Where You Should Live Based Off Your Myers Briggs

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Which city should you live in based off your Myers Briggs?

Before reading this article, if you’re not familiar with your Myers-Briggs, you can take a short quiz here to get a good idea. Once you have your results, here is a quick overview of the Myers-Briggs Personality Types and what they mean!

Extroverted (E) vs. Introverted (I)

Extroverts receive energy from others, while introverts release energy around others. This means that in order to recharge, extroverts need to mingle at a party, have people over, or explore a crowded area in order to replenish their energy. Introverts on the other hand will need to retreat and be alone for a little while to re-up on energy. It’s important to note that extroverts can be shy while introverts can be outgoing – all this categorization does is describe how people get their energy – not how they interact with others.

Sensing (S) vs. Intuition (N)

Sensing people like to make their decisions based off of facts and data. They prefer the practical life over the imaginative life, and tend to have both feet on the ground instead of their head in the clouds. They live in the physical world, and like to focus on the present rather than let their minds drift to the future. Intuitive people like to make decisions based off of their gut, and tend to chase creative, but sometimes impractical goals in life. They like theory and the abstract way of thinking, and prefer to think things through rather than to deal with them hands-on.

Thinking (T) vs. Feeling (F)

Thinkers prefer truth, principle, and logic to constitute their actions and decisions. They like things to be black or white – shades of grey are simply confusing or unnecessary. They like to analyze situations and try to remain impartial whenever possible. Objectivity is their strength. Feelers on the other hand let their emotions guide their actions, and prefer mercy over justice. They strive for harmony and like to take others’ feelings into consideration if possible.

Judging (J) vs. Perceiving (P)

People with the judging component prefer structure, and organization in their life. They tend to do well with decision making, and form opinions rather easily. They think ahead and like to make plans, and they prefer when they are in control of a situation. Note, this does NOT mean “judging” people are judgmental. Perceivers like things that are open-ended, and would rather hold off on making a decision until they gather every piece of relevant information. They are flexible and spontaneous, and prefer to adapt to their environment rather than try to control it. Note, this does NOT mean that perceivers are perceptive – it means they prefer to take in information.

Now that you’ve gotten a crash course, it’s time to find out which U.S. city you should live in based off your Myers-Briggs!

Silicon Valley – ENTP (The Innovator)

The ENTP is bound to love San Francisco and it’s progressive nature. ENTPs, otherwise known as the innovators, are constantly coming up with the next big thing – and they need an environment that will nurture and grow that creativity. What better place than the millennial NYC?  This city gives the ENTP’s exactly what they need – the inspiration to brainstorm, and a large talent pool to help turn their new ideas into a concrete reality.

New York City – ESTJ (The Boss)


The ESTJ feels right at home in this city full of leadership opportunities, historic monuments, and some of the most elite entertainment in the world. ESTJs do best when they are leading others in a practical endeavor – such as finance or business – leading NYC to be the top contender for these natural leaders. They also have a solid eye for taste – and one simply can’t compete with the luxury, name brands, and accommodations that New York City has to offer. This is truly an adult playground for the ambitious ESTJ.

The ‘New’ Detroit – INTJ (The Iconoclast)


Detroit is back. After a few years of economic struggle and hardship, Detroit is becoming a leader in the arts, complete with incredible jazz musicians, street artists, gothic architecture, and culinary geniuses. Detroit citizens are bound and determined to make this city great – and the Iconoclast is spearheading the whole thing. Known for being fiercely original and determined, the Iconoclast is just the type to bring Detroit back to its glory days. They are authentic, organized, creative, and introspective – the perfect combination to revitalize a cultural capital. The ‘New’ Detroit is the ideal home for the confident Iconoclast.

Austin – ESFP (The Traveler)


The sweet and fun loving ESFP’s are always looking for their next adventure, and Austin has enough outdoor activities and new establishments to keep them entertained. These Travelers love to be outside, caring for others, and exploring as much as possible. They have an affinity for animals, and can’t get enough of Austin’s love for fostering pets. You can find them running Lady Bird Lake, volunteering for the nearest dog shelter, or exploring the interesting new bars on Rainy Street.

Houston – ISTJ (The Enforcer)


Clocking is as the second best city for accountants and a bustling city for lawyers (think: Baker Botts, V&E, and Bracewell), Houston is the ideal location for the ISTJ. They value stability, professionalism, and direct paths toward success. They also tend to excel in the corporate world, while keeping their business to themselves and getting the work done. Many ISTJ’s become surgeons, accountants, and lawyers, and considering how many opportunities there are in Houston’s booming economy, the ISTJ would be wise to make this Texan city their home.

Chicago – ESFJ (The Guardian)


Home (or previous home) of Oprah, Chicago is full of inspiring people trying to bring out the best in others. Chicago offers incredible art, whimsical architecture, and a large network of people trying to find their own inspiration. The ESFJ can’t help but feel like this city GETS them. Chicago attracts people from all over the world – and the ESFJ feel lucky to be able to be apart of such a diverse culture. And when they aren’t meeting new people and chatting it up – they’re busy taking walks surrounding the gorgeous views on the water. And, being as practical as they are, they love that Chicago offers plenty of employment opportunities for the ESFJ to conquer. Chicago is a great fit, and the ESFJ can’t help but smile about it.

