How to Handle Bad Friends

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You are who your friends are.

Or, as your mother used to shout before you ran out the door in your teenage years, “GUILTY BY ASSOCIATION!”

We know you hated hearing that. In made you cringe. You liked your friends, why didn’t she? Eh, nevermind, you totally knew why she didn’t like them. And now, years later, you’re realizing why it bothered her so much. Back then, you figured, “hey, who cares, I am me, and no one can change that!” Read More

20 Ways to Drive Your Roommate Crazy

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We know a lot of you girls are heading off to college this fall or moving in with different roomies in the upcoming months, so we decided to help y’all out. We know it’s not always easy to get along with your roommates, so in order to make sure you achieve this, here is a list of things that will guarantee drive your roommate crazy. Take notes, girls!

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Wedding Guest Stress

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Let me just state the obvious: it’s wedding season.


Post college, summer break is replaced with the season of the wedding cake. Brothers, sisters, best friends, ex friends, and pretty much anyone else you come across in life can’t help but get hitched this time of year! We clap, we laugh, we cry, and we cheer all in honor of our favorite new couple. Well, that is, until next Saturday when a different couple steals the spotlight.

These occasions of love dominate our social calendars and fill our hearts with hope and inspiration for our friends’ and families’ futures. Plus, we get a boat load of free champagne. So, what is it that makes weddings secretly stressful? (It’s ok, you can admit it). Blush has a few theories, and we wanted to share with you the the top ways to end the wedding race, and simply enjoy the season without the wedding guest stress.

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How to Have Better Friendships

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Not feeling so hot about your friendships?

That’s a bummer. And the reality is, there’s probably a simple fix as to why you aren’t enjoying your relationships as much anymore. So Blush wants to alleviate this pain by sharing four common traps that tend to get us in gal-pal ruts. This is how you have better friendships: Read More

How to Recover from Fights with Mean Girls

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How to recover from fights with mean girls.


Everybody fights sometimes. But fighting with mean girls is a totally different ball game. Yes, it’s part of life, and usually cannot be avoided. The good news is, fighting with friends is typically a sign of investment and commitment, and therefore is not always a horrible thing. You get things off your chest, learn how to communicate effectively, prevent the relationship from fading away, and hopefully make up!

The bad news is, fighting, particularly with mean girls, is not fun. In fact, it can be downright terrible. You get this awful pit in your stomach, your heart races, and your mind is clouded with anxiety. We know…it’s just…ew. So, we have a few tips on how to help get through the rough patch before the apology phase. This is your time to cool off, collect your thoughts, and prioritize! Read More