In-Person vs Online Life Coaching: Which is for me?

So you’ve done your research between a therapist and a life coach, figured out how to find a life coach, and have officially decided – you’re doing it. You’re going to hire a life coach! Congrats! This is *such* an exciting time. Finally all of the goals and aspirations you’ve been putting off will be in the forefront of your mind – and you’ll have a partner in crime to help you achieve it all. The benefits of life coaching are endless. So the question becomes, which is right for you, in-person vs online coaching?

Let’s go through the differences to decide whether you’d like to see a life coach in-person or online.

In-Person Life Coaching

Pros of In-Person Life Coaching

First, we’ll start with the positive side of the in-person life coaching relationship. In-person coaching is the more traditional version of coaching. It’s been popular since the 1980s, when executive coaching entered the scene. When you think of life coaching, it’s easy to think of two men in suits and ties, talking in a corner office, going over the goals of an executive.

Nowadays, most life coaching happens in private practice offices. Here are the benefits we’ve noticed:

  • It’s a great set-up for clients who typically don’t have a quiet, private place of their own.
  • You can detect good rapport early on during in-person sessions.
  • You’ll be able to notice any awkwardness or tension, making the decision on whether to fully commit slightly easier.
  • It can be nice to have a change of scenery when wanting to enter into a new paradigm of thinking.
  • Environment can have a huge effect on mental energy, so traveling to a different office could help shake-up some stale thought patterns.

Cons of In-Person Life Coaching

While in-person life coaching is a great solution for many clients, it’s not the best fit for everyone. Here are a few of the common drawback to in-person coaching:

  • Location is a huge component to in-person sessions. Depending on the time of day, traffic and busy parking lots can add minutes to an already long commute time to your coaching sessions.
  • It’s crucial to have an open and clear mind before entering sessions, and the commute alone can tamper with that state.
  • While private sessions are typically confidential – there’s no guarantee you won’t bump into somebody on the street or in the waiting room before a session.
  • You also do not have control over other variables during the session
  • Think: temperature, access to snacks or drinks, or comfort of furniture.
  • In-person sessions typically also require scheduling in-person, which makes it tricky if you don’t have a consistent schedule.
  • The cost tends to be higher for in-person coaching as there is more overhead involved.

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Online Life Coaching

Pros of Online Life Coaching

Online coaching has gained in popularity along with online counseling to meet the demands of a technologically progressive world. Here are some of the benefits:

  • The online model allows for clients to skip the driving, traffic, and parking and instead have private, comfortable sessions in their pajamas on their couch.
  • There’s no risk of running into anyone familiar or missing a session altogether thanks to a flat tire.
  • Scheduling is conducted online at any time, regardless of traditional business hours.
  • Clients can squeeze their sessions in during a busy week.
  • Many clients have a session during their lunch break or before they head off to work in the morning.
  • The texting component also allows for coaching on a consistent basis without ever needing to schedule a session at all.
  • ¬†Furthermore, online life coaching companies have an endless supply of life coaches ready to work with clients.
  • This eliminates the waitlist or a long time gap between signing up and having a first session.
  • It also allows for clients in smaller towns without as many options to all of a sudden have an endless amount of choice when choosing a life coach.
  • The online model tends to be more affordable, as there’s less overhead involved for the life coach. This means you can see a coach more often and gain the benefits of life coaching faster.

    Cons of Online Life Coaching

    While technology has made huge strides in convenience and effectiveness, it’s not the cure-all for every industry. Some clients prefer in-person coaching, and here’s some reasons why:

    • Some clients don’t always have private spaces to conduct coaching sessions, and may need the office set-up simply to eliminate distractions.
    • Technology problems such as a poor Internet connection can also disrupt coaching sessions.
    • There are concerns of internet privacy.
    • Some coaching sessions might be conducted via FaceTime or Skype, and others have their own systems that are HIPAA compliant (increasing privacy).
    • There’s also a potential drawback of not having the same level of intimacy during online sessions as opposed to in-person life coaching sessions.
    • This will vary from client to client of course, and is more of a preference than a fact, but some clients do feel more connected during in-person sessions.

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    In summary…

    If you have a busy schedule, are used to technology, live in an urban area with lots of traffic or a smaller town with less options, and are on a budget – the online life coaching model could be for you. Blush Life Coaching offers online life coaching starting at $99/mo – and are actively taking on new clients right now. Join us to start your self-improvement journey from the convenience of your own home!

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