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How to Decide on a College

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Hi spring! Hi college decisions! Hi stress!

Ohhh rats. It’s actually time to decide on a college – AKA where you want to spend your next four years of your life. All of us here at Blush have had to make that wretched decision, and we think we did pretty well! (Not-so-humble-brag.) Point being, we totally understand how stressful this time can be. Figuring out how to decide on a college is beyond nerve wracking! But it doesn’t have to be. Blush wanted to help make your decision a bit easier, so we listed out some things to consider that not everyone really thinks about. You’re welcome!

Here are some tips on how to decide on a college.

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6 Physical Features You Should Love

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physical features


Having a healthy body image isn’t easy for us girls.

No matter what we do, we are submerged with the concept of having the flawless figure. But Blush says, to hell with that! Let’s embrace who we are and how we look right now. To get started, here are five physical features that we think you should adore. You’re hot, and you don’t even know it!
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Tips for College Freshmen

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tips college freshmen

College, we’re coming for you.

It’s time to head off to school, and everything is about to change. To make sure you have a leg up on your studies, organizations, and social thangs, follow us. We’ve got your back. Here are a few tips for college freshmen to make sure your transition is super smooth.

1. Join an Organization. Or two.

Frankly we don’t care if you’ve already got your crew–suck it up and join some clubs. You’ll meet new people AND you’ll actually have something to put on your resume other than “college student.” PLUS, having a leadership position is totally in the cards for you as a junior or senior….and you get major networking opportunities in your future. Who knows, these kids might help you land a job one day. Student Government, anyone? (YES WE WERE IN STUGOV DON’T JUDGE OK?)

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20 Ways to Drive Your Roommate Crazy

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We know a lot of you girls are heading off to college this fall or moving in with different roomies in the upcoming months, so we decided to help y’all out. We know it’s not always easy to get along with your roommates, so in order to make sure you achieve this, here is a list of things that will guarantee drive your roommate crazy. Take notes, girls!

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What You Need to Know About Life Coaching

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hand wave  Hi.

Sewwww we’ve had questions recently about how life coaching works, what it’s like, and how it’s different than traditional counseling. And although coaching looks very different for each fabulous individual, we figured the best way to explain the process was through a clever (ish?) blog. Because that’s how we roll. So here is what you need to know about life coaching, and why it’s probably the BEST IDEA YOU WILL EVER HAVE IN YOUR ENTIRE LIFE.

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Three Things That Are Holding You Back Right Now

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As life coaches, we understand what it’s like to feel like pure bleck.

It’s our job. Ruts are normal—everyone and their dawg goes through them—but Blush believes that there are three contributing factors that are the cause of a lot of these times. They’re mean and rude, and they are holding you back. Let’s tackle all three of these thangs in order to end your poo feelings! Time to get started, girl!


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A Career in Nursing

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career in nursing


If you’re interested in science and happen to like other human beings, becoming a nurse might be the smartest decision you ever make. Not only is a nursing career constantly in high demand, but it also lends itself to flexible work hours, exciting environments, and rewarding experiences. Sounds good to you? It should. Let’s explore a career in nursing!  Read More

65 Tips and Tricks for Girls

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tips for girls

I mean, we like, love the bajeezus out of you girls. You know it. We know it. It’s all good. And to show our love, we wanted to share with you the most random, life changing, and fabulous tips & tricks we have discovered over the course of our quirky little lives. Some are serious, some are really really not…but all in all, we hope they make your life way easier, and more fun. These 65 tips and tricks for girls will hopefully be life-changing. Not to be dramatic or anything.

BTW–Shout out to one of our own girlfriends for sharing with us a darling article skipping around the Internet–the obvious inspiration for our own fantastic list.  So go ahead—read that one, and then come back and tell us ours is better.

Just kidding. But we did add 5 tips just for good measure.

Without further ado, our 65 tips and tricks for girls. Enjoy!

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The Advertising Career

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career in advertising

Blush loves Mad Men.

But instead of gushing over Draper’s mysterious charm or Roger’s hilarious quips, we wanted to celebrate the WOMEN. Let’s toast to the Peggys and the Joans of our generation, and give everyone a sneak peak into their daily lives. (Cheers to that.)

To get the inside scoop, Blush got the deets from two great ladies who are killing it in the industry. It’s time to get the advertising career info from girls who are out there doing it! Move over guys, it’s time for the ladies to take over. Read More

5 Tips to Positive Thinking

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It’s easy to get stuck in negative thought.

The daily pressures and stress we face can really weigh a person down. Negative thinking can have a lot of real consequences, however, it’s important that we nip those bad thoughts in the bud.

Negative thinking can drain you of energy and keep you from enjoying this present moment. So much negative thinking can even lead to depression. Positive thinking, in contrast, leads to less stress, stronger immune systems and better health (Huffington Post). Here are the top 5 ways to overcome the cycle of negative thoughts and start the path towards positive thinking. Read More