5 Strengths of Sensitive Women

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We are detailing the five strengths of sensitive women to prove that emotions can be strong.

In fact, we’re kind of over hearing people call women “emotional” and “sensitive” on a daily basis. Granted, if people actually used the right definitions, we’d be fine with it. But, instead, we kiiiiiiiind of feel like it’s an insulting way to hint that a woman is on her period.

So, we decided to start the conversation about what it means to really be emotional or sensitive. How maybe, just MAYBE, being sensitive means sharing your heart by expressing intimate feelings, or that the act of being emotional entails outwardly showing care for other people.

Yeah. That sounds good.

So let’s celebrate the fact that we are sensitive women, instead of shaming it. Go freakin’ us!

So, without further ado, here are 5 strengths of sensitive women!

1. We Aren’t Afraid of Crying

While many may see crying as a form of weakness, we see crying as a display of authentic human emotion, and an incredibly powerful form of communication. Crying shows intimate connection, empathy, concentration, and that we’re actually LIST-EN-ING. But, most importantly, crying physically releases emotions from the body. We know better than to hold in consuming emotions–positive or negative, big or small. So we cry. We let it out, experience the feeling, and move on with our lives. And maybe, just maybe, it has to do with a puppy or a baby sometimes. What’s it to you?

2. We’re Loyal and Dependable Friends

It’s simple: people who celebrate the capacity to feel, typically make really fabulous friends. We listen them, we support them, we definitely empathize with them, and we make an exuberant effort to genuinely make them feel better.

And when shit hits the fan, we don’t stray away.

We stay.

Our mission is to figure out how WE can relate better to our friends. We genuinely like making others feel good. Plus, we are keenly aware of how to be in tune with other’s needs and wants, which is pretty much the core definition of friendship. Well, that and braiding each others hair and crap.

Regardless –if we are introverted or extroverted, once we invite people in, we do so from the heart. And when you’re in with us, we got your back. And then some.

3. We Solve the Issues to End Conflict

Conflict is the bane of our existence. For real. Argue in front of us, and we will slip into a major episode of the wee willies.

However, while some may choose to see this as cowardice or some other snarky, unoriginal label, we choose to see the aftermath. That’s right–we’re the ones who are finding common ground, bringing people together, and solving the issue at hand. We use our emotional maturity and our natural inclination to relate to others to bring harmony back into our environments. And then, we can stop ripping our nails off, or whatever other bad anxious habit we’ve developed in our lifetime to deal with argumentative humans. (Yes…this is why we have short nails).

In conclusion maybe we aren’t, like, the best at confrontation, but you can bet your butt we’ll get it solved.


4. We Choose Happiness

Feelers prefer to make decisions based off emotion. And the sky is blue. But, what people don’t talk about, is that no matter how difficult the decision, we’re usually pretty happy with the outcome. Sure, we can calculate facts and data into the decision making process just like others, but the difference is, we ask ourselves the magic question. “What would bring happiness?” Sure, that’s not always the objective answer—five of us might get five different answers. But how often in life is there really one right answer? And how often are we all happy with the same answer?! See!! We’re totally onto something.

Just to clarify, we aren’t having knee-jerk reactions or outbursts when making a decision–we are taking the time to think it through like a rational human being. A happy decision is a rational decision. We choose happiness, we choose harmony, and we choose to live our lives confidently, knowing that our emotions steer us in the right direction.

Happy dance.

5. We’re People (and business) smart

Yeah. Read it again. YEAH.

Probably the most flawed thinking about emotional people is that we don’t do well in business.

So. Not. True.

Emotional and sensitive people are great in business. Dare we say it, WOMEN are fantastic in business.


Yes, why, yes I did.

The emotional world is actually incredibly relevant in business. How? Well…business is all about people. Ya know, who needs what, how they need it, who they need it from…etc etc. It’s all about the people, and sometimes about the actual product. If you don’t have good customer service, you can kiss most profits guh-bye.  And who better to deal with the people, than those who tap into their feelings on a daily basis? Feelers can read people, empathize with people, pivot and adjust to fit needs, and keep people happy. We be reaaaaaaaal good at that.

Not convinced? Ok. Hmm. Let’s go over some bad ace ’emotional’ women who are rather successful: Sheryl Sandberg (ENFJ**, COO baller), Oprah Winfrey (ENFJ, media baller), Beyonce Knowles (ISFP, queen baller), and Melinda Gates (INFJ, philanthropist baller)

That’s one nice lineup.

Plus, as we already covered, the emotional decision basis is actually a rational one. Just turn the “what makes me happy” into “what would make the business happy”…and yep, we’re literally in business.

In conclusion, if you’re sensitive…you’re ze best.

SO, the next time ANYBODY decides to call you ’emotional’ or ‘sensitive’ in a crappy way, feel free to respond with a curt “thanks” and keep going. Little did those idiots know, they were giving you a freakin’ compliment. Ha-ha.

Love to all you sensitive ladies out there! Blush you!

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**(The letter combinations represent the Myers Briggs Type Indicator personality type. The “F’ in the third slot represents Feelings vs. Thinking.)

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