Advice for Handling Swimsuit Season




Summer is rough for most of us – which is why we have the tips and advice for handling swimsuit season.

It may not mean anything to guys, but this means a heck of a lot to girls. Whenever the weather warms up, we all become aware that we’re only one boogie board and some tanning oil away from swimsuit season and insurmountable insecurity. Sun dresses, mini skirts, and the dreaded bikini are back in action, ripe and ready to mock our normal-sized thighs. I mean, with all the pressure out there, how in the world have has someone not made a fortune over water proof sweat pants?

Remember our post, 6 Things That Plague Every Girl? It’s one of our staples, and #1 tends to come into full effect. Yes, Carnival Mirror Syndrome is a real thing, and we all suffer it’s symptoms. We think it’s a consequence of the times. For example, if we lived in the 1920’s, ¬†summer wouldn’t be so stressful given their swim ensembles. They practically wore jumpsuits.

Fortunately and unfortunately we have moved on from the Great Depression and its forgiving bathing attire, so we are left to deal with string bikinis and a stringier self-esteem. Alas, Blush does have a few tips to get you through. Like always, read on and feel better!

1. We come in different shapes & sizes

Don’t look over your shoulder at the girl with the slim figure and shame your pear-shaped bod! No matter what figure you rock, it’s gorgeous. Remember, our bodies are the physical ¬†manifestation of our beautiful personalities. We don’t all act alike, so why would we all look alike? Life would be so boring without your bangin’ hips and funny quirks! You are adding to the intricate fabric of society. We can’t control what shapes our bodies naturally have, so quit fighting it. Own it!

2. Photoshop is a joke

Can we talk about that viral Youtube going around? The one with the model who has 10 MINUTES worth of Photoshop applied to her body before it makes it’s swimsuit debut? Not only is it ridiculous, but it’s offensive.

We all have our bumps, chips, and scars that make us unique, and there is no need to cover them up to reach a faulty and impossible standard of beauty. Yes, I would like the perfectly toned legs and blinding white teeth I see in magazines, but that’s the same thing as pining after Khaleesi’s dragons in Game of Thrones. They’re not real. You know what IS real? Cellulite.¬†Real women have cellulite. Deal with it, world.

3. Be True & Stylin’

There’s a difference between not feeling confident enough to rock a bikini, and simply not liking them. Some of us at Blush prefer hipster bottoms and bandeau tops. Thanks to Taylor Swift, the retro swimsuit is back in and action and one-pieces are socially acceptable (fist pump)! Don’t feel pressure to conform. Choose a suit that makes you comfortable, and you’ll feel way better.

4. You are not alone

If you think you are the only one obsessing over a wider caboose, think again. The girl next to you is freaking out about her longer-than-average middle toe, and the girl across the way thinks her mid section is flabby! We all hate swimsuit season. In fact, there is actual RESEARCH that proves this. We all feel like poo. Boo hoo.

5. Confidence is Contagious

Be bold! Think about it–we never hear about boys wigging out in dressing rooms, and they sure don’t look picture perfect in their suits! Let’s NOT feel sad and instead, feel empowered. If you can muster up the confidence to get your hair wet, play sand volleyball, wade in the water, and lay out in front of everyone…not only are you helping out your tan, you’re helping out others. We need leaders to show young girls that trying to be perfect takes away from having fun. Be the girl who can rock her swimsuit with a smile and a cartwheel. Let CONFIDENCE be your Photoshop.

Work that confidence, and we’ll see you out on the beach! Blush you!


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