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An Open Letter From Introverts

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Hi, it’s us, Introverts.


We just wanted to write a quick note to everyone to clear the air. We know that we can be hard to read, a little closed off, and even irritable sometimes, but we do love you. To help you deal with us, we have put together a list of things you should know about Introverts!

1. Weekdays Are Me Days.

“Errr…Book Club is on Mondays? Um. Ok I can’t make it. Ever. Why? Because it’s on Monday.”

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We swear it’s not because we don’t like you. And it’s also not just because we want to catch up on True Detective (nightmares for days). The reality is, we don’t want to have to be “on” for three more hours. Socializing is for the weekends and the occasional Thursday (or every Thursday if you’re in college). We’re up for it then. We’re not up for it on Mondays. Of course we bend the rules for breakups, important meetings, or special occasions. So basically, if it’s not your birthday, it can wait ’til Friday. Read More

Online Life Coaching: A Letter from Blush

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I’ve received many questions over the past year as to how on Earth I decided to create this online life coaching company. To be honest, I’m not even sure I know the exact answer! There are so many reasons as to why I wanted to start Blush, but the best answer I have is one that I’ve never shaken out of my head. And I wanted to share it with you here. Read More

What You Need to Know About Life Coaching

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life coaching

hand wave  Hi.

Sewwww we’ve had questions recently about how life coaching works, what it’s like, and how it’s different than traditional counseling. And although coaching looks very different for each fabulous individual, we figured the best way to explain the process was through a clever (ish?) blog. Because that’s how we roll. So here is what you need to know about life coaching, and why it’s probably the BEST IDEA YOU WILL EVER HAVE IN YOUR ENTIRE LIFE.

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Advice for the First Date

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first date advice


Dates are anxiety-provoking to say the least. So we have the best advice for the first date so you can stay calm.


:::whimsical date night melody:::


It’s Friday, 8 pm. Date night. It’s been awhile since you’ve been on a date…guys don’t really asks women out anymore. It’s weird, but at least tonight could be fun. Plus you haven’t been out-out in awhile. You look down at your sky high heels, and silently hope that the night will include lots of sitting. Lots. Why? Because you’ve been pacing around your living room for the last 30 minutes and your feet already hurt.

When you’re FA-LIPPING out about venturing into the dating scene, bear with us. Blush wants to make sure you feel ready and confident before any first date! We know they can be awkward and nerve-wracking, but Blush has your back. Whether it’s your first date or your fifth date, we have some things we want you to consider:

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Three Things That Are Holding You Back Right Now

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holding you back


As life coaches, we understand what it’s like to feel like pure bleck.

It’s our job. Ruts are normal—everyone and their dawg goes through them—but Blush believes that there are three contributing factors that are the cause of a lot of these times. They’re mean and rude, and they are holding you back. Let’s tackle all three of these thangs in order to end your poo feelings! Time to get started, girl!


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A Career in Nursing

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career in nursing


If you’re interested in science and happen to like other human beings, becoming a nurse might be the smartest decision you ever make. Not only is a nursing career constantly in high demand, but it also lends itself to flexible work hours, exciting environments, and rewarding experiences. Sounds good to you? It should. Let’s explore a career in nursing!  Read More

Wedding Guest Stress

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wedding guest stress

Let me just state the obvious: it’s wedding season.


Post college, summer break is replaced with the season of the wedding cake. Brothers, sisters, best friends, ex friends, and pretty much anyone else you come across in life can’t help but get hitched this time of year! We clap, we laugh, we cry, and we cheer all in honor of our favorite new couple. Well, that is, until next Saturday when a different couple steals the spotlight.

These occasions of love dominate our social calendars and fill our hearts with hope and inspiration for our friends’ and families’ futures. Plus, we get a boat load of free champagne. So, what is it that makes weddings secretly stressful? (It’s ok, you can admit it). Blush has a few theories, and we wanted to share with you the the top ways to end the wedding race, and simply enjoy the season without the wedding guest stress.

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65 Tips and Tricks for Girls

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tips for girls

I mean, we like, love the bajeezus out of you girls. You know it. We know it. It’s all good. And to show our love, we wanted to share with you the most random, life changing, and fabulous tips & tricks we have discovered over the course of our quirky little lives. Some are serious, some are really really not…but all in all, we hope they make your life way easier, and more fun. These 65 tips and tricks for girls will hopefully be life-changing. Not to be dramatic or anything.

BTW–Shout out to one of our own girlfriends for sharing with us a darling article skipping around the Internet–the obvious inspiration for our own fantastic list.  So go ahead—read that one, and then come back and tell us ours is better.

Just kidding. But we did add 5 tips just for good measure.

Without further ado, our 65 tips and tricks for girls. Enjoy!

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The Female Double Bind

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female double standards

The Double Bind:

An emotionally distressing response as a result of two conflicting messages

Yeah, I think we know something about that.

Call it what you want: Hobson’s choice, a Catch 22, damned if you do, damned if you don’t—whatever figure of speech you prefer, it’s all the same. Society expects one thing, but then demands another. Exhausting.

Even with all the research in the world, these double binds do not even need to be proven by science—we live them every day. Think about something as simple as salary. Women rightfully ask for equal pay, and as a result are then called pushy (or possibly even fired). If we choose to ignore the disparity, we keep our jobs stable and coworkers friendly while we ignore our own self-worth. And that’s just one example.

From personality to advocacy, females are stuck between a rock and a hard place. We found four major female double binds affecting women, however, there are many more lurking in the waters. As women, it’s our job to find them, share them, and fight them. Let’s get started.

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6 Tips for Moms Raising Teen Daughters

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tips for moms teens


This Mother’s Day, Blush wants to give you a bouquet of cyber hugs and kisses, some of our most valuable information for free, and a surprise waiting for you after you finish reading! It’s our gift to you.

We are an all female team of life coaches who work with teen girls across the globe. We love working with our girls, and we  love it even more when moms jump in, too! Mother-daughter relationships are incredibly important for teen girls’ self-esteem, so we want to do everything to help strengthen these bonds. Typically, we help via life coaching, but today, we have some tips written out for every mom! (We are SURE some of you are wondering what life coaching even is, so before we get to the tips…)

What is life coaching? At Blush, life coaching is a creative process that inspires girls to achieve their full potential. We teach life skills, set goals, and motivate for the future. Blush understands her. We don’t label, critique, or make her feel crazy. Teen life coaching is the new cutting-edge way to help teens get a head start on life. And Blush makes it easy and affordable by connecting with teens on their home turf: online.  Personal growth is hot, diagnosis is not!

Without further ado, here is your Mother’s Day gift from Blush!

Here are some tips for you moms out there raising teen daughters.

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