Tips for Having a Roommate

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Let’s be real here–not all of us can afford to live alone.

And furthermore, not all of us want to live alone. Having a roommate lightens the load on financial burdens & social calendars–what more could you ask for? Unless…your roomie is a psycho.

Maybe you totally flubbed up and are in a less than desirable “situation.” Maybe you are on the hunt for the next partner in crime. Or maybe you are in roomie heaven but still get annoyed from time to time. We all know you have dealt with these things, and Blush wants to help make it better.

…So let’s talk start by figuring out how you typically pick a roommate. You’ve got the obvious ones down: rent, furniture, smoking, parking, and pets. But what about the other things? The things you somehow don’t remember to ask when you are about to SLEEP in the room NEXT DOOR? What should you be asking or thinking about before picking a roommate? With the help of our fave TV show F.R.I.E.N.D.S.–we have the tips for having a roommate. (Celebratory dance!)

Bank or Buds?

HOW do we not consider this?!  Could we BE anymore RIDICULOUS? (Obligatory Chandler joke.)

Decide: are you looking for half the rent or a bestie fo’ life? Big Difference. HUGE. And when you have mix-matched expectations, oh gawd. (Cue roommate coming into your bedroom and looking over your shoulder in 5…4…3…2…—THERE SHE IS! Run! Run away!)

You must figure out the answer before move-in day. However please do not say “well if you want to room together I expect you to be my BFFAEAEAE!” (but if you do, make sure to record it and send it to us). A good way to feel it out could be asking about previous living situations, busy or empty social calendars, and job/school requirements. Make sure you have your expectations in check, and try to live with someone who matches your angle…or else…you may have an unrequited buddy-love situation on your hands.


I know it’s not cool to say that you go to bed at 9pm because you have an early start time every day. I know it’s also not cool to say you sleep in until 10am because you have afternoon classes. So let’s get this out of the way:


Awesome. All done. Now go tell your roommate THE TRUTH in a self-deprecating fashion so they understand that they can’t be cooking dinner at midnight or jamming out to Passion Pit at dawn. Not gonna happen. You need your sleep.



This is weirdly important and never really discussed:

“So…is it ok that I steal one of your eggs, or are you going to go ballistic on me and not talk to me for a week?”

I know all of you have had this happen. Intensely labeled foods. Deleted TV. Missing Spanx (gross…). Talk about it. Are you guys going to create a joint budget and take turns grocery shopping? Are you in charge of buying your own food? What is ok to share? What isn’t? What are da rules?! Ask. Discuss. Talk. Now. Go.

 The subpart of this equation, is clothing.

“Hey. Get your crap out of the dryer or it’s going on your bed. Wait…omg…this shirt cute…it can go on my bed.”

Laundry & Closets are roommate landmines! Figure out a good schedule as to when you both can do your laundry, and come up with a game plan as to what happens when the other forgets mid-chore. Do you put the clothes in the dryer, on the bed, ask them to hurry the heck up..? And what about borrowing those nice shoes or that fab necklace? What if you’re in a rush on a Friday night and just NEED that skirt? Um. I dunno. SO MANY QUESTIONS! Just don’t ignore it, or else a laundry fight can break out.


Ok, let’s be sure to talk about who is going to be going in and out of the apartment on the reg. Who are these humans?! Friends? Boyfriend? Family? It’s super awkward when all you want to do is watch Orange is the New Black and a romantic private dinner is occurring in the living room. (Did we mention you for sure weren’t invited? Ouch). Or what about partays? Does your roommate intend on opening Studio 54 in your living room, or do they hang elsewhere? Maybe you both like having bumpin’ ragers–and if you do–we only ask for one thing. An invite. We’re incredible dancers.

Slobs & Such.

I have heard some of my messiest friends swear that they have “OCD.” This is annoying for a couple of reasons. One, because OCD is a pretty serious condition, and two, because it’s not even remotely true. I mean, maybe they always match their nail polish with their blouses.  Or perhaps they always have their presentations done on time. However, they forget to mention that their bathroom is a cotton ball winter wonderland, and their presentation is shoved between a 90’s CD (Mmm Bop) and an old pair of socks. Nasty.

 Moral of my story (rant)? Please don’t try to pretend that you are something you’re not. If you are messy, other people are messy, too. If you’re clean, someone loves Windex even more than you do! One of my best roomie experiences was with a total slob, because I am a total slob (guilty). And we were messy and happy together. True love.

Now run my lovelies and have that incredibly awkward talk with your roommate about your missing Spanx! Or, go home and play sock puppets with your bunk friend because she is the best roomie in the whole world!

Until next time, Blush you all!

Having some roommate troubles? Join Blush! We’ll help you get back to living happily ever after.

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