The Female Double Bind

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The Double Bind:

An emotionally distressing response as a result of two conflicting messages

Yeah, I think we know something about that.

Call it what you want: Hobson’s choice, a Catch 22, damned if you do, damned if you don’t—whatever figure of speech you prefer, it’s all the same. Society expects one thing, but then demands another. Exhausting.

Even with all the research in the world, these double binds do not even need to be proven by science—we live them every day. Think about something as simple as salary. Women rightfully ask for equal pay, and as a result are then called pushy (or possibly even fired). If we choose to ignore the disparity, we keep our jobs stable and coworkers friendly while we ignore our own self-worth. And that’s just one example.

From personality to advocacy, females are stuck between a rock and a hard place. We found four major female double binds affecting women, however, there are many more lurking in the waters. As women, it’s our job to find them, share them, and fight them. Let’s get started.

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Setting Boundaries Does Not Mean You’re a Bitch

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Hey Blush Girls!

There has been a lot of talk recently on Blush about setting appropriate boundaries—specifically with guys (…and also with trolls. And guys who act like trolls). We stray away from drawing a line or being honest during interactions, because, well, we HATE hurting other people’s feelings. Even if he is a troll (kidding) (not) (maybe). It’s just not our style. Plus we don’t want to be that girl. The bitch girl. She’s awful…and we would never want to be her. Read More

5 Strengths of Sensitive Women

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< strengths sensitive women

We are detailing the five strengths of sensitive women to prove that emotions can be strong.


In fact,we’re kind of over hearing people call women “emotional” and “sensitive” on a daily basis. Granted, if people actually used the right definitions, we’d be fine with it. But, instead, we kiiiiiiiind of feel like it’s an insulting way to hint that a woman is on her period.

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10 Qualities of Confident Women

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confident women


Think you’ve got confidence? We do, too. But just to be sure, we’ve detailed the most consistent qualities we’ve seen that constitute what it is to be a confident woman.


We’ve noticed that these 10 qualities of confident women are common in a lot of our clients, and they’re simple to adopt. If you need some extra help (don’t we all???) you know that’s what we’re here for. And if you ever feel that jerkface insecurity sneaking back, skim through this list, and check out the qualities of confident women.

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6 Things that Plague Girls Self-Esteem

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Having the freedom to rock lime green nail polish and a pencil skirt at the same time is a blessing…


…and clearly that’s just the tip of the iceberg (and my own strange taste). Girls have an uncanny ability to feel, express, and communicate. CNN has reported higher female college graduation rates for many years (we’re smarty pants) and, as shown by SNL and summer blockbusters, we are practically taking over comedy (we’re funny too!).  Of course, those are just a few examples of our fabulous qualities.  We excel in almost every facet of American culture, and every decade we make greater and greater strides to protect and expand our rights (basically…we’re awesome).

However, being a girl cannot be condensed to a shade of nail polish or Tina Fey (love ya girl).  We have our challenges too, and this is where Blush wants to help. As girls, we seem to have various tendencies that we all must overcome in order to help our self-esteem.  Our thought is that awareness of these negative habits will help us all get there faster. This list is for you to decide what challenges you the most, and to work on it for the New Year. Girls self-esteem might be challenged constantly in everyday life, but we’re here to remind you how awesome you are. Remember, you’re not alone. Blush is here to help you sort through any of the following challenges, because we’ve had to deal with them too! Read More