When to Break Up With a Friend

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Breaking up sucks.


Sleepless nights, tissues full of tears, and enough takeout food to last us a lifetime. They suck. It takes awhile to get over them, and sometimes we’re convinced we will never be the same again. But we silently pray to ourselves that the miserable feelings will pass, and that everything happening right now is all part of a better life down the road. Read More

How to Deal with Long Distance Friendships

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College is so awesome.


I mean the number one priority in college (OTHER THAN MAKING PERFECT GRADES, GUYS) is to make friends. Everything surrounds socializing and meeting new people and connecting and having fun! There are clubs and study groups and mixers and so many fun things to do with lots of humans. Of course you have the breaks during the summer and over the holidays, but it’s all good because you get to go back to your hometown with all of your high school buds. It’s seriously the perfect balance.


How to Handle Bad Friends

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Friends, no matter how old we are, have a huge influence on us—even if we are out of those impressionable teenage years. It’s no surprise that plenty of successful business mentors advise younger proteges to hang out with successful friends. Success breeds success. But sometimes despite all the advice to keep good company, we find ourselves dealing with bad friends.

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Wedding Guest Stress

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Let me just state the obvious: it’s wedding season.


Post college, summer break is replaced with the season of the wedding cake. Brothers, sisters, best friends, ex friends, and pretty much anyone else you come across in life can’t help but get hitched this time of year! We clap, we laugh, we cry, and we cheer all in honor of our favorite new couple. Well, that is, until next Saturday when a different couple steals the spotlight.

These occasions of love dominate our social calendars and fill our hearts with hope and inspiration for our friends’ and families’ futures. Plus, we get a boat load of free champagne. So, what is it that makes weddings secretly stressful? (It’s ok, you can admit it). Blush has a few theories, and we wanted to share with you the the top ways to end the wedding race, and simply enjoy the season without the wedding guest stress.

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How to Have Better Friendships

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Not feeling so hot about your friendships?

That’s a bummer. And the reality is, there’s probably a simple fix as to why you aren’t enjoying your relationships as much anymore. So Blush wants to alleviate this pain by sharing four common traps that tend to get us in gal-pal ruts. This is how you have better friendships: Read More