Your Breakup To-Do List: Part I

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 Your Breakup To-Do List Part I.

Breakups suck. It doesn’t matter if it lasted two weeks or two years – any form of rejection is enough to make us realize we don’t want to feel it again. Not to mention, getting over the sting is really tough, especially by yourself. That’s why Blush has put together your official breakup to-do list to get you out of this rut. An ex should NEVER take away your light – so let’s get you back to feeling like yourself again.

Here is your *official* breakup to-do list!

1. Stop communication.

We mean it! No texting, no calling, no coffee dates, and definitely no friendship chats. We know it’s really easy to make excuses to see them…“I want closure,” “I need my insignificant item back” or even the casual “Oh…we’re just catching up!”

I’ve been there, believe me. We all have. All this is doing is keeping you in limbo. You can’t move forward because you’re still talking to them, but you can’t go back because the relationship ended. You’re stuck.

We definitely get that it’s natural to want to reach out, and we know a few texts seem harmless. They bring comfort, memories, and hope. But that is short lived!

You-are-not-being-nice-to-yourself-by-talking-to-them. You inevitably relive the break up all over again once the texting ends, and you erase all of your hard earned progress! No more.

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2. No stalking them on social media.

No creepin’ on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, Snapchat…and whatever else is out there. I’m old.

Perception is reality, and if you see them via social media, you may as well be seeing them in the flesh (and we already vetoed that–nice try). If you have amazing self-control and can stop yourself from stalking, you deserve 1,000 sprinkled cookies! However, if you don’t, it’s cool. Just mute them so you’re not reminded of them.

Lastly, you could even block them. I know, I know, extreme. I like the “hide” feature on my Facebook (that’s definitely come in handy). Whatever you do, block or no block, don’t worry about anyone else’s reaction (get a hobby people) and just take care of yourself. You don’t need to see them moving on, because you’re too busy moving on yourself. So…guh bye.

3. Think of all the reasons why your life is better now.

And there are reasons, many of them. Go ahead girl, watch Real Housewives. They aren’t there to roll their eyes. Wear that purple eye shadow! Who cares if it’s “too much”?  Absolutely reunite with your friends who you kind of forgot to call back (oops!). Most importantly, go back to feeling good about yourselfThey didn’t see all the good in you, and that’s a shame. You, however, know better than that.  You are enough. And besides, HBO has missed your viewership while you were watching football on Sunday night. Welcome back.

 4. Every time you want to text them, text your coach or call your friend.

It’s hard enough to stop all communication. You want to text them about the inside joke you were just reminded of, or ask them what they’ve been up to lately now that you’re so out of the loop. I get we already told you not to do that – but it’s tough to stop cold turkey. So instead, text someone else. Blush offers unlimited chat as part of our plans, so sending your life coach a chat is as easy as ever. Or, call a friend. Make sure you get in the habit of communicating with *other* people, too.

5. Listen to angry songs.

You know…Adele, Haim, Lorde, Alannis, Taylor, hell – even Reba! Yes, I am partial to female singers, it is what it is. But do me a favor and go on an angry song expedition and have a blast. Sing in the shower, sing in the car, sing while you’re getting ready, sing before you go to sleep. These songs are *meant* to flush the emotions right on out of us – and they give us the words that we’ve been searching for this entire time. It works. I know from personal experience.

6. Glam it up.

Whatever your style is, let ‘er fly. Dye your hair. Go the spa. Buy the shoes you’ve been eyeing. Get a tattoo or a piercing. Just let yourself be unapologetically you to the world. Yeah, I know that the superficial things won’t fix the inner heart – but sometimes grieving in style makes the whole thing a lot easier.

7. Be a cliché  for a night…or five.

Rent a good movie, eat chocolate, invite your friends over, and cry your eyes out. You have our permission. Many hate to admit it, but feeling sorry for yourself is part of life. However, holding onto those emotions for over a week can be toxic. Sooooo, make sure you give this pity party a good run! We don’t get to do it very often!

Ok, we’re going to stop and give you a break! Work on this to-do list for the week, and we will give you another 7 things to do before Valentine’s Day. That way, you’ll be in good shape to be happy and cynical like the rest of us!

And remember, you are our Valentine (whether you like it or not).

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