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Professional coaching that fits your budget.

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Private Video Sessions

Forget rush hour traffic, circling the street for a parking spot, or missing work for weekly therapy appointments. Instead, log onto your private online Blush coaching sessions from anywhere! Talk to your coach during work breaks from the office, curled up on the couch after a long day, or even while you’re away on vacation. Unwind on your time with Blush.

Confidential Journals

Not all of us like talking in order to work out our problems, and some of us have such busy schedules that scheduling a coaching session seems impossible! That’s why we have Blush journals. Write an entry into your journal about anything you’d typically say within a therapy session, and your coach send you a thoughtful response within 48 hours.

Affordable Memberships

Most life coaching plans cost upwards of thousands of dollars, and traditional therapy ranges from $150-$300 per HOUR – even when it’s covered by insurance. On Blush, we reward our members for their dedication to self-help by discounting memberships to as little as $79 per month. Get a personal life coach without having to sacrifice your livelihood.

life coaching for every budget.

Why Blush?

Self-care shouldn't be a luxury.

You deserve the space to talk about yourself without guilt or judgment. But it's difficult to find the time, the money, or the person to make that a reality.

With Blush life coaching, you can have your sessions during work breaks or after hours on the couch. You can talk to a relatable life coach who has her masters' degree in counseling but is young enough to understand your frame of reference. And don't have to go into credit card debt trying to find the funds to pay for a necessity in your life.

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The Touch-Up

For those who are scaling back from coaching but want to hold onto well-deserved results, or for those who have a tightly-packed schedule, the Touch Up is for you.

  • 4 credits
  • Bi-weekly sessions
  • Credits replenish at each billing cycle
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The Essentials

The most popular package on Blush! Chat with your Blush coach weekly to unwind, meet goals, master self-acceptance and maintain momentum throughout your self-discovery journey.

  • 8 credits
  • Weekly sessions
  • Credits replenish at each billing cycle
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The Makeover

If you are tired of living in the same old patterns and feel fed up with your typical way of life, then you need this plan! Check in weekly or biweekly for accelerated results.

  • 16 credits
  • Weekly sessions
  • Weekly journaling
  • Credits replenish at each billing cycle
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“Blush life coaching should seriously be required for every post-grad girl.”

GabyCharleston, 24

“Thanks to Blush I will never settle for less than I deserve EVER again. ”

SarahHouston, 28

Utilizing Blush has been one of the smartest and most self-loving decisions I have ever made. Danielle was a welcome constant source of calm and I am grateful for her wisdom.”

ElenaAlbany, 27

“Working with Samantha as my coach has been an incredible experience. One of the most important things she has given me is a safe space to feel my feelings.”

MariaAustin, 27

“Thank you endlessly for your insight. Blush will always be my VIP!”

TamNew York, 31

“Every time I talked to Kali, I instantly felt relieved of the stress and anxiety of whatever event I was facing. She had a solution for everything! ”

MorganAustin, 27

“I literally don't know what I would do without "My Kali." Our work has changed my life forever. ”

EricaChicago, 36

“Blush is possibly the best thing I could have signed myself up for during the craziest year(s) of my life! Charlotte is the most amazing listener and always gives me the solid advice!”

BaileyMinnesota, 26

Each Blush coach has a masters-level degree in counseling and mental health and years of experience working with women through every life stage.

Get to know our coaches

Our Coaches

Becca - Houston, TX

INFP. Triathlete Queen. All drinks bubbly. Snuggles and cuddles. Wifey to be. Grey's Anatomy junkie. Dog mama.

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Elise - Dallas, TX

ENFJ. Pisces. Lyme Disease Warrior. Be Bloomed Blogger. Holistic Health Guru. French Bull Dog Lover. Lumineers Groupie.

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Monroe - Asheville, NC

INFJ. Avid traveler. Scrabble queen. Spanish speaker. Old movie aficionado. Tree hugger. Holistic health queen.

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Pricilla - New York, NY

ESFJ. Curly hair ambassador. Interior design addict. Traveler. Carry on packing queen. Educator.

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Francesca - New York, NY

ENFJ. Well traveled. Future pianist. Multitasking expert. Intuitive yogi. Peaceful advocate. Self-care queen.

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Kayla - Washington D.C.

ESFJ. Adopt Don't Shop. Sunset traveler. Candles and plants. Master of restaurants. College sports fan. Book worm.

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Jenna - Greenville, SC

ENFJ. Mama of 2. Coffee lover. Bargain hunting queen. Crafty DIYer. Cooking enthusiast. Toddler whisperer.

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Catalina - Winter Garden, FL.

INFP. Bilingual. Peaceful soul. Nature lover. Appreciates creativity. Reading/writing enthusiast. Natural born dancer.

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Danielle - Southern Cal

INFJ. Harry Potter whiz. Traveling fool. Disney princess. Biker queen. California OG. Hippie at heart. Music fest patron.

Danielle Isn't Taking Clients!

Brittaney - Miami, FL

INFJ. Peaceful libra. Natural hair enthusiast. Recovering perfectionist. Gets her grub ON. Water baby. Keep calm & pray on.

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Life Coaching
Starting at Only $79

That’s less than your monthly coffee budget.

Put your money where it matters. Your self development and mental health are paramount for successful careers, relationships, and general happiness - things you’ve been striving for your entire life. And for less than $80 a month - you can invest in just that. Give yourself the attention you deserve, and watch your opportunities grow!

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