How to Gain Prosperity



Let’s be clear: prosperity isn’t just about money.

It’s the beauty of experiencing abundance, and all around awesomeness in any area of your life. A person can be rich in love, relationships, opportunities, vision, money, health, and so on. But who are we kidding? Most people wanna learn about money, and I don’t blame you. So let’s go there, shall we?

Below you’ll find some tips on how to gain prosperity in your life now!


1. Deserving Is Key.

I don’t care how BAD you want something, if you don’t believe you deserve it, it’ll either never come to you, or you’ll have a hard time holding on to it.

We all know or have known someone with low self-esteem who wanted a good partner. They searched, hoped, and prayed for one, though maybe not sure it would ever happen. And maybe it didn’t…but perhaps it did.

And what did they do when they got em? They inevitably pushed them away.

They’d constantly say things like “I can’t believe this is actually happening,” or “this is just too good to be true!” Perhaps they committed the major faux pas of snooping to prove to themselves that they didn’t deserve such happiness. I’ve even known some to set their partners up on a “test” to see if they would pass. And we all know those people who constantly ask their partners if they really wanted to be with someone else—and then doubt their partner’s sincerity when they complimented them. Yikes.

The worst part? If the poor partner ends up doing what the person believed them to be doing all along, they take it as a sign that the partner actually was no good all along, as opposed to seeing that it was their lack of self-esteem which caused the unraveling of the relationship. By the way, the same is true for those who get into relationships with someone who they KNOW up front is no good, but don’t think that they can do better or DESERVE better.

And believe it or not, even when it comes to something as simple as money, wanting isn’t enough. You gotta believe you deserve it. So if a friend offers to treat you to a meal, don’t refuse or feel guilty, happily accept and give them some great company! If a family member gives you a gift just because, don’t feel bad and try to give it back! Graciously accept. How will you ever receive the bigger things in life that you want, if you don’t even think you deserve the sweetest things that are currently being offered??

Think about it.


2. Focus Your Attention

Our thoughts turn into feelings and our feelings turn into actions. It’s as simple as that.

If you THINK you’re dumb, you will most likely FEEL defeated when tackling anything, and then ACT with carelessness or simply not even try. Because in your mind, you’re thinking “why even bother, I’m too stupid to figure it out?”…and that inevitably leads to failure.

In the same way, if you THINK there’s a shortage of money to go around, you might FEEL scared, and then decide to hoard it (ACT). But if you believe there’s enough for everyone, you’ll feel free, and will more than likely use your money in ways that look ludicrous to the hoarder because you know your supply isn’t going to run dry.

Now I’m not going to lie, I used to operate like the hoarder, and a close friend of mine was more of a free spirit. One of my main beliefs was to save for a rainy day—which isn’t so bad. But at my core, my real mindset was to expect and assume some hardships, and thus keep my money specifically for those inevitable hard times. My friend, on the other hand, believed she was somewhat of a “money magnet,” and that whenever she needed would be provided.

And we both got exactly what we believed.

The interesting part is that difficult times hit her too. It’s not like she was immune to them. The difference lied in our perspectives. She kept living and enjoying life with her money, and when those times came, she got what she needed and kept on about her day. I on the other hand kept my money locked up specifically FOR those times, and missed out on the living and enjoying experiences that my money could have contributed.

So check your money beliefs. Perhaps the ones you’re holding onto didn’t originate with you, or are no longer serving the right purpose.

3. What you put out there, you’ll get back.

This is an old truth, similar to “you reap what you sow”—only most people think this only applies to negative things. And you know what? That’s just not true.

Whatever you do in life, think of it in terms of botany. Your actions are like seeds that you plant. And in time, whatever you’ve planted will eventually come to fruition. So the question is: what types of things do you want to be planting in your life, and in the lives of others?

If you want healthy and happy relationships, you can grow them. Start with kind words, sweet gestures, sacrificing of your time, and eventually you’ll began to feel better. Doing good things makes us all feel good—it’s only natural. And in time, the recipient will feel better too because being treated nicely makes us feel amazing!

Question: two happy people make for a what?
A happy relationship.

Now you might need to reevaluate some of your relationships first, but that’s a whole ‘nother blog.

Okay, so in regards to money, if you’re selfish with it, you can expect a limited supply of something in return. And I say ‘something,’ because we don’t always receive what we give in the same fashion. Being selfish with your money might cause your spouse to be selfish with their time with you; or being greedy with your money might cause your friends to be selfish about sharing their possessions. We don’t get to control how things work on the receiving end—we can only control things on the giving end.

So if you want to experience prosperity, start by being more giving. Maybe in compliments (genuine only please!), gestures, tips, your time, encouragement, advice, and so on. It doesn’t have to just be with your money. We can experience blessings in various areas of our life when we open up our lives to blessing others.



Have you ever known someone who seemed impossible to please? Of course you have. You gave and they received, but yet, they still seemed ungrateful. It’s not surprising if you felt hesitant, maybe even reluctant, to give to them again!

And on the flip side, have you known someone who was grateful for the smallest things anyone did for them? The ones who are always happy that we kept them in mind, and thought the world of the gift they received — no matter how small. I bet you would be happy to continue to do for them as often as you could!

Well, life can work like that too. Be appreciative of what you currently have, and you’ll find that more will come to you. Show gratitude towards the people in your life, for who they are and for what they do. Acknowledge when people do their best, even if they just put forth a little effort. Show thanks for the services people provide you with, regardless if they’re getting compensated. Appreciate the beauty around you — in your surroundings, the meals you eat, the music you listen to —and acknowledge what’s working well in your life TWICE as much as you do the things that are not. You’ll see, you will begin to experience life and its abundance in a whole new light.

All right girls, hope you enjoyed this inside peak on how to gain prosperity. Remember to assess your thoughts ever so often! What is it that you believe, that’s affecting your feelings, and in turn guiding your actions (which are ultimately directing your life). If you’re not happy with the direction you’re headed, no worries cuz’ the good news is that you can always switch lanes, make a U-turn, or renavigate.

All right girls, hope you enjoyed this inside peak on how to gain prosperity. Remember to assess your thoughts ever so often! What is it that you believe that’s affecting your feelings, and in turn guiding your actions, which are ultimately directing your life. If you’re not happy with the direction, the good news is that you can always switch lanes, make a U-turn or take a detour.

It’s all a matter of simply changing your mind!

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