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Tips on Moving Across the Country

By October 15, 2014 One Comment
tips on moving


ICYMI, we recently moved to LA. And we kind of botched it. So we have tips on moving across the country so you don’t have to screw up like we did.


Packing might be the lamest activity ever. It’s worse than cleaning, raking (shout out to to cities with more than two seasons!), grocery shopping (anxiety), and it’s EVEN worse than going to the DMV. Which just happens to be next on my to-do list of horror.

But, guys.

Organizing while packing might be the smartest thing you ever do in your ENTIRE life. I’m pretty sure I packed 50% necessities, 20% “pretty” crap, and 30% pure trash. Like, what am I supposed to do with three broken hair dryers and towels from the 90’s? Nasty business over here.

Do yourself a favor and organize, sort, trash, pile, etc while you pack your life away. It’ll save you so much time and clutter on the backend that maybe you won’t give up half way through like I wanted to.


Honestly, I thought I had this part covered. LOL.

If you are moving to a new state, this is beyond important. Even if you’re hopping to the next city over, it’ll still help.

When you can squeeze it in, read every blog, article, review, or piece of crap writing focused on the exact neighborhoods you are considering. Look up the average temperature, the amount/selection of grocery stores, what gyms are around, the average price of rent, the quality of cell phone reception from your provider, the available Internet providers, AND ANYTHING ELSE YOU COULD POSSIBLY THINK OF.

Then, give yourself ample time to find exactly what you are looking for.

Needless to say…I didn’t think an apartment with AC was necessary in LA.

*Quiet sobs*


Probably the best thing I did when moving out here, was simply telling people I was moving out here. Immediately. Sounds really simple, and ok MAYBE this was the easiest thing to actually get right….BUT you get really busy when moving. Like, really busy. Unpacking is a nightmare, getting Internet set up is oddly a bigger nightmare (three weeks guys, three weeks…), and trips to IKEA oddly take up your entire today. And checkbook.

Reaching out is not easy to do amongst the chaos, but it does make everything better. Even for an introvert like me.

People enjoy getting to show others around. They like it when people move to their city, because that means they chose right! And, a lot of people enjoy having others over. I know. Shocking. So go ahead, reach out, and let the locals show you the ins and outs of your new hood. It’ll take the stress off of you for a day, and it’ll start feeling like home way sooner than you thought. Plus, you have some new frands already! Go you.

4. Take Up New Hobbies That are “SoCal”…or Something.

Ok, so yes, Blush is in California, therefore I decided to try and create new hobbies in California. May sound really stupid, because it probably is, but I decided to learn how to cook because California produce is so cheap! That’s probably because like 94390853798053% of US farming comes from California, but that’s boring, so we’ll talk about how I cook now. And I also put kale in my nutribullet. #imsocali #imeankali

Gaining a new hobby that makes you feel connected with your new community helps the transition along much easier. Trust me. Maybe you are moving to a city that has a lot of live music (cough cough I MISS YOU AUSTIN), so go frequent the fabulous free concerts the city offers! Perhaps you moved up north where snow actually exists, so you become a baby snow bunny on skis! Whatever your new city offers, try to develop a hobby that somehow connects with it.

5. When In Doubt, Visit

It’s ok to be homesick. Moving is really difficult–you have a new apartment, a new job (maybe, not me, but maybe you do…), new friends, and a new environment. CHANGE IS HARD. So it’s ok to go home sometimes!

Now a lot of you probably say, “well traveling is expensive.” Yes, yes it is, but not when you’re scrappy about it. Book early and find deals with your favorite discount airline. Be smart with credit cards and rack up points for traveling instead of for clothes. Southwest has the BEST reward system in da world. Check out this dude’s blog and then tell me it ain’t possible to travel for free. I don’t think I’ve paid for a flight in two years, and I am reallyyyyy not that special guys. Or maybe I am.

And, remember–it’s not like you’re going to pay for a hotel! Couch surf central, baby. Just remember to keep balance in your life. If you feel the need to go home for a bit, then do it. Otherwise, make the most of your new city, and never forget where you came from.


We’re gonna guess ‘yes’ considering you made it to the wee bottom of the article. Congrats, girl, we hope you’re liking it thus far! But, if things aren’t going AS perfect as you’d like, we have a little gift for you. That’s right.  How about you join Blush and let us help you during the transition with 25% off your first month? (PROMO CODE FALL25) We’ll be extra gentle and extra wise and extra helpful. Promise. Sign up here and we’ll get started!




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