Body Image: How to Feel Comfortable in Your Own Skin

Learning how to feel good about our bodies is a never ending journey. This is not something that’s going to click overnight. Instead, having a positive body image and embracing how to feel comfortable in your own skin is something that will be a daily practice. That’s why we put together some easy tips for you to follow so we can make this journey as easy as humanly possible. Coach Elise also recorded a video with her tips – so tune in below!

Here are our tips for how to feel comfortable in your skin:

Embrace Your Natural State

In order to feel comfortable in your own skin, you’re going to have to let that skin breathe! Embrace a few days a week without any makeup (and make sure to join our #NoMakeupMonday on Instagram!). Let yourself be in your natural state. The more you get used to seeing yourself for who you really are without any additions, the more comfortable you’re going to feel in your skin.

However – I want to make one thing clear – there is nothing wrong with wearing makeup, highlighting your hair, getting work done, or doing whatever you want with your appearances. Blush is here for it all. But it’s important to find balance with yourself. The goal is to love yourself with and without the glam. So for as often as you put on the mascara, curl your hair, and put on your finest skirts – save some days to go makeup free, let your hair air dry, and put on some old sweats. You are gorgeous no matter what – so embrace both sides of the spectrum!

Write Out Your Love

It’s not easy to stare at your naked body and think of anything other than what you *don’t* like about it. We know this. We zoom in right for the things we hate, and rarely focus on the things we love.

So instead, we have a challenge for you.

While you don’t have to do this in real time (although serious bonus points if you’re able to do it while LOOKING at your body), write down everything in a journal that you love about your body.

And we mean everything.

The size of your nose. The freckles on your cheeks. The shape of your hips. The fullness of your bum. All of it. But remember…

Appearances are only part of the equation of loving your body.

You don’t have to necessarily love the *appearance* of every aspect of yourself. I don’t want to encourage you to lie to yourself. Honesty is important for any intimate relationship – including the one you have with yourself. So while I might not be the biggest fan of my thighs, I certainly love how they are able to move me from Point A to Point B with little effort.

Point is, we want you to get creative with this. Think about all the things your body does to support you (it allows you to convert oxygen to CO2, it allows you to rest when you need it, etc), and focus on that. Don’t focus on the shit that you hate – focus on the aspects that you seriously appreciate.

If you can do this consistently, you’re going to slowly see the relationship you have with your body evolve.

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Compliment Yourself Daily

While you might compliment yourself on other aspects of your life (I hope!) it’s time to direct that love towards your body. Feeling comfortable in your own skin requires loving – and at least liking – your own skin. So it’s time to prove it to yourself.

Lizzo regularly posts content of herself complimenting her body. She will tell her stomach, her booty, her face – all of it that she loves them. And that’s the exact kind of energy we want you to bring to your body daily.

Find a time daily to give yourself compliments on your physical self. It’s probably easiest to find time when you hop in or out of the shower – but whenever feels most natural to you is best. Make sure to compliment parts of your body that you don’t have the healthiest relationship with and the parts that you get along with pretty well.

This might feel awkward, forced, or uncomfortable – and that’s the point. You aren’t expressing love to yourself enough, so it does feel funky and foreign to you. The goal is to rev up these compliments so being nice to yourself feels comforting, normal, and safe.

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Cleanse Your Social Media

Social media is a visual platform. You are inundated with filters, photoshop, and flawless angles of those looking their absolute best. And that is triggering as hell for anyone who doesn’t feel comfortable in their own skin or who doesn’t have the best body image out there.

Which is why it’s time to do a massive cleanse of who you follow on social media so you can feel empowered, strong, and beautiful any time you wander over to that corner of the Internet.

Step One: Unfollow anyone who triggers insecurities.

That’s right. And I mean *anyone.* In the age of the “mute” button, there is absolutely no reason not to quiet people whose content makes you feel bad. You don’t need to have a reason. You don’t need to try to overcome it. You don’t need to feel guilty for not “liking” their stuff anymore. They will survive. Hell, they probably won’t even notice (and if they do, they need to examine why social media engagement is that important to them!). So take a few minutes and take inventory of who you follow. Do they bring you joy, or do they bring you concern? Marie Kondo this and unfollow anyone who doesn’t spark joy!

Step Two: Follow Positive People

Anyone positive will do. I personally love to follow plus size models because it’s so fun watching women who don’t typically fit the standard of beauty knock everybody’s socks off. But there are plenty of body positive accounts out there that you might love! My personal favorite accounts to follow are Ashley Graham, Tess Holliday, Hunter McGrady, Javiera, Danae Mercer, Dani DMC, I Weigh, and of course – Lizzo.

That’s it. You’re done. Just make sure your social media experience is one that is positive and uplifting – not damaging and triggering.

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Silence Your Inner Critic

Easier said than done, I know. But if you are on a mission to feel comfortable in your own skin, your body image is going to take a big toll if you continue to listen to your inner critic.

We recommend naming your inner critic so you can tell her to piss off. Elise calls her inner critic “Barb” while I call mine “Kiki.” They tend to pop up during times when we feel incredibly insecure and like to thrive off that negative energy.

If you can remember that anytime you start popping off about your body – it’s your inner critic doing the dirty work – and not you, it might help you find the power to silence it. Try to distract her by saying nice things about yourself. Tell her that her opinions aren’t welcome here, and she can see herself out. And all else fails, talk to a positive influence in an effort to drown out the noise.

The more you tell your inner critic to be quiet, the less negative noise you’ll be fighting off on the daily, and the more hope you’ll have for a healthier relationship with your body.

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Take Care of Your Body

A huge part of feeling comfortable in your own skin is taking *care* of the skin that you’re in. Yep. It’s time for the self-care portion of this seminar.

Self-care includes creating a skin routine that you enjoy, drinking lots of water to feel hydrated, eating food that’s not awful for you as much as possible, moving your body when you can, getting enough rest, and basically treating your body like it’s the only one you’ll ever have – because it is.

But it’s not just about doing the bare minimum.

We value things we invest in.

Period. So if you are not investing in your body, this is your wakeup call to do so, stat. Buy yourself clothes that you feel good in. Invest in some skincare products that you love (I recommend this one and this one.) Pay for a workout routine or make sure you have some nice walking shoes. Take bubble baths and use essential oils. Do whatever you need to in order to feel like you are treating your body like royalty.

The more you put MONEY, time, and energy into your body – the better you’re going to feel about your body.

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