How to Leave a Relationship Without Feeling Guilty

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I give a lot of airtime to breakups on Blush.

Getting dumped is one of the worst feelings you’ll ever experience – and I want to make sure we all feel supported. But…there’s another kind of a breakup that doesn’t get as much airtime, one that can be just as excruciating.

What happens when you are the one to leave, but you feel absolutely terrible about it?  Read More

What to Purge After a Breakup in Order to Move Forward

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The immediate weeks following a breakup are traumatizing.

Side effects include, but are not limited to, uncontrollable sobbing at the drop of a hat, non-phantom limb syndrome (you’re seriously not missing an arm, you just miss them that much), nausea at the sight of anything, aches and pain in places you didn’t even know existed, dry mouth, raw eyes from all of the said crying, lack of motivation, loss of optimism, weight gain or loss, deep, passionate anger, and of course – dry heaving. My fave. (If you haven’t downloaded our free breakup ebook, this is the time to do so). Read More

How to Know When It’s Time to End a Relationship

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It’s a question in life that you never REALLY want to answer:

When is it time to end a relationship?


Things build up. Something feels off. The magic has faded. Or maybe you’re just not happy anymore. Whatever it is that’s causing this burning question to rise to the top – it’s not going away. So you have to figure out if this skepticism is permanent, or just a phase. Tough call. Read More

How to Get Over a Breakup

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Feeling rejected sucks. But knowing how to get over a break up and make it stick might be even worse.

It doesn’t matter if you were dumped, you did the dumping, or the dumping just kind of happened—it still feels like someone took a dump all over you. One of our all time favorite books EVER, It’s Called a Breakup Because It’s Broken: The Smart Girl’s Break-Up Buddy by Greg Behrendt, perfectly outlines how all of us can swiftly get past those awful post breakup feelings. We seriously have girls come to us everyday asking how to get over their most recent breakup, and although every situation is definitely different…there seems to be a method to this madness. So, you can grab the book, or you can read our take on it here! Read More

Your Breakup To-Do List: Part II

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breakup to do list


 Your Breakup To-Do List Part II

By now we hope you have tackled those first seven to do items, because we are serving up a few more for you right now. Here is the second half of your breakup to do list—and if you follow along, you’ll be over them in no time!

8. Find a guy in your life that you trust

…And listen to him when he says your ex wasn’t good enough. He’s telling you the truth.

These guys will be painfully honest, and when they aren’t envious, they tend to be good judges of character. Boys know the game, and they can recognize it when they see it. Please listen to them when they tell you he sucks. He does. He broke your heart, and you shouldn’t let him have his cake and eat it too. Especially on Valentine’s Day. That cake is YOURS girlfriend. All. Yours.

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Your Breakup To-Do List: Part I

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 Your Breakup To-Do List Part I.


Breakups suck. It doesn’t matter if it lasted two weeks or two years – any form of rejection is enough to make us realize we don’t want to feel it again. Not to mention, getting over the sting is really tough, especially by yourself. That’s why the Blush coaches have put together your official breakup to-do list to get you out of this rut. An ex should NEVER take away your light – so let’s get you back to feeling like yourself again.


Here is your *official* breakup to-do list!

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