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Online Life Coaching: A Letter from Blush

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I’ve received many questions over the past year as to how on Earth I decided to create this online life coaching company. To be honest, I’m not even sure I know the exact answer! There are so many reasons as to why I wanted to start Blush, but the best answer I have is one that I’ve never shaken out of my head. And I wanted to share it with you here. Read More

2015 List of New Year’s Resolutions

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Sometimes picking a New Year’s Resolution is hard.

And if you’re reading this, it’s probably super hard for you because it’s a few days after the clock struck midnight. But that’s ok, we totally relate. We know it’s a struggle. Take last year for example. I’m sure many of you were all like, ‘should I be all ambitious and crap and give up carbs? But wait, that will probably die out in by time Valentines rolls around…eh…ok. Maybe I should just stop biting my nails. But is that enough? Should I do more? Oh forget it. This is all too complicated, I’m getting cheese fries.’

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Lessons We Learned From You in 2014

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It was only last year that Blush launched from a tiny apartment in Austin, Texas. None of us were really sure what to expect, or how things were going to go. We figured we would be lucky if we helped a handful of girls, spread a few messages, and taught some lessons here and there. But let us tell you–we were stunned at how things turned out in 2014. We are over the moon in giddiness….we can’t believe this is our job! Most days it honestly feels surreal. But what is most exciting isn’t the wisdom we have departed on you….it’s how much YOU have taught US. From nothern California to the south of France, you girls have taught us some of the best lessons we have learned in our entire lives. Thank you to all of you, you are our inspiration and why we do what we do!

So, without further ado, these are the lessons we learned from all of you over this past year.

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What You Need to Know About Life Coaching

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life coaching

hand wave  Hi.

Sewwww we’ve had questions recently about how life coaching works, what it’s like, and how it’s different than traditional counseling. And although coaching looks very different for each fabulous individual, we figured the best way to explain the process was through a clever (ish?) blog. Because that’s how we roll. So here is what you need to know about life coaching, and why it’s probably the BEST IDEA YOU WILL EVER HAVE IN YOUR ENTIRE LIFE.

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A New Shade of Blush Online Life Coaching

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Blush is ready for spring, and to celebrate we gave ourself a makeover! (I mean we are Blush, after all). We’ve made a bunch of fun changes to our site, and we are giddy with excitement over our new improvements. Like, really excited.

To get you JUST as pumped, we’ve decided to walk you through all of the new changes.  Without further ado, here are the brand spankin’ new reasons we are more fabulous than ever! (If we do say so ourselves…) Read More

Goal Setting for Teens

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goal setting teens

Every parent wants the best for their child and every teen ultimately wants to make his/her parents proud. But with all the distractions we have at our disposal, it’s hard to keep track of everyday tasks and our individual life goals. Parents can also attest to the mistakes or missed opportunities they had when they were young. Like the old saying goes, “you’ve got to strike while the iron is hot” and not let moment pass. So here is some advice on goal setting for teens.

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Online Teen Life Coaching

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Online teen life coaching

teen life coaching


Teens know the stress that high school can bring: grades, relationships, peer pressure, friends, bullying, planning for college and not to mention the extracurricular activities that impact their daily life as well. Although all parents were once young, sometimes it’s difficult to understand the new pressures teens face. Plus, it’s not like kids come with a handy instruction manual with all the answers; that would be too easy. It’s OK to ask for some help. For this reason, teens and parents have started turning towards online teen life-coaching, as a healthy outlet for their teen to get some advice about their personal lives and help them attain goals, without any judgment or embarrassment.  Read More