Over Posting on Social Media

Social media is important. It helps us define our image, reconnect with others, and of course—stay in the loop. We all LOVE the loop. The loop is our friend.

With that being said…there are those of us out there who tend to over post. We know you’ve rolled your eyes or sighed in exasperation at some of the things you’ve seen on your homefeed, and we want to prevent those eye rolls from being directed at you. Therefore, we’ve compiled a list of 8 things that may make you think twice before over posting on social media.

1. The Defriend.

We’ll say it. People get annoyed with a lot of posting.  At the same time, we encourage stay-at-home-cooking nights and venting about horrible Mondays!! Just…not necessarily on social media. People want to know the important things! If they have to get a play by play of your obvious weather observations (with photos) or be forced to read your rants about your winter cold (also with photos?) …they might just choose not to look at it. Ever again.

Posting cleanse=More friends. 

2. Likes on likes on likes!

Ok, so you’ve managed to keep your friends, but what about validation? Admit it, you love it when you get “likes” on your posts. I know that when I don’t reach 11 likes on Instagram, I seriously consider deleting it. (It shows the NAMES instead of NUMBERS. I can’t.) Don’t be like me. Make your posts count. A good rule of thumb is to not post what you are eating, drinking, or thinking at that very moment. We’ve all seen a glass of wine or a side of guacamole. Show us what made your week special! You’ll get way more likes, entertain others, and feel pretty pumped about your mad skillz.

3. Word Vomit Backlash

Once you post it on Facebook, it’s hard to go back, delete or no delete. We have the “comment” function and the “screenshotting” phenomenon to thank for that. In person conversations are way better because they are inherently forgiving. You can immediately justify or explain what just flew outta yer mouth, or even ask for a re-do (please?). On Facebook, you’re stuck.  And that is bad, because your uncle could have seen that inappropriate status. You know, your very bored uncle with the iPhone 5 who texts your mom anything and everything? Yeah, him. Chances are, he has a Facebook. Busted. 

4. Permanent Bad Choices

Like we said above, anytime you post something online, it’s very hard to get it removed–photos especially. That means your future employer could potentially find that pic of you at that costume party…

When you were a rodent.

Yes, a rodent.

Unless you’re applying to work for a pest control company, I don’t know if they are going to LOVE that choice of costume. Keep in mind that Snapchat is a great solution to making some pics less permanent (and it’s way too fun!)

5. The Turn-off

Ok, so there’s this cute guy. He’s a friend of a friend. And apparently, he’s perfect for you. Ok, what do you do first? Facebook him. Don’t even TRY to deny it. You know it. I know it. And he knows it. 

Our first impressions are rarely saved for in-person meetings. And even if they are, our second impression will absolutely be from some sort of online presence. This means, we gotta be smart about what we share online. Posting a picture of a beautiful sunset as you sip your iced tea on a wonderful Sunday? Nice, girl. Posting 5 selfies of your new bangs? Eeep. Not so much.

Take a second to think about the impression you create online, and then remember to save enough for in-person conversations. The more you publicly share, the less you can privately discuss. The information is already out there, and a conclusion has already been made. Let him, or anyone, get to know you on your own terms. Because…you’re awesome.

6. The Leave-out.

It’s Friday afternoon and you KNOW your girlfriends got somethin’ fun going on for the night. You log onto Facebook to kill some time before the group texting begins. Right smack dab in the middle of your homefeed you see…”OH EM GEE YALL KELSEY AND I ARE AT THE MOVIES!”


It is NO fun feeling left out, especially when social media is the messenger. You know how it feels, and you don’t want to do that to your friends, right? Tagging others in statuses has a much higher chance of really hurting somebody else’s feelings. Plus, it’s not necessary to let everyone know who you’re with at all times. We know you have friends. You’re cool.

Of course there are exceptions–but just keep it in mind! If not, you  might wanna prepare yourself for some nasty friendship fights.

7. Live in the moment.

You scored tickets to the Beyonce concert? Girl, we wanna see a dang good picture. But you better enjoy Queen B shaking her thang while you’re there. Don’t worry about providing the world with a slew of pictures–you’ll miss out! Wait until later to create the perfect Picstitch of the night, and send that out! Not only will you get to soak in all of B’s fabulousness, but you’ll give your friends a pretty impressive shot with the PERFECT filter. So put it away, and post later.

8. If you have to say it, it usually isn’t true. 

Ok, so maybe the new Miley isn’t your jam. Even though I may or may not agree with you (ok I agree with you), that doesn’t mean you should share your feelings on the Internet. People who try to push their values and opinions onto others are usually seeking the confidence to believe in it themselves. They need reassurance! That’s why posting tends to create less credibility. We like that you have opinions and we like that you have principle! Don’t let them lose credibility!


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What the heck, why not? We know you’re always on there anyway. Happy posting and Blush you!

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