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How to Stop Feeling Desperate When it Comes to Dating

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The idea that women feel desperate when it comes to dating is not a new phenomenon.

Honestly, we all hear it all the time. Women are clingy, dependent, insecure, controlling, blah blah blah shut up shut up shut up.

While I absolutely despise any stereotype out there about any female EVER – I have to say that I think I am beginning to understand why this whole “desperation” might have a little bit of truth to it. Read More

It’s Not Wrong to Want to Be in a Relationship

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I want to get something off my chest right away:

It’s not wrong to want to be in a relationship. 

Ah. That feels better already.

I know a lot of single women. And that’s to be expected. I’m in my late twenties, and the average age for marriage is crawling closer and closer to that 30 year mark. So to me, it’s pretty standard – even healthy – that a solid amount of my network is not in a relationship. However, I’m noticing more and more each month that my amazing, fabulous, independent, rockstar girls feel that it’s TOTALLY wrong to *want* to be paired off. Read More

How to Take Advantage of Being Single

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Recently, our very own Coach Britt got engaged. Instead of gushing about her exciting life ahead, she wanted to reflect on how she got here, and share her wisdom with others. This is her account of how she took advantage of being single.

Tips on being single


I loved being single.

As an engaged woman, that probably isn’t something anyone expects to hear from me. I always wanted a real relationship, of course. I knew there was someone out there who I would want to spend most of my free time with. But I didn’t want to spend my whole life waiting. Limbo doesn’t suit me.

I spent about five years being single prior to meeting my fiancé. So trust me, I really do understand the struggle of balancing where I was with where I wanted to be. Read More

Being Single is a Choice

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being single


The other day I had an interesting conversation with some friends about free will.

We were sipping rosé in a trendy east side wine bar and enjoying our lazy Sunday. Honestly I’m like 99% sure you can’t gossip about pop culture east of Vermont Avenue, so our only option was to start philosophizing about life and all its mysteries. When in Rome! Read More

Tips for Valentine’s Day for the Single Girl

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Let’s admit it: Valentine’s Day for the single girl can be a little difficult.


We’re still recovering from the craziness that was the holiday season, we are bound and determined to continue our New Years Resolutions even though the novelty of it all is a bit worn now, and we are faced with the reality that the big V Day is around the corner. Date or no date, Valentine’s Day can be stressful for everyone. Read More