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You’re Not a Loser If You Don’t Have Any Friends.

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There’s an epidemic attacking this generation.

I’m sure of it. And not just because I feel like it’s personally attacking me as well, but because it’s attacking my clients. My gorgeous, high-functioning, creative, intelligent, and successful clients. I mean these are girls who PAY PRECIOUS MONIES to talk to someone about their goals, dreams, and setbacks. These girls have their shit together, ya know? Read More

How to Tell When It’s Time to Phase Out a Friendship

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Pro tip: Not all friendships are meant to last.


I talk about this a lot in my blogs, with my clients, and in life in general. I am aware that I sound like a broken record. You are who your friends are. In fact, according to Jim Rohn (someone way smarter than me), we are the average of the five people we spend the most time with.

See! I’m not the only one who preaches about this stuff. Read More

Learning How to Quit as an Adult

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Growing up, we were told never to quit something we committed to.

Quitting was a sign of laziness. A sign of weakness. And worse, a sign of entitlement. Our parents made sure we followed through on anything we signed up for, regardless if it was absolutely agonizing. So learning how to quit as an adult can be quite the challenge past the age of 17. This habit of following through has served us well – but it’s also created a few inefficient stretches and definitely caused some unnecessary stress in our lives. Instead of leaning on our best judgment to decide how to continue, we default to a previous habit that doesn’t account for extenuating circumstances. Read More

Adult Bullies: How to Spot Them, and How to Handle Them.

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adult bully%2Fbullies advice


Bullies were a thing in high school, right?

We were told to watch our backs. Not to succumb to peer pressure. If you see something, say something. Guilty by association. And pretty much anything else that would steer us away from the grasp of a bully. But the thing is, we never liked bullies to begin with. They’re meanies. And after our share of middle school politics, we were tired of assholes. Read More

When to Break Up With a Friend

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breakup friend


Breaking up sucks.


Sleepless nights, tissues full of tears, and enough takeout food to last us a lifetime. They suck. It takes awhile to get over them, and sometimes we’re convinced we will never be the same again. But we silently pray to ourselves that the miserable feelings will pass, and that everything happening right now is all part of a better life down the road. Read More

How to Have a Positive Body Image

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positive body image

It’s important to have a positive body image.

We know what normally happens. You look in the mirror, and immediately start picking it apart. Your thighs are too big. Your ankles are too small. Your chin is seeing double. We know the feeling. But the problem is, you’re completely ignoring the things that make you unique! It’s time to pour love back into ourselves and grow to love ourselves for exactly who we are.

You hottie, you.

Here’s how to have a positive body image:

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The Best Life Quotes from the Roosevelts

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quotes roosevelt

We love a good quote. So we compiled the best life quotes from the Roosevelts to bring you some extra inspiration.

I’ll admit it – I am a quote junkie, and often silently state them in my head on any given moment when I am feeling less than exceptional (which happens more than I would like to admit).

While rummaging through my collection of random quotes, or,  as many call it, surfing Pinterest like a maniac, I noticed that many of my favorites were coined by the same family. We all know the Roosevelt’s, the iconic political family that held office from 1901-1909 (Theodore) and then again from 1933-1945 (Franklin with wife Eleanor). However I did not know that the Roosevelt family is Pinterest’s best friend fo’ life.



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