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Blush life coaching offers you our popular monthly memberships or pay as you go credits. Monthly subscriptions are discounted for members to reward them for their continuous use of coaching. They can also benefit from an automatic deposit credits in their account each month so they never fall behind on their progress!

If you're needing some extra help on a particularly hard month, or don't have the time to fully commit, take a look at our pay as you go options.

See which membership plan is right for you.

Monthly Memberships

Discounted membership credits to keep life coaching convenient and affordable.

1 credit = 1 Blush Journal
2 credits = 1 Video Session


The Touch-Up

4 monthly credits

For those who are scaling back from coaching but want to hold onto well-deserved results, or for those who have a tightly-packed schedule, the Touch Up is for you. 

  • 2 video sessions OR
  • 4 journals
  • Mix-match sessions/journals
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The Essentials

8 monthly credits

The most popular package on Blush! Chat with your Blush coach weekly to unwind, meet goals, master self-acceptance and maintain momentum throughout your self-discovery journey.

  • 4 video sessions OR
  • 8 journals
  • Mix-match sessions/journals
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The Makeover

16 monthly credits

If you are tired of living in the same old patterns and feel fed up with your typical way of life, then you need this plan. Schedule hour long weekly calls, or check in biweekly!

  • 4 hour long sessions OR
  • 8 half hour sessions OR
  • 16 journals
  • Mix-match sessions/journals
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Monthly membership credits expire and replenish at the end of each billing cycle.

Pay As You Go

Credits do not expire.


Blush Journal

Purchase one credit for a Blush Journal. Write out as much as you’d like and your coach will provide a thoughtful response within 48 hours. Submit journals via phones, tablets, desktops, or whatever method you prefer!

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Video Session

Purchase two credits for a half hour (30 min) Blush video session. Schedule a session within your coach’s availability, log onto Blush with a phone, tablet, or desktop, and get ready to change your life. 

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