Benefits of Life Coaching: Your Best Investment

At this point, you probably have heard the term life coaching before. In general, you know what a life coach is and how it differs from therapy – but do you know about the benefits of life coaching? What are you supposed to expect when you work with a life coach, and how will you know it’s working? What areas of your life will improve?

Life Coaching is the best investment you can make in yourself to increase your confidence, create strong boundaries, and rekindle that self-love that is so important.

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Higher Self Confidence

We’ll start with the most obvious benefit of life coaching. One of the main goals of life coaching is to help elevate your overall self-confidence. Most clients who seek life coaching are already high-functioning. They have their professional life, relationships, friendships, and hobbies – but something is missing. And that something is causing some serious self-doubt.

Frankly – you don’t have time for self-doubt or limiting beliefs. You have responsibilities, goals, aspirations, and relationships to take care of. You have shit to do. Low self-confidence can get in the way of everyday responsibilities. It feels like a big fog of self-doubt that hovers over every move you make. Improving your self-confidence will increase overall happiness, efficiency, decrease anxiety, and strengthen your relationships, which is why it’s one of the most incredible benefits of life coaching.

Self Acceptance vs Self Improvement

The best way to improve self-confidence is to identify what needs adjusting, and what needs accepting. Specifically, your life coach will offer opinions, feedback, and advice to change the things that need changing, but also delivers support, validation, and self-assurance whenever you’re trying to change something that you should simply accept instead. Self improvement requires being held accountable to a plan, and your coach is the perfect person to help do just that.

Once you find that balance between self improvement and self acceptance, your confidence soars. You have the judgment to swiftly handle obstacles, the resilience to know that you are strong enough to overcome anything that comes your way, and the optimism to know everything is going to work out just fine. 

“I seriously can’t say enough positive things about Blush! My coach has helped me through a heinous breakup, an indecisive and sometimes creepy ex, moving, career drama and somehow she manages to make me laugh at the same time! Blush has made me more confident that I deserve more than to settle when it comes to my career and my personal life. My weekly sessions are like catching up with an old friend.” – Sarah, 26


Stronger Boundaries

You know those friendships that tend to take a lot and give back close to…nothing? You’re consistently asked to show up early, stay late, answer the call, listen intently, and provide support – all while having a life of your own. In a sense, you become an emotional dumping ground, ready to put out any fire that comes your way for the “sake of friendship.”

If this sounds familiar, then you know exactly how important creating boundaries should be in everyone’s life.

Life coaching is all about implementing solid boundaries to enhance your relationships. Before life coaching, many clients have friendships or other relationships that cause a lot of stress. Many clients report feeling resentful, bitter, or even guilty over their relationships, because so many take up too much time or energy. To boil it down: they feel taken advantage of. And they have no clue how to dig their way out of a friendship that completely duped them from the start. Which is why boundaries are one of the many, many benefits of life coaching.

Following Through with Boundaries

When it comes to boundaries, the goals of life coaching are to 1) learn how to detect boundary-offenders before they enter into your close circle, 2) enforce boundaries, 3) reinforce said boundaries routinely without shame or guilt, and 4) cull toxic friendships who do not adhere to your established boundaries.

That’s right – boundaries don’t always work. Every good life coach knows that the more pushback someone receives from a boundary – the more that boundary was needed in the first place. Pushback is normal. Pushback is expected, even. And you will have to learn to continue to enforce your boundaries, as uncomfortable as it might be.

But sometimes, boundaries aren’t enough. Part of life coaching is also developing healthy communication skills and learning when to leave relationships behind. Consistent violation of boundaries could be signs of multiple issues – lack of respect, selfishness, indifference – and none of them are conducive to a healthy, strong relationship. Not every friendship is worth saying. And that’s ok.

“Before I began life coaching, I had loose boundaries. People were taking advantage of my generosity, and I felt used. Eventually I learned that the cornerstone of good friendships is respect, and I started expecting that courtesy from everyone in my life. I now have less friends than I did when I started, but I am immensely happier. Everyone in my life is here for a reason, and I feel so fulfilled.” – Katie, 25

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Intimate Relationship with Yourself

It seems like a given that we would know ourselves after 20+ years of hanging around this earth. But the reality is – the majority of us have no idea who we actually are. We’re incredibly distant from our values, quirks, needs, wants, or drives. And even if we truly believe we know ourselves, then why do we continue to make decision after decision that doesn’t lead us to happiness? If we actually knew ourselves – wouldn’t we have this whole life figured out by now?

One of the benefits of life coaching is that it offers you an inside peek into your core. Through the coaching relationship, you’ll discover what motivates you, what triggers you, how you handle stress, what you’re passionate about, how you best relax, and when you perform your best. You will know yourself better than anyone – and with that kind of knowledge – you can finally start living in a way that will lead you to true happiness.

And isn’t that what life is all about, anyway?

“I sought Blush because I was in crisis – I stay with Blush because it sustains me and my mental well-being.  Three years ago I needed acute support with a very difficult situation, and my coach provided guidance, support, tough love and a lot of encouragement to believe in myself and work it through.  And now, even though that difficult situation is behind me and life feels great(!), I need her just as much now as I did then – to keep a grounded, realistic, kind, growth-oriented view of myself and my life.  She is like a maintenance medication, one I’ll take for the rest of my life.” Erica, 38


Remember when you were a kid, and every day felt exciting? Holidays were the absolute best treat of the year, summer days were spent at the pool jumping off the diving board, and Friday night pizza was worth the long days at school. No matter WHAT happened when we were young – we knew things would be ok. And, we knew things would get even better.

So where the hell did that optimism go?

Life’s hard. Really hard. And without a constant stream of support, encouragement, validation, and feedback – it’s easy to let our optimism fade away the older and older we get. And that’s what life coaching is all about. One benefit of life coaching is rebuilding your positive outlook on life so you can wake up in the morning and know that you are going to be JUST fine, and perhaps, tomorrow will be even better.


Having a positive outlook on life is also how we regain resilience. Resilience is what we consider that inner voice that cheers you along the way during hard times, and good times. It’s the voice that reassures you the hard times won’t last forever, and the reassurance that allows us to celebrate when things are good without the fear it will all be gone tomorrow. Resilience is the ability to adapt. And optimism is how it grows.

“I am absolutely loving my experience with my life coach! She is so encouraging and she always seems to know which questions to ask to get my wheels spinning in the right direction. Whether it is the uplifting messages from my coach or the positive emails the founder Kali sends out to everyone, they always seem to say exactly what I need to hear.” – Penny, 43

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Forward Momentum

Humans need forward trajectory. We all need to feel like we’re going somewhere. You want to know you can achieve your goal. Don’t believe me? Think about the last time you felt stuck. Trapped. In a rut.

Not a fun time, was it?

That’s because forward momentum is what keeps our self-confidence and optimism blooming. We like knowing that what we have in the moment isn’t permanent – that growth, positive growth, is on its way. Even if we appreciate a good routine (who doesn’t?), we still can’t imagine life not changing in some positive way over time.

Which is what life coaching puts in place for you as its final touch. When you’ve developed self-confidence, set boundaries, gotten to know yourself, and recaptured your optimism – it’s time to figure out what’s ahead. This is where the benefits of life coaching really begin – with goal setting. Whatever you want to achieve is possible if the groundwork is already completed.

“I’d been feeling a little lost and I felt like you really got what I was going through and gave Blush a look. My coach has been great! She totally gets me and has provided me with a ton of great ways to help me get clear on what it is I want. And, it helps to have someone keep me accountable and know that someone is always rooting for me.” – Laura, 28

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