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Eight Things That Happen When You Really Get to Know Yourself

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“I find in general people have very little understanding of who they are; one has to turn a blind eye to so much of oneself in order to get through life.”

-The Crown, Season 1.


I love that quote.

It so beautifully sums up how unique and tough it is to really get to know yourself. Self-discovery is not for the faint of heart, as I’ve found out personally and professionally. Read More

How to Stop Feeling Desperate When it Comes to Dating

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The idea that women feel desperate when it comes to dating is not a new phenomenon.

Honestly, we all hear it all the time. Women are clingy, dependent, insecure, controlling, blah blah blah shut up shut up shut up.

While I absolutely despise any stereotype out there about any female EVER – I have to say that I think I am beginning to understand why this whole “desperation” might have a little bit of truth to it. Read More

How to Build Trust in Relationships

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build trust in relationships


All you need is love trust.

I like the Beatles just as much as anyone else, but I have to say…love is nothing without trust.

And I love love.

Very much. I think love is the single most incredible feeling in the entire world. But it doesn’t have a shot at lasting without trust. Not. A. Shot.

I also value trust because I don’t think it comes very easily. Love is impulsive. It’s irrational and illogical and uncontrollable. We don’t teach ourselves to fall in love. We don’t force it, either. It just happens. Anybody can fall in love. But not everybody can trust. Read More

How to Gain Prosperity

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Let’s be clear: prosperity isn’t just about money.

It’s the beauty of experiencing abundance, and all around awesomeness in any area of your life. A person can be rich in love, relationships, opportunities, vision, money, health, and so on. But who are we kidding? Most people wanna learn about money, and I don’t blame you. So let’s go there, shall we? Read More