Nashville – ENFJ (The Muse)


Full of hopeful artists and break-through musicians, Nashville is home to the best country music in the entire world, and who better than the Muse to bring out these country crooners’ raw talent? The ENFJ bounces from record label to agency trying to inspire artists to write and sing their next big smash. The ENFJ naturally highlights other’s talents and is an exceptional coach. If they aren’t enthralled by the music scene, Nashville offers plenty of schools and universities to keep these Muses busy. The ENFJ will always feel fulfilled if they are coaching, helping, guiding, or teaching others looking for direction. Nashville just happens to have multiple opportunities for the ENFJ to really shine.

Marfa – ISFP (The Artist)


Marfa is a quiet little town in west Texas that is known for art, film, and a  hauntingly beautiful desert. Home to the late minimalist Donald Judd, Marfa now showcases modern art in galleries from artists all around the world. Tourists travel to this quaint city every year for the open art houses, the Marfa lights, and to see the set of No Country for Old Men and There Will Be Blood. With a population less than 2,000, it’s definitely small enough for the introverted ISFP to actually feel comfortable expressing their true selves. This town is meant to cultivate the world’s next great artist, and they feel right at home.

Portland – ISTP (The Engineer)


Always ready to get their hands dirty, the ISTP is perfect for all of the outdoorsy adventures Portland has to offer. Hippies at heart, the ISTP is ready to explore, create, and understand everything this counter culture town has to offer. The ISTP is definitely one that may resonate with the “hipster” vibe Portland touts, but they also might find themselves dabbling in the computer programming, engineering, or tech jobs that are starting to pop up everywhere. Considering they are rather close to booming San Fran, the ISTP gets to enjoy the tech economy as well as Portland’s laid back style of life. Anything goes in this eccentric town, and the ISTP feels comfortable enough to enjoy the peace, explore the unknown, and find their true calling.

Los Angeles – ENTJ (The Director)


The ENTJ, also known as the Director, is ready to take Los Angeles head on. Similar to the ESTJ’s, the ENTJ strives to become leaders in their field, but they must feel creatively inspired, or else their vigor for life falls flat. Because of this, the ENTJs are naturally drawn towards entertainment – and there’s only one place in the country that offers everything the Director needs to get started. Get ready to see these ENTJs direct, produce, and lead in one of the most competitive fields in the world – and trust us – they are up for the challenge. When they’re not working, you can find the Director milling around town, meeting new people, and looking for their next big opportunity.

Seattle – INFP (The Poet)


The easy going, sweet-natured, and independent INFP finds solace amongst the great Pacific Northwest in Seattle. These INFPs love reflecting, writing, and processing their emotions, and what better city to do so than in the calm and beautiful city of Seattle? INFPs have a high level of concentration, and can do their work no matter rain or shine. In fact, they almost enjoy the rainy days, because it allows them to nestle up and drink their hot tea while writing for hours on end.  Overall, Seattle is an inspiring city, and it serves as a muse for the creative and innovative INFP.

Washington D.C. – ESTP (The Negotiator)


It’s no surprise that the ESTP, otherwise known as the Politician, finds their energy from the inner goings of our nation’s capital. The ESTP’s tap into their cunning negotiation skills to lobby, change, and introduce new policy that is necessary for our government to keep moving forward. They are people-savvy, and know exactly how to make new friends while also making professional connections. The ESTPs are also known for getting into stimulating intellectual debates – and what better city a lively political conversation a cocktail party than Washington D.C.? It fits like a glove.

Boston – INTP (The Professor)


Home to more than 100 universities including Harvard, Tuffs, and BU, Boston is just the city to stimulate the INTP’s intellectual curiosity. Known as the Professor, the INTP is able to conduct research, engage in logical brainstorming, and read as much as their heart desires in a city that values knowledge more than almost anything else. Boston as the outlets and the resources necessary for the INTP to constantly think from new angles and constantly continue learning. Plus, with so many universities and schools, their natural career choice isn’t out of grasp. Boston is just the city for the INTP’s curious and thoughtful mind.

Salt Lake City – ISFJ (The Philanthropist)


Clocking in as the most charitable city in the U.S., as well as the third best city for nurses, the ISFJ is naturally drawn to this metropolitan area that naturally reflects their moral values. ISFJs prefer to be helping others whenever possible, and nonprofits naturally speak to their abilities. They like people, but need a city that allows them to retreat whenever necessary. Salt Lake City offers the hustle and bustle of a big town, as well as tranquil mountains that can make you feel miles and miles away from civilization. But, most importantly, Salt Lake City is a hub for charitable work and for a deep sense of community -which is a perfect fit for the humble and gracious ISFJ.

Las Vegas – ENFP (The Romantic)


Life’s a party, and the ENFP is going to take full advantage. The impulsive, fun loving, and lively Romantic has a ball in our country’s most exciting city. They can wonder the streets meeting people from all over, take a chance and gamble a little bit here and there, go to fun and exciting new restaurants and clubs, and of course enjoy the outdoors as much as possible. Plus, they never rule out the possibility of falling in love with a stranger. The Romantic is always up for a new adventure, and this city is the only one able to keep up with their optimism.

Napa – INFJ  (The Prophet)


The Prophet loves a whimsical, romantic city, and that’s why Napa is the perfect place. Complete with gorgeous wineries, quaint shopping, and fantastic weather, the Prophet can meditate, journal, explore, and sip on wine as much as they please. They love the friendly vibe Napa offers, but they can be alone for days at a time while contemplating their next big idea. They are dreamers at heart, and Napa fosters their sense of wonder and destiny. Sometimes you can find them taking day trips to the beach, stopping by San Francisco whenever the mood strikes them, and giving a warm smile to the vineyard tourists as they mill through. But overall, they are probably enjoying a view from a patio while thinking about life.

Are you familiar with your ideal Myers-Briggs city? Comment below and tell us all about it!


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