How to Have a Positive Body Image


positive body image

It’s important to have a positive body image.

We know what normally happens. You look in the mirror, and immediately start picking it apart. Your thighs are too big. Your ankles are too small. Your chin is seeing double. We know the feeling. But the problem is, you’re completely ignoring the things that make you unique! It’s time to pour love back into ourselves and grow to love ourselves for exactly who we are.

You hottie, you.

Here’s how to have a positive body image:


1. Stop Looking at the Scale

Although scales might have great intentions, they can also be incredibly dangerous for our self esteem. We all know that muscle weighs more than fat, and that scales don’t reflect whether or not you are ‘in shape’ or not. So rude. If you are someone who lifts weights, is active in your job, or likes that elliptical, chances are the scale isn’t going to reflect that as much as you would like. Because they can be a-hole brats.

We totally understand if you want to keep some sort of measurement around just to make sure you stay healthy. We personally like the age old “how do your clothes feel?” bit. For instance….are your everyday jeans feeling a little snug, or do they fit just like they should? It’s not the end all be all if you can’t zip ’em up like you used to, but that is a way  more realistic guide to how your body is doing.

The point is, don’t let your entire self worth hang on a number. Let it be determined by how you FEEL. If you don’t have a number hanging over your head all day, chances are you won’t really think about your weight as much. Why? Because you actually look fabulous. A few pounds isn’t noticeable to anyone…only the scale. And who the hell cares what he thinks anyway?


2. Wear Clothes For Your Shape

So let’s start with me. In case you haven’t seen me before in person, I have really wide hips. I actually have the same hip width as Jennifer Lopez. I’m not kidding.  So….typically high waisted pants look good on me. YEP. They slim out my body and don’t give me that muffin-top effect. I look swell.

But I know some of my friends loathe high waisted pants. They make them look kinda stumpy. Or at least that’s what they say. But when I try to correct them with a “what are you talking about, you’re gorgeous!” I have to remember that I feel the same way about some particular clothes out on the shelves that I wouldn’t dare let graze my body. No ma’am. I refuse to wear ANYTHING that is meant for girls with smaller hips. Nothing. I don’t wear non-stretchy jeans (so painful), I don’t wear low waisted jeans (I do look hilarious, though), I don’t wear crop top shirts…it just doesn’t work. It’s all wrong. So, so, very wrong.

Maybe Ms. Lopez can afford a personal chef and trainer to mold her body into what she wants it to look like, but I can’t. And I don’t want to. That doesn’t mean I’m not in shape…it just means my body is meant for different clothes. I gave up forcing it a long time ago, because honestly, it made me feel like crap. My body doesn’t deserve to be shamed for not fitting into trends. That’s silly.

So don’t be discouraged if certain styles don’t work for you. That doesn’t mean you are out of shape. Wearing clothes that are meant to flatter your body not only bring a smile to your face when they fit well, but they also give you a boost of confidence when you realize….DAYUM GINA YOU LOOK FLY.


3. Stop Comparing Your Body to Other Bodies

This is the hardest one. We all have those friends who have the body characteristics we drool over. The girls who have the ONE body part you would just LOVE to have for one little day! You know, things like slim hips (gimme), a small tush, a flat stomach, a full chest…whatever it is, we want it. But we don’t. We have our awesome bodies. So we need to stop comparing.

Our bodies are only capable of so much change. We can work and sweat and starve as much as we want, but our bodies are still our bodies. But now they’re just pissed off bodies because they’re freaking deprived of life. Like my poor hip bones! Ugh! I physically cannot shave my hip bones down to a small human size. I can’t. Sure, I have totally tried to work my butt off to slim them as much as I can, but guess what? Those stubborn physical bones were still there, protruding out, knocking over glasses as I swung by. So now I let them have some padding, because that is the polite thing to do.

Please also note that the things about your body that you cannot change are the same things that others envy about you. Why? Because they look GOOD on you. They are MEANT to be there. It’s natural. Looking and pining over other’s figures is only going to make you appreciate what you have less, and that’s simply not healthy. Appreciate and own what you have, because it was meant to be there.



4. Exercise

You knew that was coming, right?

Yes, exercise is important. And not just because of the physical results it yields, but because of the emotional results as well. Exercising builds muscle, clears your head, and pumps endorphins into the body. Plus, it’s a lot harder to hate your body when you are putting work into it. It brings a sort of pride to your figure, because you know that you are contributing to the awesome way it appears.

It also helps strengthen self esteem and over all satisfaction with yourself. There’s really nothing wrong that can come from exercise. Our advice? Find a routine that works well for you. Engage in exercise that you can keep up consistently. I like the low impact machines because I have high arches and weak ankles, but that’s just me. (I know, I’m 65.)

Find what works for you, and keep at it.


5. Cook at Home

As much as exercise does contribute to our over all physical health, it is OH so important to be mindful of the food we eat. You are what you eat isn’t completely full of it…it actually has some truth. We aren’t telling you to ONLY eat organic and cut out ALL fat and be gluten free and eat absolutely NO sugar. Because where is the fun in that? I like cake. So sue me. But we are telling you to cook your own meals, and try as hard as you can to cut out unhealthy and unnecessary ingredients.

Cooking for yourself and exercise have similar effects–they both create a sense of pride. Like mentioned earlier, when you exercise, you are putting actual effort into the way your body feels. When you cook your own food, you are also putting actual effort into the way your body feels. We all know that healthy foods increase our energy levels and boost our moods, so incorporate these foods into your menu. You are in control. And when you’re in control of your body, we’re guessing you will feel a lot better about it, because you are working hard to feel good.

So get cookin’ girl.



We hope these tips help your relationship between you and your body–because she deserves to feel loved! If you need some extra motivation and coaching to push you along the way, we’re right here, ready to help.


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