Wedding Guest Stress


wedding guest stress

Let me just state the obvious: it’s wedding season.


Post college, summer break is replaced with the season of the wedding cake. Brothers, sisters, best friends, ex friends, and pretty much anyone else you come across in life can’t help but get hitched this time of year! We clap, we laugh, we cry, and we cheer all in honor of our favorite new couple. Well, that is, until next Saturday when a different couple steals the spotlight.

These occasions of love dominate our social calendars and fill our hearts with hope and inspiration for our friends’ and families’ futures. Plus, we get a boat load of free champagne. So, what is it that makes weddings secretly stressful? (It’s ok, you can admit it). Blush has a few theories, and we wanted to share with you the the top ways to end the wedding race, and simply enjoy the season without the wedding guest stress.


1. No Comparing. None. Stop it.

The most stress surrounding the actual attendance of the wedding typically stems from comparison.

Weddings can range from lavish social events, to intimate ceremonies with only a few attendees. Some people like to spend money on them, and some don’t. No matter where you fall, it’s best not to compare.

It can be difficult to see weddings that are way nicer than anything you can or couldn’t afford, and it’s super easy to get carried away comparing weddings that are back to back.  Our advice is to try and keep that to a minimum, because only negative feelings can result. Weddings are milestones–they’re heartfelt, and they’re personal. They are a representation of the couple, and it’s impossible put a price on that.

For each and every wedding, couples work so hard to throw a ceremony and reception that  represents them, and all they want in LIFE is to enjoy it.

Homework: Get out of your head, turn off your Pinterest app, and look around you! Love is in da air, take a big whiff!

2. Ignore the Pressure

Weddings seem to be a super popular time for people to ask really awkward questions.

“So when are you getting married?!”
“How is your marriage going? 7 month itch yet?”
“Have you tried online dating?”

I feel uncomfortable just writing that.

It happens. People ask. Honestly, we’re not here to preach what you can or cannot ask, but we are here to tell you that if any questions bother you, don’t listen. Ignore dem. At weddings, people have to make small talk. It’s almost a requirement. Love is on their mind, so they naturally want to mosey on over into your marriage or make sure that you are setting yourself up for engagement. Don’t take the bait, understand that marriage is on everyone’s mind, and politely steer the conversation in a different direction. Tonight is about a different couple anyway, right?

And for those of you who are in ringless relationships, you probably get asked the most about your future plans. But instead of taking it as a jab at your relationship (which we have all done before), we invite you to see it another way. The majority of people  on this Earth love to get invited to nice parties with free food and wine. (Guilty!) Hence, they would like for you to get married so they can (1) talk about it and (2) add a fun social event on their calendar.

So, the next time you feel ANY pressure to get married, remember, it’s not about you–it’s about THEM. Reframe the question to, “Hey, when are you inviting me to a super nice party that will be the best reunion ever?!” Allow the pressure to fly off of you and on their social calendar that they need to fill without your help. Sorry dudes.

3. Give an Affordable Gift

If you’re not in a great financial situation, don’t stress about it. Typically, family members or family friends fulfill the large priced items. You know, those like copper pots and pans that somehow land a price of a grand? Yeah, please don’t send the blessed couple one small dinky pot as part of the set. It’s awkward.

Most of the time, you can find something affordable on their registry. I know I recently grabbed a pair of salt and pepper shakers that were in the shape of elephants for one of my friends (yes, they were on the registry, and yes, they were really freaking cute). Or, as always, check out Pinterest and Etsy. Many couples love personalized little gifts that really represent your relationship with the bride or groom. Seriously, you can easily fall in the $25-$50 range and do just fine. Just make sure you send a token of your affection on a budget you can afford, and that’s really all that matters.

4. Find The Personal Touches

Like we said earlier, couples and families work really hard to put together weddings, and they really want their guests to enjoy it. Plus, we know you want to have a fun tonight, so here is the best way we know how:

Weddings are like scavenger hunts of a couple’s quirky evolution. Try to think about the reason behind why the couple did what they did–and you will start to see their story unravel. The table numbers are labeled as cities? Cah-ute. Probably all the places they’ve been together. Their first dance song? KC & JoJo…hmm..there has GOT to be a weird story behind that. And what about the country venue? Oh my gosh that’s right…she’s from the smallest town in existence! Aww! Forgot about that!

All of the little details come together and really make the couple’s love come to life. It’s beautiful! Be in the moment. Focus on them. You become apart of the story, and it’s more fun that way. It doesn’t matter if you’re a close friend or a plus-one, you were invited to be apart of their big day, so let all of your energy flow to them.

Ok all of you Wedding Goers, have a blast this summer and remember our three tips!

Remember guys, Blush is here for you through thick and thin. Whether you’re in a financial pickle or are feeling da pressure, sign up and we’ll figure it out together.


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