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It’s that time of year again.

If you’re trying to find the perfect budget-friendly self-care holiday gifts for friends, sisters, cousins, mom, aunts, or coworkers – we’ve got you covered. These gifts span from just $4.99 all the way to $100. Spoil your circle with these 20 trending self-care gifts of the holiday season. And just a quick note – none of these links are affiliate links! We just full heartedly believe in these products and services.

Happy shopping! 

Irreverent Adult Coloring Book 

This is one of my favorite ways to mellow out and get my stress out of my system. Coloring brings us back to a time of simplicity and bliss. And don’t we all want to feel light again at the end of a long week? Instead of reaching for the wine (ok, reach for that, too) – opt for a sassy coloring book that will not only help you articulate exactly how you are feeling (“Namaste. Now fuck off.”). Be sure to grab some colored pencils too!

Amazon – $4.99

Indian Healing Clay for Face and Body Masks

Pamper yourself or a friend with a tub of the most highly reviewed (18,000+) indian clay on Amazon. Reviewers rave about the masks ability to cleanse skin and eliminate pimples, while also removing toxins, makeup, and dirt that could be lurking in your skin. It’s great for sensitive skin as well as anyone who is acne prone. Or, just use it for a nice relaxing self-care evening filled with spa activities!

Amazon – $6.99

Lavender Sleep Mask

After a stressful day, the last thing you want to do is stay awake in bed all night replaying every detail over and over again (been there, done that.) So instead, why don’t you fall asleep to the most amazing scent in the universe: lavender. These eye pillows will not only feel and smell fantastic on your poor little stressed out face, but they will also block out any stray lighting that could awaken you too early in the morning (daylight savings time is KILLING me). For less than $12, I’d say this is worth it.

Amazon – $11.95

Quarter Life Crisis Book 

If your friend is “going through it” (we all know what that means, don’t we!) why don’t you give her a solve-all book that could help her figure out exactly what she’s struggling with, and how to overcome it? This book focuses on career, relationships, friendships, self-confidence, and the ever-looming quarter life crisis that strikes us all. It’s a short easy read, and it’s the best book ever according to my mommy!

Amazon – $14.99

You Are a Badass 2020 Calendar

This really is the gift that keeps on giving. With this inspirational calendar, you or a friend could have 365 Jen Sincero messages telling you that you ARE good enough, you CAN get through this, and you WILL take over the world one day at a time. Get your game face on for 2020 and gift your friend with some old school encouragement. Self-care every damn day of 2020 y’all!

Barnes and Noble – $15.99

Girls Doing Whatever TF They Want KeyChain

This is my favorite small little thang that I own. I got the 2019 version – so I may need to update mine soon – but regardless, every time I see it I smile. I feel empowered. I feel like I can do whatever the fuck I want because I’m a girl and I rule. And while it might not be the most obvious self-care gift – I would argue that it’s the best self-care gift of them all. We use our keys every single day – and wouldn’t it feel nice to get a boost every time you grab for them?  Yes it would. *Purchased*

The Wing Merch – $17.50

NeverTheLess She Persisted Puzzle

De-stressing is an artform, and sometimes we need quite the distraction to get our mind off of things. I can’t think of anything up for the task better than your favorite feminist heroes all together on a puzzle for your entertainment! Pull this baby out with friends, family, or by yourself after you’ve had quite a day. Get your mind energized and your spirits high while you let our icons do their job.

Uncommon Goods – $18.00

I Dissent Board Game

Ok, so you’re not a puzzle person? That’s fine! But seriously…forget Cards Against Humanity or What Do You Meme! This is the new ultimate game for any badass female out there. In fact, dare I say, this is THE perfect feminist board game for a fun Saturday night or a lazy Sunday afternoon. Channel your inner RBG and show them who’s boss while you unwind with some clever competitive banter.

Target – $19.99

I Am Enough Ring

If you or your friend is feeling down about themselves, this is the chance to put a daily reminder on their finger. This adorable, simple, and elegant ring from Etsy is the perfect sweet gift for anyone who needs a reminder that they are MORE than enough as themselves in this world. If they’re single, perhaps this ring is the first step in the right direction of calling themselves “self-partnered” (thank you Emma!) But even if you or your friend is attached – it’s still nice to get jewelry that’s just for you! Self-care for the bling bling win!

Etsy – $23.00

Adorable Houseshoes 

I am a big believer in comfy clothes you can wear outdoors without feeling like a total freak – and in my humble opinion – these fit the bill. They are furry and adorable, but also have a cute stylish feel to them. Plenty of reviewers noted they could wear them outdoors, which of course, sold me. So for those days when you just don’t feel like putting on jeans and tennis shoes, grab these and slay the day.

