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Healthy vs. Unhealthy Relationships: A Therapeutic Approach

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We are finally answering the question: what is the difference between healthy vs. unhealthy relationships?


First of all, let’s get one thing straight: unhealthy relationships, generally, do not happen overnight. They are a slow burn— like a tiptoe into the water kind of thing. Some of us probably aren’t even aware of the dangerous direction our precious relationship is slipping into – and but a lot of us simply turn a blind eye. The real issue? Once the bleeding really starts, it is infinitely difficult to reverse the damage. Read More

Advice on How to Console an Upset Significant Other

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It’s inevitable: if you are in a relationship, at some point, you are going to need to console your upset significant other.

It’s just a fact of life. People – yes, even boys – have emotions. We get our feelings hurt. We have bad days. We have mood swings. And most of the time, we like to share these feelings with others in order to lift our cranky spirits.

So it totally sucks when your partner is epically terrible at cheering you up. I mean, come on, it shouldn’t be that hard to get a smile out of me, right? Read More

How to Build Trust in Relationships

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All you need is love trust.

I like the Beatles just as much as anyone else, but I have to say…love is nothing without trust.

And I love love.

Very much. I think love is the single most incredible feeling in the entire world. But it doesn’t have a shot at lasting without trust. Not. A. Shot.

I also value trust because I don’t think it comes very easily. Love is impulsive. It’s irrational and illogical and uncontrollable. We don’t teach ourselves to fall in love. We don’t force it, either. It just happens. Anybody can fall in love. But not everybody can trust. Read More

How to Take Advantage of Being Single

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Recently, our very own Coach Britt got engaged. Instead of gushing about her exciting life ahead, she wanted to reflect on how she got here, and share her wisdom with others. This is her account of how she took advantage of being single.

Tips on being single


I loved being single.

As an engaged woman, that probably isn’t something anyone expects to hear from me. I always wanted a real relationship, of course. I knew there was someone out there who I would want to spend most of my free time with. But I didn’t want to spend my whole life waiting. Limbo doesn’t suit me.

I spent about five years being single prior to meeting my fiancé. So trust me, I really do understand the struggle of balancing where I was with where I wanted to be. Read More

Dear Blush: Should I Move On?

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Dear Blush,

My boyfriend broke up with me a day before our six month anniversary. He said he wanted to break up early but since I was suffering he felt bad and stayed. He lost his feelings for me already for a couple of weeks. We always told each other forever and always and then he said there was no forever and always. He asked people in our school if we should break up. He even told me it would be nice if I lost some pounds. I can’t stop crying it hurts so much. What am I supposed to do? Read More

Being Single is a Choice

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The other day I had an interesting conversation with some friends about free will.

We were sipping rosé in a trendy east side wine bar and enjoying our lazy Sunday. Honestly I’m like 99% sure you can’t gossip about pop culture east of Vermont Avenue, so our only option was to start philosophizing about life and all its mysteries. When in Rome! Read More