the basics. Be a Costco.

Let Go of Picking the Perfect Choice

Take that pressure right off of you immediately. There is no such thing as a “perfect” choice – only a “good choice.” So when you are trying to learn how to stop being indecisive – eliminating the idea of a perfect choice has to be incorporated immediately.

When we aim for perfection, we get messy. Impulsive. Irrational. We don’t utilize our intuition and we certainly don’t take time to reflect. We become way too results-focused, and don’t practice mindfulness during this chaotic time. So the last thing we need to do is to hyper-focus on a “perfect” outcome when we know that doesn’t exist. Overcoming perfectionism is a battle in itself, but for now, try to take it out of the equation when you’re finally learning how to stop being indecisive.

Instead, focus on choices made by listening to your intuition, logic, reasoning, and experience. Research a little, listen to your own voice, confide in people you trust, and then pull the trigger. A well-informed decision and reflective decision is a good decision, and that’s all that matters.

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Make a Pros and Cons List

Now that you’ve narrowed down your choices and you’ve released the idea of a perfect choice – it’s time to get very familiar with the options in front of you. When you’re learning how to stop being indecisive, it’s best to be organized. So write out every single option you’ve narrowed it down to. If there are more than three – you have to get rid of some. Ideally we only have two choices in front of us. From there, it’s time to make a pros and cons list for each available choice. Write out the best case scenario for each choice, the worst case scenario for each choice, and everything in between.

This is where research really comes in handy. Personally, when I want to know the answer to something, I typically Google the question and put “reddit’ afterwards because that community always knows what’s up. But you can research the way you’d like, and collect as much information as you can. Stop before you feel overwhelmed, though. Learning to stop being indecisive takes knowing where your anxiety threshold sits, and making sure to avoid it!

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Take Time to Process

Even if you have a deadline for your decision, you still need to try to take all the time possible to soak up the feelings. Processing is an integral part of decision-making, and when you are in the throes of learning how to stop being indecisive, using time to your advantage is going to make decisiveness way easier on you.

If you’re an internal processor, try journaling or meditating on it. Find someplace quiet and free of chaos, and sit with yourself. Do some stream of consciousness writing and see what comes out. Just get your feelings out and see if you can calm your mind. Typically, the clearer your mind, the easier the answer will come to you.

If you’re an external processor, consider confiding in your therapist or life coach about the decision sitting in front of you. Try calling up a trusted friend and talking it out. Be mindful of who you bring into this situation though – you really need to make this decision based on your own thoughts, feelings, and needs – not those of others. You have to consider what friends might stand to gain if you make one choice over the other. That is why working with a professional can be a much better avenue here – they have zero skin in the game other than wanting what’s best for you.

Once you’ve taken the time to process, you’ve just got one more step to stop being indecisive!

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Channel Your Inner Knowing

We’re taking this one from Miss Glennon Doyle, the mother of all inner-knowing. Glennon says to find a dark quiet place, and sit until your intuition shows up and tells you the answer. She claims that your intuition is deep-seated, and takes time to be summoned. But once summoned, your intuition will never steer you in the wrong direction.

Elise and I recently recorded a podcast on now to differentiate between your anxiety and your intuition, so if you’re not sure how to channel your inner knowing, give it a listen!

The point here is, if you want to stop being indecisive, you have to pay close attention to what your intuition is telling you. Stop trying to ignore it, avoid it, or resist it. Get curious. Explore the impulses you’re experiencing. Allow yourself to accept a decision, and see how it feels. Notice if your body relaxes, or tenses. Do you feel at peace, or even more confused? Playing each scenario out could lead to clues on how your intuition is reacting. Your inner knowing ALWAYS knows what’s best for you, so start listening.

Life Coaching Helps With Decisiveness

If you need help on learning how to stop being indecisive, this is the right place for you. Life coaching has so many benefits – including increased self-confidence, more assertiveness, getting to know yourself better, and yes – better decision making skills. So come work with us and see how much you can change and grow for the better!

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