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Why Arguing in Relationships Isn’t All That Bad

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arguing in relationships


We’re going to come out and say it: arguing relationships isn’t all that bad.



But still, we hear “Do we fight too much?” on a daily basis. Seriously – we hear it a lot. It’s the age old question that we think holds the answer to whether or not our current relationship is “the one.” While some relationships are definitely too dramatic to survive an I-35 road trip, others are healthy as a horse even with lots of squabbles. I mean without arguments, life would be kind of boring. OH ADMIT IT YOU KNOW IT’S TRUE.

PS–Relationships completely devoid of tiffs can also be red flags for apathy. Ew. So how can arguing in relationships actually be….good? Blush has the answer (and maaaaaaybe a few pointers…) as to why arguing relationships isn’t that bad. Read More

Advice for the First Date

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first date advice


Dates are anxiety-provoking to say the least. So we have the best advice for the first date so you can stay calm.


:::whimsical date night melody:::


It’s Friday, 8 pm. Date night. It’s been awhile since you’ve been on a date…guys don’t really asks women out anymore. It’s weird, but at least tonight could be fun. Plus you haven’t been out-out in awhile. You look down at your sky high heels, and silently hope that the night will include lots of sitting. Lots. Why? Because you’ve been pacing around your living room for the last 30 minutes and your feet already hurt.

When you’re FA-LIPPING out about venturing into the dating scene, bear with us. Blush wants to make sure you feel ready and confident before any first date! We know they can be awkward and nerve-wracking, but Blush has your back. Whether it’s your first date or your fifth date, we have some things we want you to consider:

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Body Language for Dating

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body language dating


Oh, summer love.


Tis the season for endless weddings, dates on dates, and fabulous flirting all through September and beyond. However, with dating, comes stress. Don’t even TRY to deny it because you talk to us about it every week. Therefore we wanted to introduce an interesting topic in dating that isn’t discussed that often at all. And–it’s for da girls AND da boyz.

We aren’t here to convince you that body language is the ONLY thing to look out for while dating–quite the contrary–but it’s kind of fun to talk about. So, since we’re playing, here are five tips to take note about dating with body language this summer.

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Wedding Guest Stress

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wedding guest stress

Let me just state the obvious: it’s wedding season.


Post college, summer break is replaced with the season of the wedding cake. Brothers, sisters, best friends, ex friends, and pretty much anyone else you come across in life can’t help but get hitched this time of year! We clap, we laugh, we cry, and we cheer all in honor of our favorite new couple. Well, that is, until next Saturday when a different couple steals the spotlight.

These occasions of love dominate our social calendars and fill our hearts with hope and inspiration for our friends’ and families’ futures. Plus, we get a boat load of free champagne. So, what is it that makes weddings secretly stressful? (It’s ok, you can admit it). Blush has a few theories, and we wanted to share with you the the top ways to end the wedding race, and simply enjoy the season without the wedding guest stress.

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65 Tips and Tricks for Girls

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tips for girls

I mean, we like, love the bajeezus out of you girls. You know it. We know it. It’s all good. And to show our love, we wanted to share with you the most random, life changing, and fabulous tips & tricks we have discovered over the course of our quirky little lives. Some are serious, some are really really not…but all in all, we hope they make your life way easier, and more fun. These 65 tips and tricks for girls will hopefully be life-changing. Not to be dramatic or anything.

BTW–Shout out to one of our own girlfriends for sharing with us a darling article skipping around the Internet–the obvious inspiration for our own fantastic list.  So go ahead—read that one, and then come back and tell us ours is better.

Just kidding. But we did add 5 tips just for good measure.

Without further ado, our 65 tips and tricks for girls. Enjoy!

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Dating Advice for Guys

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dating advice guys


Dating advice…for guys!


Ok guys. Let’s just state the obvious first. Yes, Blush is a website for girls. We coach, talk, listen, and write to our girls every day. So why on Earth are we blogging to you boyz? Because after working with so many girls, we…….well…….um…….


How do we put this lightly?

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How to Make Your Relationship Last

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relationship last


So you found your boo. Congrats! Now all you gotta do is make your relationship last.

And nowadays, it seems like that accomplishment is about as difficult as finding a Target swimsuit that wasn’t sized for a 10 year old. Kidding. Kind of. Point is it’s definitely exciting to know you found somebody you can stand to be around for more than five hours in a row. And we’re assuming, you’d like it to stay that way. In order to keep long term relationships alive and thriving, Blush has put together some tips to cultivate happy and healthy lasting relationships. We want to help make your relationship last, and this is how you do it.

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What to Dodge When Dating (And Other Deal Breakers)

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If you’re stuck in a crappy relationship and you aren’t sure why, we may have the answer.

Red flags are common in crumbling relationships, but sometimes we’re too busy trying to make things work that we don’t bother to duck and cover. Some of us out there might have suffered a shocking breakup, and really aren’t sure why. Others of us are determined to make sure we get it right next time. No matter our experiences, all of us can benefit from awareness, and Blush wants to help. So girl, when you see these 5 red flags, you better dodge ’em. Or else. Read More

The Top Five Times Facebook and Social Media are Annoying

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facebook social media

 We all hate to love Facebook.

It’s our social compass! Our guilty pleasure! We can figure out who’s dating who, who does what, who goes where, and of course, whatever Huffington Post happened to ramble about the day before. It’s not lost on us that most of you are probably reading this from a link posted on Facebook. So obvi, we love it. Best believe. Here are the top five times Facebook is annoying. Super. Annoying. Read More