Unique Self-Care Gift Ideas for the Badass Female


You’ve come to the right place for holiday shopping!


We’ve chosen the most unique self-care gifts ranging from $10 to $150 for your favorite badass female.

Instead of gifting her new socks, a scented candle, or a gift card to her favorite clothing store, why don’t you try something more enlightening this year? Something that involves self-care and badassery (yes, that is a new word). I mean your fave badass is probably taking risks in her career, maintaining healthy friendships, championing for her favorite causes, and consistently trying to become a better person. She deserves one helluva present. And these gifts allow your bestie to broaden her horizons, show off her personality, and most importantly – enjoy herself. She’ll love you no matter what you give her – but don’t you want to slay it this Christmas? (Get it??). Below are our favorite gift choosings in the self-care space ranked from low to high – just the way you like it.

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Feminist Activity Book $10


If you don’t follow Gemma Correll on Instagram you are missing out. Her doodles are insightful, hilariously accurate, and heartwarming, which is a nice change of pace thanks to the current political climate. Her feminist activity book is a great way for your friend to occupy herself during long train commutes, relaxing Sunday mornings, or for unwinding after a long day at the office. Pair with some old school crayons and let her channel her inner (and outer) feminist in this educational feminist treasure box. Plus, adult coloring books are known to be amazing self-care tools as they decrease stress and anxiety. Amazing!

Boob Pouch $18

I mean, who doesn’t need another sturdy travel bag for their makeup brushes or favorite eyeshadows? And with boobs on them? You really cannot resist. Your favorite badass female will die over this empowering and humorous illustration that she can take with her to work, while traveling, or to her in-laws house for the holidays (yaaassss.) Plus with a price tag of only $18, it makes for a great Secret Santa/Yankee Swap gift, or you can even fill with some brushes from Sephora or a few OPI nail polishes to make the perfect thoughtful gift.

Conquering Your Quarter Life Crisis $15


As the author of this blog I fully reserve the right to plug my own book on this post. If you don’t like it, then go start your own blog and see how you fair. (JK JK HAPPY HOLIDAYS EVERYONE). But really, your favorite badass female isn’t afraid of some good old fashioned blunt advice, which is basically all this book has. Let her release her frustration with growing into an adult overnight while she also learns a thing or two about boundaries, self-care, healthy friendships, and work-life balance. She doesn’t have to be in her 20s to get something out of it, either. It’s for ANYBODY wanting to up their self-care. Plus, it makes for a great stocking stuffer, or you can pair it with The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck or You Are a Badass (two of my personal faves!). Your gift will make for a rather empowering 2018!


Stress Relief Candle $20

Ok, fine. I added a candle to this. But in my defense, it’s not scented. Oh wait, shit, it does smell like eucalyptus spearmint. But you know what? Scented candles are the bomb and everyone likes giving AND receiving them. HOWEVER – this candle is special because it has secret relaxation powers for – you guessed it – SELF-CARE. That’s right. If your favorite badass female has an insane job, is going through the ringer with personal relationships, or is just a generally stressed out person (you know who I mean), why don’t you give her the gift of calm this holiday season? At least you know it’ll beat all the other lame Yankee candles she gets.

Hillary Clinton Leggings $29


I love these suckers so much my fiancĂ© made sure I was wearing them when he proposed to me last year. They are comfortable, bright, and politically very LOUD. Every time I wear them out in public I get at least three high fives, a few snickers, and at least one hug. It’s part of the deal when you wear Andy-Warhol-Badass-Cell-Phone-Hillary-Clinton-Pants. If your favorite badass female is sick and tired of this administration and wants to make a statement about it – here ya go. This will do it. And they are on SALE (so depressing) at $29! Cannot beat that.

Drybar Blowout $40


Whether you’re a girly girl or not, having great hair makes anyone feel like a badass rockstar. So why not give your bestie the gift of feeling fly for New Years Eve? Getting a blowouts isn’t something I normally do, but whenever the occasion does present itself, it’s such a nice treat. My self-care is on point during those sessions. You get your hair washed and massaged (who has time to wash their hair anymore?!), have a glass of champs while you look through a cheeky menu with hairstyles such as the Manhattan (sleek and strait) or the Southern Comfort (curls with volume), and sit back while your head transforms into a work of art. Go for an event or just because! Your friend will enjoy being treated like royalty thanks to you.

Hydra Gel Eye Patches $48


Let’s face it – your favorite badass female is busy. Like, really busy. Like not getting enough sleep, busy (more on this later). But she still faces the world each morning, puts her game face on, and gets shit done. Because that’s who she is. But I have yet to meet a powerful, go-go-go female who hasn’t complained about her under eyes being dark, baggy, or wrinkly. And that’s where these babies come in. Filled with cucumber, hydration, and tightening mechanisms, you plop these suckers below your eyes and let them sit for 10 minutes while you finish your morning routine. Take them off and – whala! – your under eyes are bright, rejuvenated, and won’t scare people in the subway. Plus she can spend some time journaling or meditating or whatever other self-care thing she does in the morning while they soak. Your friend and her eyes will thank you.

