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How to Deal with Long Distance Friendships

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College is so awesome.


I mean the number one priority in college (OTHER THAN MAKING PERFECT GRADES, GUYS) is to make friends. Everything surrounds socializing and meeting new people and connecting and having fun! There are clubs and study groups and mixers and so many fun things to do with lots of humans. Of course you have the breaks during the summer and over the holidays, but it’s all good because you get to go back to your hometown with all of your high school buds. It’s seriously the perfect balance.


The Top Five Times Facebook and Social Media are Annoying

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 We all hate to love Facebook.

It’s our social compass! Our guilty pleasure! We can figure out who’s dating who, who does what, who goes where, and of course, whatever Huffington Post happened to ramble about the day before. It’s not lost on us that most of you are probably reading this from a link posted on Facebook. So obvi, we love it. Best believe. Here are the top five times Facebook is annoying. Super. Annoying. Read More

The Quarter Life Crisis Generation

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Hey world hey. It’s us, the “Millennials.”

(Which is basically a fancy word for Gen Y/20-somethings/humans who grew up in the 90’s/blah blah you get it.) We wanted to take the opportunity to talk about ourselves (shocker!). It’s not lost on us that we have a freaking term coined after our public struggles. But, we’re not here to refute the Quarter Life Crisis. In fact, we’re here to explain it. 

Yes, we know the world thinks we look like a shiny new Porsche driving 80 mph straight into a tree. But bear with us. We’re not that bad.

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Over Posting on Social Media

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Social media is important. It helps us define our image, reconnect with others, and of course—stay in the loop. We all LOVE the loop. The loop is our friend.

With that being said…there are those of us out there who tend to over post. We know you’ve rolled your eyes or sighed in exasperation at some of the things you’ve seen on your homefeed, and we want to prevent those eye rolls from being directed at you. Therefore, we’ve compiled a list of 8 things that may make you think twice before over posting on social media.
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