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How to Find Your Inner Self

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inner self building


Holy moly….Who in the world am I??? 

It’s a realization all of us have had at some point or another: we don’t really know ourselves. 

But how did this happen? How in the hell did we grace this world for 20+ years and we don’t even know how we feel about political issues or contemporary art or rap music?! Sometimes we can’t even figure out if we like the latest style trends. It’s madness! Seriously! HOW DID WE GET HERE? Read More

How to Know When Your Goals are Hurting You

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At Blush, we are all about setting goals. But it’s good to be able to understand when your goals are hurting you.


Fitness goals, career goals, relationship goals, personal goals – we don’t discriminate. We love ’em all. But occasionally we run into clients feeling paralyzed by their goals instead of motivated and inspired. This is normal in small doses – goals can be overwhelming and intimidating. They take work, time, and remind us that we juuuuuuuust aren’t quite there yet (boo). But after a few minutes of feeling tripped up – the healthy goals inspire us to keep going. Read More

How to Achieve Balance (It’s Easier to Swim Than Float)

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This post was originally featured on Quarter-Life Quarterback by Jen Gilbert. She is a client of Blush and details her experience over her life coaching session with Kali and how to achieve balance.

“Well yeah, it’s easier to swim than float.”

That was my response from my sister after I reported to her on my life coaching session. Read More

An Open Letter From Introverts

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Hi, it’s us, Introverts.


We just wanted to write a quick note to everyone to clear the air. We know that we can be hard to read, a little closed off, and even irritable sometimes, but we do love you. To help you deal with us, we have put together a list of things you should know about Introverts!

1. Weekdays Are Me Days.

“Errr…Book Club is on Mondays? Um. Ok I can’t make it. Ever. Why? Because it’s on Monday.”

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We swear it’s not because we don’t like you. And it’s also not just because we want to catch up on True Detective (nightmares for days). The reality is, we don’t want to have to be “on” for three more hours. Socializing is for the weekends and the occasional Thursday (or every Thursday if you’re in college). We’re up for it then. We’re not up for it on Mondays. Of course we bend the rules for breakups, important meetings, or special occasions. So basically, if it’s not your birthday, it can wait ’til Friday. Read More

Setting Boundaries Does Not Mean You’re a Bitch

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Hey Blush Girls!

There has been a lot of talk recently on Blush about setting appropriate boundaries—specifically with guys (…and also with trolls. And guys who act like trolls). We stray away from drawing a line or being honest during interactions, because, well, we HATE hurting other people’s feelings. Even if he is a troll (kidding) (not) (maybe). It’s just not our style. Plus we don’t want to be that girl. The bitch girl. She’s awful…and we would never want to be her. Read More

How to Stop Comparing Yourself to Others

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comparing yourself


So we have a confession to make.

Lots and lots and LOTS of times we have written advice blogs about how to be a freaking fabulous human being…and somewhere on the list is always “don’t compare yourself to others.” Which is like, awesome, if we told you how to do that. Whoops! Kind of annoying. Sorry ’bout dat. But to make up for it, we’ve written you an even more fabulous blog about how to actually follow through! So follow these few steps to learn how to stop comparing yourself to others, and be on your way to focusing on YOU….and ONLY YOU.

Because you’re so dang cute.

Read More