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Gifts for the Female Entrepreneur in Your Life

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Blush works with *a lot* of female entrepreneurs.


We know firsthand how hard these boss babes work. Not only are they paving the way for all of us to chase after our own brilliant ideas, but they are constantly working their tails off to support themselves and prove to the world that women make good business owners. So if you have a female entrepreneur in your life, make sure you spoil her with one of these fabulous gifts that’s perfect for her lifestyle. Here are our favorite go-tos priced low to high – because you know you would have filtered it that way in the first place.


1. Laptop Lighting $9


If your biz bestie takes meetings at home, she needs to look alert and ready to go! Lighting is the KEY to professional webcam meetings, and this lighting is not only affordable, but it does the job perfectly. Make sure she is ready to go for those client calls, mastermind meetings, or on-boarding sessions. The best news? It’s less than 10 bucks and it’s totally portable so she can use it when she’s traveling. Honestly, it’s hard to turn away this great gift!


2. You Are a Badass at Making Money $18


If your friend is on a mission to start a new business, then she needs to get her mindset around money all straightened out. Jen Sincero’s latest book is the perfect gift for his holiday season so your friend can start off 2018 on the right foot. Sincero walks you through anecdotes, affirmations, exercises, and positive thinking tools in order to realign your relationship with money. I read it and frankly thought it was one of the best self-help books I’ve ever read not ONLY because it’s hilarious, but because it actually has concrete lessons that can really make a difference. Any new business owner needs to read this book!


3. Your Fear is Full of Shit Wall Art $29


Owning a business is tough. Every day your friend probably doubts herself, talks herself out of new ideas, gets down on herself, and wants to give up. It happens to ALL of us – myself included. And while you can’t be there encouraging her every step of the way, you can be there in spirit with this hilarious and VERY true wall art. Make sure your friend knows how much you support her dreams even when she feels like giving up. She’ll be sure to laugh, think of you, and continue on every time she looks at it!


4. A Charging Station $40

Regardless if your fave female entrepreneur is just starting out, in the grind, or has finally scaled up a successful business – she probably has tons of tools that all need to charge simultaneously. And, if she’s anything like me, her gadgets are scattered all over the place. Cue a sleek charging station! It organizes your tech gadgets and lines them up neatly so they can all charge at the same time. Not only will it keep her desk tidy, but it will also remind her to keep her phones, watches, iPads, and more at a comfortable battery life. That way she will actually call you back during her breaks 😉


5. Inkwell Press Daily Planner $44


If your best boss babe has a lot of goals for her 2018, help her out by giving her the appropriate medium to write it all out! This daily planner will help her stay organized, on top of goals, focused, and refreshed at the end of a long, productive week. With a fun, feminine design, tons of sheets ready to be filled with inspiring plans, and a comfortable feel – she will be ready to take 2018 to the next level. And, every time she’s feeling positive and motivated thanks to her journal, she’ll think of you and be so thankful for her supportive friend.


6. Amazon Echo Dot  $49

For only $49, you can give your best business babe a personal assistant. How bout that?! Alexa can sync with her at-home systems to increase her home office automation, create to-do lists, timers, order forgotten items off Amazon, and even tell her jokes at the end of the day. Her life could become infinitely easier with Alexa doing the little tasks she simply doesn’t have time for. I personally use my Alexa to turn the volume up and down on the TV because I can NEVER find the remote. And, if you have an echo dot at your house, you can even call each other’s Alexas to say hi. Don’t worry – she will have to “answer” the call and you won’t be intruding!


7. Blush Coaching Session $50


That’s right. We offer BUSINESS coaching and it’s truly  life-changing. As a business owner myself, I know how important it is to talk out the kinks and details that come with running a business. Sometimes ideas sound great in my head – but when I say them out loud to mentors – it turns out it wasn’t so brilliant. Or, something that I thought was impossible to achieve turns out to be a pretty simple fix. And while business is important, it’s not everything. A Blush coach can help guide your favorite female entrepreneur to business success, but she can also help sort out her personal life and confidence levels so NOTHING will hold her back. Give her the gift of clarity, motivation, and encouragement this holiday season. Grab your gift card here!


8. Publicity From an Expert $59


Your friend’s business deserves to be in the spotlight. People need to know about the brilliant work she is doing, and let’s face it – the more publicity she gets, the more successful her business will be. When Blush first started out, our press in FastCompany and the Huffington Post was the only reason we continued to grow. But obviously not everyone can hire their very own publicist, so why not give her a class to teach her the skill she needs to get noticed? Blush’s very own publicist, Brittney Lynn, has put together an easy course, Master Your Own PR, that helps you learn the knowledge behind successful pitching for businesses. For only $59, you could very well gift your fave business owner a chance to be featured in nationwide outlets that could totally exponentially escalate her growth in the next year. Can’t beat that.


9. Thrive Leads $67


At a one-time purchase price of $67, your fave female entrepreneur can have the plugin that thousands of websites – including this one – use to capture email addresses and grow her mailing list! Marketing is essential for new entrepreneurs, and this plugin makes content marketing affordable and incredibly easy. Most marketing companies charge a subscription fee – but this is just a one time purchase for lifetime access, which is a total game changer. Give your friend the gift of new customers – and watch her business grow thanks to your abundant generosity.


10. Tech Gloves $72

If your favorite female entrepreneur lives somewhere cold this winter (cannot relate), give her the gift that will keep her fingers warm and busy! These gorgeous leather gloves are on sale right now from $98 to $72 (yay!) and are perfect for any business owner who is constantly on their phone making deals. The technology allows all ten fingers to swipe across a phone, and the cashmere lining will make sure she stays cozy throughout the winter months. I honestly can’t imagine not being able to use my phone outdoors for half the year! I’m constantly on my phone outside answering questions or responding to emails, so my hunch is this gift could totally change her productivity level. Plus she’ll be able to text you no matter where she is!


11. A Gorgeous Website Theme $79


If your friend is more of a dreamer and less of a doer, this holiday season you could be the extra dose of motivation she needs to put her thoughts into actions! Creating a website is one of the more stressful, exciting, and daunting endeavors that comes with starting a business. Choosing a theme can be a total headache, but this shop has adorable themes perfect for any female entrepreneur! Shop through the different styles and pick one out that your entrepreneur can build off of for the next year. Plus, for an additional $99, this shop will set up the theme for you. We personally LOVE the Oh Samantha! theme, but there are tons of gorgeous styles to choose from. Think about it – you could be the reason her business really takes off in the first place! Totally cool!


12. Bluetooth Headphones $100

There isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t use my bluetooth headphones. I use them when I’m walking for exercise, cleaning the apartment, on business calls, or even just to listen to music when I’m going to the grocery store. I love these because they are so stylish and sophisticated and can seriously go with any look your entrepreneur dawns. Your fave entrepreneur is probably incredibly busy and wanting to multi-task as much as possible, so let her do it in style.


13. NoBullshit Business Bootcamp $197


Is your bestie a newbie in the world of business? Does she have a brilliant idea but isn’t sure how to execute it? Are you wanting to help her in anyway possible but you feel like you have nothing to offer? For only $197, give your friend the gift of good-old-fashioned-no-bullshit business advice. CEO Andrew Brockenbush put together a class full of wisdom, guidance, and strategy for soon-to-be or brand new business owners. It seriously covers everything you could possibly think of when starting a business. Instead of sifting through class after class, give her the all in one package so she can save time and energy. With this gift, she’ll have life-time access to the class as well as a ton of new inspiration for her future endeavors!


Good luck with your shopping and happy holidays!



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