Our Little Story

It’s nice to meet you.

We are a team of all female life coaches with our masters in counseling who are passionate about making the world an exciting and abundant place for independent women. We’ve worked with women through every phase of life - and we love every single one of them. We understand the unique struggles we all face today in the workplace, at home, and in our relationships.

And we know that you deserve a place to figure it all out.

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It all started deep in the heart of Texas.

Blush was founded in Austin, Texas in 2013 with a goal to help high school and college aged women transition into adulthood seamlessly. We launched, and to our surprise, it was the post-grads who came running. Sessions quickly evolved from study habits and first loves to work stress and awful breakups. The “quarter-life crisis” became our passion. Our clients grew so quickly, and we grew right along with them.

By the next year it was time to relocate.

When 2014 rolled around, we relocated to Los Angeles, California. We continued working with our fabulous 20-something clients, but our base grew to include 30-somethings as well. Our work expanded from the quarter-life crisis into marriages, entrepreneurship, family planning, financial planning, and leadership training. Our community became based upon a desire for self-expression, authentic living, and finding a passionate purpose.

We're still going strong

Fast forward to today, and we are head over heels in love with the community of empowered, independent, and courageous women we help on a daily basis, all over the globe. In the past few years, we've seen dynamic growth. Our Founder, Kali Rogers, has published a book, we've added new coaches, been mentioned in outlets such as Bustle and the Huffington Post, and collaborated with some incredible podcasts. And the only reason any of that matters is because it means we are continuing to reach women and helping them reach the rockstar status they are destined to achieve.
Kali Rogers

A Note from our Founder

Honestly, if you’re reading this I already like you.

Because that means you’re actually taking this stuff seriously. You feel so stuck, lost, pissed off, or scared that you are determined to find every outlet out there to get you out of this mess. But spending money on yourself is hard. Why? Because you’re just like me.

You don’t think you deserve it. You should spend money on something that someone else can benefit from. You can handle your life problems yourself. And you would never want to bother someone else with you sad stories.

Yes, that was me. In fact, that’s been me the majority of my life. But something changed when I saw a counselor I actually connected with for the first time - and I can’t go back. Feeling understood, validated, guided does something to you. It changes your mindset, your perspective, and your motivation to live the life you’ve put on hold for way too long.

And that’s why I created Blush. I didn’t want time or money to be an excuse for a high achieving girl like you to finally put herself first. So now that you’ve found us, I expect you to give yourself a chance, and make the investment you’ve been circling around. I know you deserve it, because once again, you’re still reading. That means you care. And that means I care about you.

I hope to see you soon!


Invest in yourself with Blush.