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How do the video sessions work?

To schedule a video session, log onto your Dashboard, click "+video session" and find a time that works for you. Your coach's availability will populate on your Dashboard so you will know when she is open for sessions! Before your session, log onto Blush with an Android tablet or phone or a desktop using your Chrome or Firefox browser. On your Dashboard you will see a countdown and a button that says "begin session." Click on that button and you will enter into a video chat conference with your coach! Sessions last for thirty minutes.

How do the journals work?

If you aren't in the mood to chat, have an emergency, or simply feel like writing, log onto your Blush Dashboard and click "+journal." Write as much as you'd like to your coach about what you're feeling, what you'd like insight on, and what's on your mind. Click "submit." You will receive an email notification whenever your coach has responded. To see the response, log onto your Blush Dashboard, and you will see a journal icon with a red notification. Click on that, and your coach's response will be directly under your journal! Coaches have 48 hours to respond, but typically do so before that time frame.

Will a coach respond to everything in my journal?

It depends on how long your journal is! Coaches will try to respond to everything you write, but sometimes there is simply too much information for them to get to all in one sitting. If you would like a thorough response, try breaking up your journals into multiples so you can receive targeted advice from your coach, or schedule a video session to continue the conversation.

Do memberships credits expire? Why?

Yes, membership credits expire at the end of your billing cycle. We do this not to be mean, but to be respectful of our coach's time. Your coach allots a certain amount of time per month to keep her calendar open and available for your needs. If credits were to roll over, she could be bombarded with too many sessions all at once. Remember, your coach has her masters in counseling and many of them have their own private practices and agency positions outside of Blush. You are getting their services at a *massive* discount, which is why we like to be very respectful of the time that they do give us. Make sure to book sessions throughout the month so you do not lose your credits!

What if I don't want my credits to expire?

If you do not want your credits to expire, you may purchase "pay as you go" credits that are full price at $25 instead of the discounted membership prices that can go as low as $15.50 per credit. However, pay as you go will not expire and you can use them at your leisure.

What ages are appropriate for Blush?

You must be *at least* 13 years of age to use Blush. Other than that, all ages and genders are welcome!

Is Blush Online Life Coaching the same as mental health counseling?

While our coaches do have their masters in counseling, Blush Online Life Coaching is not the same as mental health counseling. We do not provide medication nor do we write letters for pet support (we get that a lot). We do not offer diagnosis, try to fix you, or focus heavily on your past. Life coaching provides encouragement, support, goal setting, and advice. We focus on your strengths, help you create positive habits, assist you getting out of life ruts, and create a game plan for your future. Many of our clients also have therapists and work on both simultaneously, which we absolutely love! Just make sure you are not using Blush Online Life Coaching as a replacement for psychotherapy, as that is not under our scope.

Is there a time commitment with memberships?

You do not have to commit to a certain amount of time in order to sign up for a membership. However, if you are not sure if life coaching is right for you, we highly recommend to purchase a few pay as you go credits to get a feel for our services. Once you fall in love with us (no doubt!), sign up for a membership and start seeing how Blush can massively transform your life. We recommend staying on a membership for at least three months to get the full benefits of Blush life coaching. You may cancel at any time by contacting our founder Kali at, but please give her a week's notice!

What if I need to cancel a video session? What if I don't show up?

You may not schedule or cancel a video session within 24 hours of your desired time slot or already scheduled session. This is out of respect for our coach's time. You can sync your session to your favorite calendar app (iCal, Google, Yahoo, Outlook) to make sure you do not forget! If you are more than 10 minutes late to a video session, the session is considered a "no show." Credits will not be restored for missed sessions or no-shows!

Do you offer refunds?

We offer refunds on a case by case basis. To be honest, this rarely happens in the first place! Our coaches are absolutely stellar and we are offering their services at a heavily discounted price. But, if for some reason you think you are entitled to a refund, drop us a note and we can chat about it!

Can I change my membership tier?

Absolutely! Log into your Blush account, click "My Account"/"Plan Type." Select which plan you'd like to upgrade or downgrade to. Changes will not go into effect until your next billing cycle.

Do I have to commit to a certain amount of time to join a membership?

We do not require you to stay on Blush for a certain amount of time. However, membership credits are meant for those who want to take life coaching seriously. If you aren't sure if life coaching is right for you, we highly recommend you purchase a few pay-as-you-go credits to get a sense of what we offer. If you like the services, jump on a membership plan! We recommend staying on a membership for at least three months to get the full benefits of life coaching. Changes don't happen overnight!

How do I cancel my membership?

Before you cancel, it's good to note that we have smaller plans available for those who want to wean off of coaching. You may contact us at to discuss those plans! Maintaining progress is of the utmost importance and we want to make sure you can hold onto results for as long as possible. If you'd like to cancel outright, please email our founder, Kali, at and she will take care of you! Please give her at least a week's notice to make the necessarily changes.

Note that we do not require a certain amount of time to stay on Blush, but we do recommend at least three months to get the full benefits of life coaching.

What if I am under the age of 18?

For our younger clients, you absolutely must have parental approval in order to use Blush. This is a non-negotiable. Parents, you are more than welcome to reach out to us and to your child's coach if you have any questions. Thank you!

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