Amazon – $23.99

Oil Diffuser

You know that scent when you walk into a spa for the first time and you’re instantly relaxed? Imagine feeling that way every time you walk into your living room. Ahhh. Bliss. Get yourself or a friend an oil diffuser for those days when you’d love a spa day, but life isn’t allowing for it. This particular oil diffuser is easy on the eyes if I do say so myself. And while you’re at it, grab some oils from Amazon for less than $10 as well. Let’s just get all self-cared up in here.

Amazon – $29.99

Cupcake Personalized Onesie

I mean…who DOESN’T want a personalized cupcake onesie, amiright? Ok…just me? I have to admit – I do have a onesie from this exact Etsy store (it’s navy with my name in sparkly silver letters – that’s right – they offer GLITTER font) and absolutely love it. I’ve worn it for movie nights, to onesie parties (yes they are a thing), on the weekends when I don’t have anything in particular to do…it’s the best. Onesies keep you warm in style while also bringing you back to childhood nostalgia days. So go ahead – live that anxiety-free baby life and de-stress your way to snuggle happiness!

Etsy – $39.00

Portable Back Massager

When you’re so stressed out that it’s starting to physically manifest – it’s time to do some serious self-care. While I totally recommend getting a massage by a professional, not everyone can afford that, nor does everyone like being touched by strangers. So instead, you could invest in a portable massager that works at home or in your car. Get those knots out of your upper and lower back while you sip on some wine and listen to a podcast. Sounds like a good weekend to me!

Amazon – $44.95

Life Coaching Session

video counseling

For anyone trying to go through this life solving their own problems – my heart goes out to you. That’s a tough way to do it. So for this holiday season, give the gift of figuring out your problems with someone who actually knows how to help. Blush online life coaching doesn’t just listen to what you have to say – they give input. That’s right. They actually give advice, opinions, strategies, solutions…you know, the stuff you’re actually looking for. Hook a friend (or yourself!) up with a $50 online sesh and see what she can accomplish. Don’t think you can get more self-carey than this!

Blush Online Life Coaching – $50

Beginner’s Scarf Knitting Kit

Ok, this might seem a bit old lady to some of you – but knitting is actually a great way to de-stress. It allows to use your hands, it’s repetitive, it’s not super challenging, and it even yields a cute accessory on the other end of it! Most of us aren’t the most skilled of knitters, so a beginner’s kit is probably a good intro gift to yourself or to a fellow stressed out human. There’s plenty of colors to choose from, you can choose to create a scarf OR a snood (wwowww) and make sure you select the options with needles if you don’t have a sewing kit at home. Self-care scarfs!!!

Etsy – $67.11

Lou and Grey Sweatpants

These are legitimately the most comfy sweatpants I’ve ever owned. I’m not the kind to spend $70 on sweatpants (and I didn’t, I got them as swag as an event so I cheated) but if I lost them, I would have to bite the bullet and buy them. To me, these are the epitome of self-care: not getting dressed up but also not looking miz. For real, they have such a nice shape to them, so I don’t feel like a hot mess running around in them at the grocery store. If you or your friend are looking for the ultimate sweatpants to wear around the house or around town – look no further.

Lou + Grey – $69.50

Peter Thomas Roth’s Mix Mask + Hydrate 

I absolutely adore Peter Thomas Roth’s cucumber gel eye mask thingamabobs. I used them before my wedding and continue to use them after a stressful night of sleep or whenever it’s particularly dry outside. So when I saw a complete set of his mini offerings – I had to put them on this list. If you or a friend of yours is in the market for some super hydrating, feel-good products, this is the perfect intro into all that is Peter Thomas Roth. You or your friend will be very pleased with your new self-care ritual and your skin!

Sephora – $75.00

Custom iPhone Case

Ok, so these aren’t really self-care related. But they are so dang cute. I mean, look at them. You could get leopard! Bright red! They even have subtle millennial pink! I mean who doesn’t want a cute iPhone case with their name on it!? Think of it this way: they will never lose their phone at a party because EVERYONE will know whose phone it is! So it eliminates…anxiety! See? Self-care all the way.

BaubleBar – $78.00

Stagg Gooseneck Kettle

Don’t you just want to cozy up with a nice warm cup of tea from the sleekest most chic little kettle you’ve just ever seen in your life? I mean, might as well de-stress in fashion. You or a friend would use the holy hell out of this kettle now that the weather has turned and it’s officially tea-drinking season until AT LEAST March. Self-care for the entire season!

Crate and Barrel – $79

ClassPass Gift Card

Exercise is such a great form of self-care – le duh. The problem is, exercise is not one size fits all. Some people prefer biking, some people prefer walking, some people like HIIT, and others won’t touch it if it’s not under water. So why try and guess? Instead grab a ClassPass gift card so your friend can decide what classes she’d like to take herself. She might love the flexibility and variety of choice and stick with ClassPass – or maybe she’ll find a studio she adores and stick to that. Either way, you win!

ClassPass – $100

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