How Hiring An Online Life Coach Changed My Life

It’s National Novel Writing Month, a time of year that spurs people on to crank out a magnum opus, a challenge shared by thousands across the world. Maybe you’re one of them and using this article as a procrastination break while you try and work out how your main character is going to survive an alien attack, earthquake and/or a bad haircut. But what about when November is over and it’s just you, your willpower and the blank page again? You should think about hiring an online life coach.

Finding a life coach helped me so much – and now I have just published my first book, Bae for Pay! Bae for Pay is a rom-com where everything goes wrong. In fact, my characters could really do with hiring a online life coach, but that’s another story…

To give you an idea of what all you can expect, here’s a short summary:

Do you ever look around your office and wonder how you got there? Sam Chambers does – then she heads directly to a shop called Divine Drinks to trade wine tips and witticisms with sales assistant Dean. She also has a reunion to go to with no career prospects and no partner…until Dean steps in to play her adoring boyfriend for the weekend and fool her friends from university. Can Sam and Dean convince everyone else that their lives are on track, and, more importantly, can they convince themselves?

So here’s how Blush helped me. Don’t worry, I might write novels but I’ll keep it short:


It’s easy to always dream about writing a book, the hard part is actually doing it. Regular check-ins helped me identify roadblocks in my life that were preventing me moving forward and how I could reroute myself on my mental Google Maps/smash right through it. 

Live Your Best Life

If you are serious about writing a book, chances are creativity is a big part of your personality. Life coaching can help you embrace this with confidence. After all, if you want to share your work with others, you need the chutzpah to put it out there!

Celebrate Milestones

People say writing is a lonely profession, but it involves a lot of people if you choose to publish, from editors to graphic designers. Publishing will involve a lot of work, whether you are doing it yourself or with a publishing house. While your professional network expands, it’s important to have someone like a life coach who can help you take the time to celebrate successes and listen to you rant about the more difficult moments (just me?)

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Creative writing can be a form of self-care, make sure it stays that way. Hiring a virtual life coach may be able to help you identify strategies to prevent burnout as you take on the challenge.

Find Your Talents

Sure, you can write, but what else can you do? I was writing, editing, arranging photoshoots and working on a website (whilst working full-time), but had never thought of myself as a particularly productive or tenacious person, until that realisation came up in a coaching session.

If you’re not sure quite who you are, don’t worry, no one is, but hiring a virtual life coach can help you identify what makes you the unique ray of sunshine you are. Go on, you might even be surprised…

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