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 Let’s clear our minds, clear our soul, and clear our skin.

Not only do these habits cause us stress and blemishes–they hold us back from being us! Ditch these toxic habits and let us see your ridiculously flawless complexion and radiant personality. No need to stress out when you don’t have to! Read on, and if you feel that you need some extra pop to your psyche or appearance, just use Blush (puns…yes!)

1. Holding Grudges

You aren’t perfect. Whenever you make a mistake, I hope you come to your own defense. I mean, people are like WAY too hard on you and you totally deserve a break! But..so do others. Rats.

Holding grudges is a waste of time. Most people deserve a chance (or a few!) and refusing to forgive just causes built-up stress in your already cluttered day. Plus, grudges don’t do anything but make you look like you care WAY too much. Let it go. Forgive. Your skin and your mind will thank you! If those others really do suck, stop being friends with them. You can be friends with us. We’re cool.


2. Being Alone=Being Lonely

Listen to me: being alone is healthy. That’s right. Staying in on a Wednesday night and watching a House of Cards marathon BY YOURSELF is not pathetic, it’s cathartic. If TV isn’t your jam, then take a dip in the tub and blast some tunes! You don’t need a best friend/boyfriend/sister/cousin with you at all times. If so, when would you ever have time to think? Or…not think?! You need time to unwind and let the stress of the day fade away. Be confident in your “me” time. You are not lonely, you are smart. And if anyone disagrees with you, let Spacey handle it.


3. Procrastinating

You’re running around the grocery store putting cage-free eggs into your cart and feeling pretty humanitarian and hipster and stuff. Then…it hits you. That pit in your stomach. That rush of warm air crawling up your neck. You totally forgot to email that important person back about that important thing. 

The funny thing is, you have an iPhone. Or a DROID! (Those commercials kill me.)  You 100% have the ability to email that person back instantly. But no…you’re at the grocery store…you’ll do it later. Naturally this guarantees that you’ll be reminded of your lackadaisical nature riiiiiight as you start falling asleep that night.

This little dance we do causes more stress than I can even fathom and definitely contributes a few blackheads to our porcelain mugs. Don’t put things off, just get them over with! Remember, the more time you waste, the more your pores expand. And that is simply science. (Kind of).


4. Shoulding all over yourself

What should your life look like at 16? What should it look like at 22? What should it look like at 30? (Anyone?) Get a good idea. Visualize it.

Now put a big fat “X” through that picture and spit on it.

Might sound intense, but I’m serious! Your existence should look the way it does right now. You are trying your hardest, and you do not need some phantom life hanging over your head taunting you that you should be skinnier, should  be smarter, or should be prettier. Stop shoulding yourself. All you’ll gain is a small universe forming on your chin and a deflated self-esteem. Be present, be focused, stop worrying about what you should or should not do, and allow yourself to enjoy life (and fries).

5. Fear of Rejection

I am going to make you a promise: at some point in your life, you will feel the sting of rejection. And it will hurt.

Rejection peels off any excess pride we tried to salvage and demands that we get to know ourselves. We learn what we can do better (maybe we need to work on our apologies), what we did well (I mean that resume totally got us the interview in the first place!) and what makes us feel better afterwards (have ice cream at all times).

We might get it wrong a lot, but when we get it right, that’s all we need. Embrace it. The faster and harder those doors slam in our faces, the easier it is to see what we are supposed to do! Try to enjoy getting to know yourself, because worrying about rejection only makes our skin dry out (“science” again!). Keep an open mind and cookies in the pantry–you’ll be good.

With your spirits high and Blush in your back pocket, you’ll be able to cleanse your mind and your skin by next week. Blush you and blush your complexion!


Want to work on breaking these habits? Join us for guidance, support, and motivation! We’ll get you feeling better in no time. Start today!

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