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Tips for College Freshmen

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tips college freshmen

College, we’re coming for you.

It’s time to head off to school, and everything is about to change. To make sure you have a leg up on your studies, organizations, and social thangs, follow us. We’ve got your back. Here are a few tips for college freshmen to make sure your transition is super smooth.

1. Join an Organization. Or two.

Frankly we don’t care if you’ve already got your crew–suck it up and join some clubs. You’ll meet new people AND you’ll actually have something to put on your resume other than “college student.” PLUS, having a leadership position is totally in the cards for you as a junior or senior….and you get major networking opportunities in your future. Who knows, these kids might help you land a job one day. Student Government, anyone? (YES WE WERE IN STUGOV DON’T JUDGE OK?)

2. Take Your Time Choosing a Major

We know it’s SO easy to get caught up in the hype of major declarations. I mean, at some point you will actually contemplate getting the word “Biology” tattooed on your forearm so every time someone asks you “OMG LIKE WHAT’S YOUR MAJOR?! ARE YOU LIKE A DOCTOR OR SOMETHING?” you can at least get some defined biceps. Or triceps. Or whatever. CLEARLY we were Liberal Arts kids over at Blush.

But seriously, it’s easy to understand why everyone wants to decide as early as possible. The perception is, a declared major equals organization, intelligence, determination, and focus. But in reality, it’s probably smarter to wait. Good for those girls who have wanted to be a doctor since they were five–yay for dem!–but that’s just not typical. You need to give yourself a break and explore college your first year until you decide what you REALLY love. Take the comm class. Explore STEM. Maybe venture over into psychology….(!!!)….that way you won’t be throwing another $12,000 down the drain when you decide to switch and have to take your prereqs. All over. Again. Ewwww.

3. Go to Class

This sounds kind of silly. And obvious. And mom-ish. But guess what? BLUSH SAYS SO.

Get your booty to class and put chur phone in your bag while you’re there. You have no idea how much information you will absorb simply by showing up. It’s called osmosis (Liberal Arts major strikes again!).

Even if you day dream for half the time you are bound to pick up some nugget of knowledge somewhere. Plus the class will be present in your mind, so you will actually KNOW when the final exam is scheduled! Imagine that! You’ve already got a leg up on like half the students in your class, yo.

You are at college for a reason, so show up.


4. Try to Keep Up Healthy Habits

It is easy to establish good habits in high school. There’s routine. There’s expectations. And…there’s your parents. Good luck not having SOME good habits in there, amiright?!

So…think about the habits you had in high school, and try to keep up with them. For instance, were you someone who never ate food late at night? What about exercise–what did you do throughout your athletic days? How did you cram for those crazy Spanish tests that may or may not have dictated what college you were accepted into? These things are muy importante!

Don’t lose those habits. It’s so difficult to transfer from high school to college without losing some of that routine, but you’ll be better for it if you can hold onto them. If you’re a swimmer, keep on swimming those laps. If you read a chapter every night for school, keep on it. We must admit that eating habits are really hard–a lot of dorms dictate when meals are served and have frozen yogurt available AT EVERY MINUTE OF EVERY DAY…so just try to establish healthy habits, and you’ll be fine.

5. Treat it like a job

College ain’t high school. That’s not to say some high school programs aren’t challenging! I actually had some teachers who blew my college professors out of the water. But even if you are coming from prep school–college is structured in a completely different way. You must stay on top of things in order to survive your first year. Meaning…

Treat college like it’s a job. Sounds strange, but it’s the best way to ensure that you are covered. Once you get into your rhythm, you’ll know how to succeed just in time for your sophomore year. But for this year, wake up and dedicate 8ish hours to doing collegey things. That’s really not too hard–you were in high school from 8-3 and then did flippy floppies in uniform or played that horn thing and studied those books and blah blah blah. So just do the same thing for college! Go to class, study, go to your organizations that you just joined because Blush said so, and stay on top of it. We can guarantee you if you treat school like a 9-5 you won’t fall behind.

6. Be Present

College is weird. Like, really freaking weird. It’s basically like an overnight camp with no Teva sandals (at least there better not be….) and no camp counselors. And it goes on for what feels like forever. So yeah, going from your cozy high school room with your parents downstairs to an uncomfy XL twin size bed in a building lacking a lot of morals might be a bit weird. So to combat the weird adjustment phase, throw yourself whole heartedly “in” and be present. Yes, you can go to the Homecoming Game with all your high school buds and Skype with your mama lots, but you really need to focus on what’s in front of you. College is a time where you try new things, meet new people, and begin the transformation into a fully developed self. So don’t hold back and anchor yourself to the past (or the future). You really have to immerse yourself. Your hometown will always be there and your future is definitely awaiting you, but it’s not here yet! PS–that’s what Blush is here for. Yep. You guessed it. We’re experts on dis. (#joinblush).

Enjoy the college culture, because it is so freakin’ weird and you ONLY get four years of it. (Ok some of you get five but whatever).


All right you little fishies, go make us proud (and keep us in the loop, please!). No forgetting about us now that you’re all big time and stuff. Every girl needs her own personal life coach…so just go ahead….sign up here!

Talk soon, girlz. Blush you.


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