What To Do If You’re Feeling Stuck

If we could sum up one phrase that we help our clients with, it’s feeling stuck. You are not alone – everyone gets in those ruts sometimes. Whether you’re feeling stuck in your career, your relationship, your finances, your friendships, your productivity, or your general purpose – that’s what we do. We help people stop feeling stuck so they can move forward and get on with their lives.

So if you’re feeling stuck right now, you’re in the right place. And while our most impactful work happens during one on one coaching – we are going to outline our top five tips on how to stop feeling stuck below. We also have a video included if you’d prefer to watch!

Get Back To Your Values

Whenever we encounter a client who is severely stuck – it’s normally due to the fact that they have strayed very far away from their values.

It’s one thing to get out of your comfort zone and try something new – but very rarely do we ever need to abandon our values in order to seek out creativity or novelty. When our values aren’t tied to our endeavors, it’s easy to become lost, overwhelmed, and confused. You might be thinking to yourself, “Why was I even doing this in the first place?” or “What’s the point of this?”

That’s because you’ve lost your North Star. Your motivation behind your goals has flown out the window because they aren’t in alignment with your authentic self. So if you want to be able to stop feeling stuck – go back to the source. Figure out what inspired this idea in the first place, what you hoped to gain from this project, relationship, or situation, and strip it back down.

If you’re having trouble identifying what your values are in the first place, don’t panic. We have a FREE Values Inventory below!


That’s right – use your cute lil eyeballs and read something.

Get out of your head. Go learn about your pursuit from an expert. Or, even better, take a break altogether and escape into somebody else’s world.

You need a new perspective, and reading is one of the easiest ways to take a shortcut there. You can become inspired by new paradigms and wordings, and even find some blueprints for ideas of your own.

Even if you decide to read for pleasure instead of trying to trigger your next great intellectual awakening – that’s okay. Sometimes when we’re feeling stuck, we simply need a break from cranking it out. Reading happens to provide that escape, but more times than not, it will also lend you some inspiration along the way.

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Connect With New People

Talk it out, girl!

If you’re an extrovert, it might just be that you’re feeling stuck because you’ve been doing way too much solo work. If that’s the case, then continuing to try to work your way out of this rut is not going to do you any favors. You need energy – and you need people.

Join a meetup. Sign up for a webinar. Reach out to others who have the same interests as you. Do what you gotta do in order to connect with a new community that will help you stimulate new thought processes. Frankly, the energy from others alone will probably move the needle – but interesting conversations will only push your momentum even further.

If you’re an introvert, that might sound like hell to you. Don’t worry – there’s an option for you, too! When you’re feeling stuck, it might be time to talk it out with someone you know extremely well. Ask deep, personal questions – connect on a deep level – and see what you can stir up. More times than not, simply talking it out with someone you trust can help you find the answer you’re looking for (why do you think coaching is so popular!?)

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Learn A New Skill

Typically when you’re feeling stuck, you’re also feeling purposeless.

Ugh. It’s an awful feeling, right? Not knowing how you’re supposed to spend your time, what you’re supposed to be focusing on, or what the point of any of this is?

Been there.

And one of our favorite tips to get out of this mindsuck is to learn something new.

Doesn’t even have to be relevant to the source of your pain. You could be feeling hopeless about your romantic relationship, but guitar lessons could help you feel more purposeful. I’m serious. Learning a new skill is the quickest way to discover a boost of self-confidence. Try something that isn’t *too* challenging – you don’t know what to overboard here – but try to pick up a skill that you find interesting and could take up a least a decent portion of your time.

Get those creative juices flowing. You never know – one skill just may lead to another.

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Do Something “Life Giving”

Okay, hang in there with me for a second.

So I’m stealing this phrase from Elise who recorded the video above. Her favorite tip to get unstuck is to do something “life giving.”

So….what does “life giving” mean?

It means do something – ANYTHING – that gives you life.

The way I interpret this, is to say – do something that fills you up inside. Do something that restores your faith in humanity. Do something that reminds you why you are on this earth. Anything that will shake you to your core and say HEY! WAKE UP! YOU ARE HAPPY!

For Elise, that was taking a trip to California to visit dear friends and take in the sunshine on the beach. Sounds magnificent, right? I could see how Vitamin D, quality time, and ocean waves could do the trick.

For you, that might look like taking a relaxing bath with a glass of wine and tuning out the world. It might look like buying yourself something you worked really hard for and feeling the fruits of your labor. Or, it might be helping someone else and watching them smile in gratitude.

Whatever typically “brings you life” – do it for yourself. Remind yourself how you have fun. Give yourself that feeling of complete relaxation and joy. We all know what that feels like – even if it can be fleeting – so try to bottle it up for yourself during those tough times. This goes without saying, but you’ve earned it. So do something that brings you joy so you can finally stop feeling stuck.

Okay, friends, we hope this helps you feel unstuck ASAP!

If you are looking for extra support, you should consider hiring a life coach to help you push through this phase. We are here to offer ideas, support, empathy, guidance, and motivation. Let’s do this together!

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