The Best Morning Routine for an Amazing Day

Who doesn’t love a good morning routine? They create productivity, confidence, elevated moods, and a lovely sense of control. They also create an extra opportunity to fill our cup to the absolute brim so we have a large reserve of patience, creativity, and resourcefulness so we can face our day head-on without getting burned out.

So we have created THE BEST MORNING ROUTINE so you can make sure you are getting the most out of your morning to set you up for success! If you aren’t that big of a reader – ya good. We have the video included below! Give it a watch, or continue reading for the best morning routine to have an amazing day.

Wake Up 30 Minutes Before You Need To

I am a big sleeper. I love it. I will sleep as long as I possibly can. But here’s the thing – when I push my sleep to the limit, I tend to feel rushed in the morning. And when I run behind in my morning, I’m practically behind all day. There’s nothing worse for our stress levels and for our sense of control when we are constantly playing catch-up.

So do yourself a favor, and wake up a half hour before you need to. Take the time to collect your thoughts, breathe, take in the day, and do a mental assessment of what’s ahead of you. But don’t go straight into the day – take the time to relish not having to be anywhere. You are 30 minutes ahead of schedule, so this is one of the few times in your day where you are NOT in a rush. Let that sink in and take your time to start gettin’ goin’.

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Avoid Morning Scrolling

No matter what you to with your first 30 minutes, please for the love of all that is good, avoid your phone.

Morning scrolling takes up valuable time for you to reflect, engage with your body, relax, or even prepare for your day. When you scroll on your phone – you have no idea what triggers await you on the other side. You could stumble upon a photo that brings back awful memories, see a quote that makes you think of the nerve racking meeting you have later in the day, or be bombarded with current events that send you into a panic spiral.

In order to have the best morning routine, you can’t interrupt it with unhelpful memories, thoughts, triggers, or mindless social media scrolling. Frankly, there’s too much at stake. Once you are already in your day and going through the motions, you can sneak in some moments to scroll on your phone and check in with what’s going on. But mornings are now for happy thoughts and reflection.

So no matter what you do – do not reach for a screen first thing in the morning. Remember, you aren’t even supposed to be awake, so nobody will even know that you aren’t answering emails or responding to DMs on purpose. Let that escapism soak in, and continue on with your morning.

Make Yourself a Cleansing Juice

Cleansing your body first thing in the morning can help you prepare for all of the nutrients you put into it later on throughout the day. Whether you reach for celery juice, which is known as a natural detox and helps with focus and digestion, or lemon juice with with water – you’re taking care of your body, and your body will thank you.

You could also opt for a power green juice and get your daily dose of vegetables for your day off to an amazing start. We aren’t here to dictate what juice you should make – that’s up to your own personal health needs – but we are here to say that nourishing not only your mind, but your body, first thing in the morning will make for the best morning routine. Even the process of making the juice can be incredibly cathartic. There’s something rewarding about creating an easy concoction, knowing that it will help you sustain energy and health throughout your day. Little productive things build self-confidence, so be sure not to skip this step in the best morning routine!

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Build In Quiet Time

Incorporating quiet time into your morning will create a sense of calm that you can carry throughout your day. Nobody likes to feel like they’re on the edge of their seat all day everyday – so this time for you to reflect will be instrumental in lessening anxiety and decreasing cortisol levels. In order to have the best morning routine, we have to make sure you calm your behind before you get going.

You can do many things during your period of quiet time. You can meditate, focus on your breathing, journal, set intentions for the day, go on a walk, or just sit outside and bask in the start of your day. This time is meant to anchor your day. Too often we are simply going through the motions. We aren’t intentional with our actions and just keep mowing through what needs to get done in order to survive. So for just a handful of minutes, we want you to connect with yourself. No phones, no people, no list-making – nothing. Just you and your thoughts.

You deserve to be heard by yourself. We have a habit of only listening to our inner critic, and not our kind, forgiving self – so this is your chance. Start your morning with a kind and forgiving attitude towards yourself, and give your body the peace and quiet it deserves every single damn day.

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Get Organized

Okay, now that you’ve avoided your phone, juiced yourself up nice and good, and spent some quality time with yourself – it’s time to get organized. Beast mode: initiate.

Let’s do this. Let’s tackle this day. Let’s make a mental or physical list of everything you need to get done. Let’s make sure you are prepared for your meetings, let’s make sure to use our time wisely, and let’s be sure you have everything you need in order to set yourself up for success.

This is the time to become super intentional with your productivity. We believe that if you spend a little time preparing, you’ll end up working smarter – not harder. In order to be efficient with your day so you can stop working at a reasonable hour, we need to plan. Half the time a lack of planning is what results in working too long of hours and burning out. So let’s be smart about it!

Plan your meals. Prepare for presentations. Cross items off your list that have already gotten done and add new ones that need to be addressed. To boil it down: get your shit together.

The good news is you will be refreshed, recharged, and ready to take on the day with the best morning routine out there.

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