Setting Boundaries Does Not Mean You’re a Bitch

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Hey Blush Girls!

There has been a lot of talk recently on Blush about setting appropriate boundaries—specifically with guys (…and also with trolls. And guys who act like trolls). We stray away from drawing a line or being honest during interactions, because, well, we HATE hurting other people’s feelings. Even if he is a troll (kidding) (not) (maybe). It’s just not our style. Plus we don’t want to be that girl. The bitch girl. She’s awful…and we would never want to be her. Read More

TV Shows You Should Be Watching

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TV shows

Not sure what to binge watch on your streaming service? We have you covered. Here at Blush…we’re all about strong female roles hitting the smaller screen. Not that we hate on the men…but it’s nice seeing some of us killing it this season! So, to let you know what we’re feeling this year, here are the 10 TV shows that you should be watching – that also happen to have strong female roles.

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10 Qualities of Confident Girls

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We’ve got the 10 Qualities of Confident Girls so you can see if you’re confident.


If you think you’re already confident – good! We do, too. But it’s not the perfect grades or the sweet careers that make us confident girls. Nope. It’s all in the little things that sets us apart. Some of us are born with killer confidence, and to them, we say JEALOUS. But for the rest of us, the girls who sometimes have a harder time believing in ourselves–these are for you.

We’ve noticed that these 10 qualities of confident girls are common in a lot of our clients, and they’re simple to adapt. If you need some extra help, girl, you know that’s what we’re here for. And if you ever feel that jerkface insecurity sneaking back, skim through this list, and check out the qualities of confident girls.

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