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How to Stop Procrastinating and Get Stuff Done

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Welcome to adulthood. The land of paying bills, never having enough money to do so, desperately trying to get eight hours of sleep, but also constantly having to get stuff done. And as a procrastinator, you’re not loving this transition. Yes, procrastinating might have worked in college (overnighters were your jam), but it doesn’t quite have the same effect now. In fact, it’s finally time to learn how to stop procrastinating – or else you’re worried you might drown in your own anxious adult head! Read More

Your Pride is Holding You Back. Here’s How to Stop It.

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If you are anything like me, then pride has played a beneficial role in your life. It’s saved you from embarrassing and cringeworthy situations. It’s made sure you held yourself together during trying and unhappy times. It’s tempered your emotions and calmed you down when your self-confidence was being beaten to a pulp. But, I hope you also realize, that your pride is holding you back. Read More

How to Know When Your Goals are Hurting You

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At Blush, we are all about setting goals. But it’s good to be able to understand when your goals are hurting you.


Fitness goals, career goals, relationship goals, personal goals – we don’t discriminate. We love ’em all. But occasionally we run into clients feeling paralyzed by their goals instead of motivated and inspired. This is normal in small doses – goals can be overwhelming and intimidating. They take work, time, and remind us that we juuuuuuuust aren’t quite there yet (boo). But after a few minutes of feeling tripped up – the healthy goals inspire us to keep going. Read More

Tips on How to Feel Grateful

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feeling grateful


Knowing how to feel grateful is one of the key elements to happiness.


But feeling grateful can be an enlightening, but also challenging process. It’s not easy to acknowledge the things that don’t get done or the prayers that seem to go unanswered. Add to that the myriad of status updates, photo collages, and other news posted on social media by family and friends every day, and anyone can find themselves feeling a bit discouraged with where they are,  or deflated about where they’re headed. Read More

What You Need to Know About Life Coaching

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life coaching

hand wave  Hi.

Sewwww we’ve had questions recently about how life coaching works, what it’s like, and how it’s different than traditional counseling. And although coaching looks very different for each fabulous individual, we figured the best way to explain the process was through a clever (ish?) blog. Because that’s how we roll. So here is what you need to know about life coaching, and why it’s probably the BEST IDEA YOU WILL EVER HAVE IN YOUR ENTIRE LIFE.

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Goal Setting for Teens

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goal setting teens

Every parent wants the best for their child and every teen ultimately wants to make his/her parents proud. But with all the distractions we have at our disposal, it’s hard to keep track of everyday tasks and our individual life goals. Parents can also attest to the mistakes or missed opportunities they had when they were young. Like the old saying goes, “you’ve got to strike while the iron is hot” and not let moment pass. So here is some advice on goal setting for teens.

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