How to Get Motivated to Achieve Your Goals

Finding motivation can be one of the most challenging obstacles for any hustler out there. Trust us, we know. While we love the work we do – it’s tough for anyone to get into “flow” every single day. But knowing how to get motivated to achieve your goals is pretty much a non-negotiable for us.

So thankfully, we have found five simple steps to help anyone – and we mean anyone – get motivated to achieve their goals.

But, if you’re more a video person, we have your back too. Watch Coach Elise break down the five steps on camera, or keep reading below!

1. Accept Your Reality

Before we sound off on getting super motivated – it’s best to also get super realistic about your current reality.

In order to get motivated to achieve your goals – you can’t go chasing pipe dreams. If I decided to dedicate my entire today to making the literal sun shine, I would burn out pretty quickly realizing I had zero control over the weather.

A big part of accepting your reality is simply figuring out what you can and cannot control. If you’re on a mission to lose weight in order to have a certain figure – ask yourself – is this even possible for me? Sure, it would be nice to have skinny legs – but that will LITERALLY never happen. My body is not lean and tall. So I can lose as much weight as I’d like, and it’s still not going to give me those slender chicken legs we see in all of the clothing ads.

Instead, focus on action items that are fully within your control. Perhaps instead of focusing on the shape of your body or the number on the scale – you can focus on eating healthier. No matter the results, you can control if you reach for a kale salad over fast food.

Find things you can completely control, and tackle those items. Otherwise, surrender your need for control and enjoy your thick thighs.

2. Focus on Your Values 

A great way to get motivated in order to achieve your goals is to hone in on what makes you tick. Broadly speaking, these usually orbit your values. If you’re not sure what your values are – you’re in luck – because we have a Blush Values Inventory activity that you can take below!

When chasing your values – think about the overarching concepts in your life that get you excited. Things like, family. Community. Kindness. Achievement. Curiosity. Connection.

Whatever rings your bell, find ways to incorporate those elements into your goals. If you’re someone who values community and connection, but you are working on a project that is extremely solitary – try to find ways to include other people in the mission. Branch it out as much as possible.

The more you tailor your goals to your values, the easier it’s going to be to find the inspiration to accelerate the process.

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3. Simplify Your Goals

Next up – in order to find the motivation to achieve your goals…you have to ensure that your goals are achievable in the first place.

Simply put, you have to eat the elephant one bite at a time.

I know, I know, super gross, but it’s a great metaphor for goal achievement.

For example, you might have a goal to start your own business. Whew! You go girl! How exciting! But you can see how “start a business” on the surface seems like an absolutely insurmountable goal. What does it even look like? Where on earth do you get started? How do you prioritize?


Figure out the barebones minimum needed to get started. I would recommend a website or physical space depending on the business, the necessary paperwork needed, some social media handles, a main service or product, and a few processes to make your business less overwhelming.

And then, you’re off to the races and can keep going as you launch.

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Simplify, simplify, simplify.

A marathon runner doesn’t start out training by running a marathon. Usually they don’t even start out by running a 5k! Amateurs and professionals alike start out SLOW, because that is what’s needed to keep up momentum.

So start slow. Start simple. One step at a time. Build as you go. You got this, girl.

4. Keep Track Of Your Small Achievements

Humans like tangible results. We like to do work, and then see the results. It’s probably one of the simplest things about us, to be honest. So that’s why taking on massive projects can be so overwhelming – it can take years to see actual results.

Whew. That’s tough.

So if you are one of those beauties who is trying to find the motivation to achieve a MASSIVE goal – you have your work cut out for you. And our strongest recommendation is to keep track of the little things.

We already discussed how simplifying your goals is crucial to maintaining momentum, but you also need to log the achievements you’ve crossed off your list. You need to get those pings of dopamine of “Hey look, I did this” in order to keep going. If you convince yourself that you have made zero progress, you’re going to convince yourself that whatever you are tackling is out of your control.

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When it’s not.

So don’t trick yourself into giving up. Instead, acknowledge your progress, and let it be the fuel to keep you movin’.

5. Celebrate Early and Often


No matter what you’re working on – I guarantee you it’s extraordinary. Why? Because working towards a goal is inherently taking a risk. It’s time away from other things in your life. It’s putting yourself out there. It’s gearing yourself up to do something you’ve probably never done before.

And that in itself is worthy of celebrating.

Don’t let yourself get caught up in the daily grind of goal achievement. If you don’t take some time to celebrate yourself – hopefully daily – then what’s this all for? You’re taking the fun out of it!

Any chance you can get, celebrate your successes – big or small. Check in with yourself and make sure you are praising yourself for this undertaking. We all deserve positive reinforcement to motivate us to keep going. So give it to yourself whenever possible.

Good luck!

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