Blush Session $50


Does your friend have ANY time to take care of herself? She’s always the one who is there for you, and her other friends, and her boyfriend, and her family, and her dog. But who is there for her? Who?!?! Cue: Blush. The ULTIMATE self-care gift. Since she doesn’t have time for ONE.MORE.ERRAND and cannot bear to face traffic yet again, give her the gift of self-care from the safety of her own couch. For $50 she can have a session with a professional life coach (who happens to have her masters in counseling) where she can talk about life, stress, productivity, her stupid boyfriend who isn’t good enough for her, her next career move, or just overall self-confidence.

Nasty Women Unite Sweatshirt $52

Aside from my hot pants, this is my favorite item of clothing. Not only does The Outrage donate a portion of the proceeds from every purchase to Planned Parenthood, ACLU, Black Lives Matter, 350.org, She Should Run, Malala Fund and more badass feminist organizations, but their apparel is trendy, comfortable, and empowering. I personally own this sweatshirt and wear it all the time (and yes, it also comes with high fives and a random hug), but there are tons of fabulous shirts, accessories, and more. Give your favorite badass the gift of charity AND apparel in one fell swoop!

Interior Decor Service $79


Time is probably a massive issue for your favorite female badass. She has so much she wants to get done, but she also needs time to unwind and relax. So how does she fit everything in? Thanks to Havenly, a new and upcoming company run by yes – a female – she can have a personal interior decorator at her beck and call whenever she’s ready to put those final touches on her apartment. You can give her the Havenly “mini” which helps her with those final touches needed for a room that isn’t quite “ready,” or you can gift her the full enchilada for $199 that completely designs a room for you. The service is all conducted online, so just like Blush, she never has to leave her house!

MasterClass $90



If your fave badass is constantly trying to better herself, this is the gift for her. Masterclass is a company that offers online classes from real experts in their field. Learn tennis from Serena Williams, TV writing from Shonda Rhimes, cooking from Gordan Ramsay, singing from Christian Aguilera, or conservation from Jane Gooddall. For $90 your friend could have lifetime access to the class of your choosing and is able to go at. her own pace. There’s even a Facebook group set up for each class so she can chat with other students about their experiences! As a current student myself, I can absolutely recommend it for anyone looking to try their hand at a new skill.

MoviePass $90

This is an absolute insane deal. If your favorite badass is really into movies of any kind – then gift her MoviePass for a year. At $90, your friend could see a movie a day FOR. A. YEAR. Just like ClassPass, this company is running at a loss for promotional reasons. Eventually they will raise their prices, but might as well get in on this gift while it’s still around. Sign up, receive a card in the mail, and you’re set! Her membership will roll over the following year, so give her a heads up just in case. I also suggest to make sure movie theaters in your area are participating in their program. For example, in west Los Angeles, three out of my four favorite theaters participate, so it’s more than worth it to me. But obviously you  need at least one theatre in your area for this to be a worthy gift! I know I love going to the movies for my self-care routine, and I bet she does, too.

Ringly – $125

If your friend hasn’t jumped on the iWatch or FitBit movement thanks to their overly-techy appearance, but is still constantly on her phone during dinners out, gift her this stylish bracelet that can help pull together her outfit and also keep her present during social outings. Ringly Go syncs to your phone and vibrates softly whenever your phone rings. That way she’s not constantly checking her phone to see if she missed that important call, and instead she’s laughing at that hilarious joke you just told (you’re so funny!). It also track your activity and take you through a guided meditation, which is a nice bonus. They also come in rings for $99, but their sizes are limited, so we suggest going with the bracelet as you probably don’t know your friend’s ring size (who does?).

Weighted Blanket $143


Ah, we have arrived at the cure-for-better-sleep gift! Weighted blankets are a Godsend. They were discovered as great soothing mechanisms for kids on the spectrum, but they have also shown calming benefits for adults with high stress, anxiety, and depression. Even if your friend does not suffer from any mental illness, weighted blankets are a great way to unwind after a long, hectic day and allegedly help adults fall asleep and stay asleep. They are a bit pricey with most of them almost hitting the $150 mark, but they are more than worth it for your friend if she has an interesting relationship with sleep. Between these and the eye patches, she might have this whole sleep thing figured out by 2018!

Self Love Pinkie Ring $149

The ultimate empowering gift for your favorite badass female. This self-love pinky ring signifies everything you two stand for in your friendship. Instead of describing it myself, I’ll let the company, Fred + Far, do the honors: Make a pinky promise to choose yourself, honor yourself, and remember yourself on a daily basis when you wear the Original Self Love Pinky Ring. Harness the power of the Divine Feminine by wearing her symbol, the upside down triangle. Each ring comes with our pinky promise pledge card so you can make your commitment official. So. Freaking. Adorable. And obviously the perfect gift for your empowered friend. SELF-CARE FOR THE WIN!

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