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How to Conquer Your Quarter Life Crisis in Nine Steps

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get over your quarter life crisis

So, you’re stuck in your Quarter Life Crisis.


It’s a bummer time, isn’t it? You feel like all of your accomplishments were for nothing, or anything you try is never really good enough. You’re swamped in a world of everyone else pushing forward, while you seemingly take two steps back. We know, because we’ve been there. Which means, we know how to get out of it. Phew! So take a deep breath, and know that today is the day you will begin your journey of conquering your Quarter Life Crisis.

May the Blush be with you.

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The Quarter Life Crisis Generation

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Hey world hey. It’s us, the “Millennials.”

(Which is basically a fancy word for Gen Y/20-somethings/humans who grew up in the 90’s/blah blah you get it.) We wanted to take the opportunity to talk about ourselves (shocker!). It’s not lost on us that we have a freaking term coined after our public struggles. But, we’re not here to refute the Quarter Life Crisis. In fact, we’re here to explain it. 

Yes, we know the world thinks we look like a shiny new Porsche driving 80 mph straight into a tree. But bear with us. We’re not that bad.

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The Best Life Quotes from the Roosevelts

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quotes roosevelt

We love a good quote. So we compiled the best life quotes from the Roosevelts to bring you some extra inspiration.

I’ll admit it – I am a quote junkie, and often silently state them in my head on any given moment when I am feeling less than exceptional (which happens more than I would like to admit).

While rummaging through my collection of random quotes, or,  as many call it, surfing Pinterest like a maniac, I noticed that many of my favorites were coined by the same family. We all know the Roosevelt’s, the iconic political family that held office from 1901-1909 (Theodore) and then again from 1933-1945 (Franklin with wife Eleanor). However I did not know that the Roosevelt family is Pinterest’s best friend fo’ life.



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