Five Signs You’re an Old Soul


I’ve always identified with being an old soul.


While I admire shiny new pennies and all of their enthusiasm for life, there’s something compelling about the deep nature that comes with settling into yourself. Old souls have a deep appreciation for the life they live, but fond respect for the life before. If you totally understand what I’m talking about, then chances are – you’re an old soul. Here are a few more signs that you could fall into this camp!


1. Feelings of nostalgia flood your soul.

You reflect often on the way things used to be. The “good ole days,” or a simpler time always appeal to you. Even if you weren’t alive during the era in which you speak so fondly of. You have a deep appreciation and even longing for some of the things of the past (music, tv shows, mannerisms, pace of life), and frequently wish those things were still in practice or “style.” While you aren’t upset with the present, you have a gut feeling in your soul that you would have done just fine being born years or decades before.

2. You vibe pretty well with the older crowd.

You have friends your own age, but you don’t shy away from a conversation with someone older than you. In fact, you look forward to those discussions filled with stories and wisdom about life, love, and everything in between. Those kinds of talks rejuvenate you. You feel a sense of connectedness with the individual, and somehow resonate with the experiences they’re sharing, even though you haven’t been around for as long. You revere these sorts of mentors and hold them close to your heart.

3. People often assume you’re older than you actually are.

Whether it’s the way you carry yourself, or interact with others, or even how you speak, people have probably expressed that you seemed “mature” for your age. And it’s not intentional on your part; that’s just how you roll. You completely understand that people aren’t pointing out sun spots or newly formed lines on your forehead whenever they comment on your age – they are noticing your aura. In fact, for you, it’s a compliment.

4. You sometimes feel like you were born in the wrong time.

Again, you have friends your own age, but there are times when you struggle to connect over the more mainstream interests and norms of your generation. Point blank, some stuff just doesn’t make sense. Why is everything so complicated now? Sometimes you feel overwhelmed with the weight of change on your shoulders and yearn for a time when social media or the Internet didn’t even exist. While you still partake in the norms of your peers, you have a twinge of jealousy over generations before you.

5. Your way of doing things has been described as “old-fashioned.”

Do you find yourself writing hand written letters? Sending thank you notes? Phoning a friend instead of texting? Using at-home remedies for ailments and consistently opening doors or pulling out chairs? Yeah, you’re an old soul. You refuse to let golden habits fall into past, so you keep them alive through your own behavior. And maybe, just maybe, your own actions can inspire others to keep those traditions alive as well.

Are you an old soul who feels misunderstood?

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