What is a Life Coach, and Do I Need One?

Thinking about getting a life coach, but not sure where to start? Perhaps you saw an article that shows how many successful celebrities see life coaches and thought – hmm, if Oprah sees one, I probably should, too. We don’t blame you! We copy Oprah as much as possible as well. But to help you out – we put together an easy article detailing all of the ins and outs of coaching – for instance, what is a life coach? Do I need a life coach? How can I find a life coach? Who are life coaches? What do life coaches do? How much do life coaches cost? How much experience should life coaches have? Should I see a life coach in-person or online? And what benefits will I get from life coaching? Keep reading to learn the answers to all of this!

What does a life coach do?

Simply put – a life coach is someone who bridges the gap between where you are today and where you’d like to be, personally and professionally. Consider them the catalyst to finally get you “unstuck” and out of the rut you’ve been drowning in for years.

Just like professional athletes have coaches who help them reach their maximum potential, we can benefit from the insight a coach can provide into our lives. A life coach is, well, a coach for life!

Life coaches are the sherpas to your new life – the one you always knew you were meant for, but never knew exactly how to get there. They abolish self-limiting beliefs, focus on personal development, and help you reach your full potential. Life coaches range in different ages, costs, niches, and locations – all ready to help you elevate into a higher frequency of living.

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What topics do life coaches focus on?

There are many areas of life that can reap the benefits of life coaching, ranging from relationship troubles, stress and time management, career dissatisfaction, self-confidence, and overall motivation for life. Rather than looking at you as someone who needs “fixing,” life coaches want to help you improve to get to the next level.

Life coaching is future-set. They don’t view you as broken, pathetic, or incapable – they believe we are all capable of what we need and want out of life. And they will walk with you every step of the way until you reach your goals.

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How does life coaching work?

Life coaching combines counseling tools and motivational interviewing skills and combines them into a tailored process for you and your personal goals. While life coaching is typically goal oriented – it doesn’t have to be. There are different kinds of relationships life coaches has with their coaches. For example, a coach can focus on spirituality work that isn’t inherently goal-based and the work can continue for a lifetime.

Relationship coaching typically also incorporates techniques outside of goal-setting to help enhance the client’s social relationship with the world. Business coaching is also popular. It typically centers around generating wealth, expanding a growth mindset, and learning how to better communicate.

Goal-oriented coaching focuses on the client and coach selecting an exciting, maintainable, realistic goal and setting down groundwork for how to achieve it. Goals can range from making a certain amount of money per year or a promotion to making healthy, sustainable friendships and selecting healthy foods to eat on a regular basis.

Sometimes a life coach can help you tailor or re-adjust your goals if they aren’t in sync with your values. Goals tend to transform over time – so while you may sign up to work with a coach to achieve one goal, the fulfillment of achievement is usually enough to inspire more goal setting and more achievement through the collaborative coaching relationship.

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How long does life coaching last?

Sessions can range from 30 minutes to 90 minutes long. While life coaching does not focus on your past – some coaches will want some background information so they can become clearer on the values you’ve inherited, the stories you tell yourself, and your perception of the world around you.

From there, coaching delves into cognitive distortions, limiting beliefs, assertiveness, and overall self-confidence. In a collaborative effort, both of you will discover what you would most like to change in your life, what’s holding you back, and how to overcome any obstacle to make permanent change.

Relationships with coaches can last anywhere between three months, to three years, to three decades. It all depends on your relationship with the coach and your commitment to self improvement. While three months may yield a few semi-permanent changes, consistent coaching is the key to unlocking sustainable growth.

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How do I find a life coach?

Finding a life coach can prove to be challenging. Executive coaches with high ticket costs, starting around $2,000 per package, offer free introductory calls. These are typically used to walk the client through their coaching process, while also highlighting their own backgrounds and pitching the client on their packages. So while they are  advertised as “free sessions,” these are better known as “sales pitches” and will follow by expensive programs. Depending on the level of investment you are willing to commit, these might be a great fit for you.

You can also search for life coaches by niches online. Many coaches brand themselves to certain topics, such as “Law of Attraction” or “Spiritual Coaches,” “Money Manifestation coaches,” “Relationship coaches,” “Health and Fitness Coaches,” and much more. If you are searching for a specific type of life coaching, it’s wise to make sure your life coach has specific experience or education in the topic you are searching for.

Another popular way to go about finding a life coach is to look through the International Coaching Federation. They can refer individuals to programs or alums of their own program. The ICF is also the organization that is responsible for quality control of the many, many life coaching schools and programs available to prospective coaches. Currently there is no unifying standard of education for life coaching – anybody can deem themselves a life coach. With that being said, ICF gives accreditation to certain programs that meet their standards of coaching education.

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What experience should a life coach have?

Currently there is no experience or education required to hold oneself out as a life coach. There are thousands of life coaching courses online, and it’s difficult to prove which ones cover the topics necessary to be considered a good life coach. The ICF has taken steps to help organize the life coaching industry by issuing accreditations for courses that meet the ICF standards. However, there are plenty of skilled life coaches who have never taken an ICF course, and there are plenty of subpar coaches who have taken multiple ICF courses.

Unlike the world of mental health counseling, there’s no state board for coaching or any sort of ethics board to keep life coaches accountable. This is why Blush Life Coaching requires every life coach on Blush to have their masters degree in counseling.

While we believe many life coaching programs out there are no doubt dense in information, a masters degree in counseling and social work provides an unparalleled foundation we believe every emotional helper should have. However, coaches on Blush don’t follow the typical path of mental health counselors. They don’t focus on the past, they don’t diagnosis, they assign homework, they offer their own opinions, and they call you out when you need it. We combine the softness and stability of counseling with the excitement and motivation of mentorship.

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How much does life coaching cost?

The cost of life coaching significantly varies from coach to coach. According to the International Coaching Federation, the average cost per hour is above $200 per session. Executive coaching, business coaching, and high end life coaches tend to sell what they consider “packages” for quarterly coaching.

Packaged coaching is offered in 12 week increments (one hour of coaching per week + designated homework) and can reach as high as $15,000 per quarter. Most coaches only include face to face sessions or video sessions in their packages – texting is typically not considered a traditional form of life coaching.

Blush Life Coaching starts our pricing out at $99/mo, which is far and away less expensive than the standard pricing for life coaching.

We offer face to face video sessions with your own personal life coach, as well as unlimited chat so clients don’t have to feel anxiety about remembering every little thing they wanted to tackle during sessions. Prices range from $99 to $399 per month.

Who is the best life coach for me?

The best life coach for you is the coach who lifts you out of feeling “stuck” and shakes you into a new reality of hope. It is essential for you to feel safe, secure, relaxed, and free from judgment during your sessions. There will be tough times – self-improvement is not easy – but you should feel a positive net value after the first few months of working with a new coach. It’s worth to note that creating a relationship based off of trust and mutual respect cannot and will not happen overnight. These relationships take at least four weeks to develop, so patience is essential when entering into a new coaching relationship.

It’s also encouraged to research your life coach’s experience. There are many different ways to become a life coach, and some of the paths are more challenging than others. Not every coach follows the same procedures to reach their goals – and it’s important that you are aware of the different possibilities.

A relationship with a life coach can develop into one of the most positive, helpful, and fulfilling relationships of your life. Together, you two can get you out of a funk, set realistic and measurable goals, and achieve one after the other after the other. You will learn how to live by a new set of rules – rules that actually make sense to you and align with your values.

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