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What NOT To Do in a Relationship

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We like to be positive here at Blush.

We like to tell you nice things to do, because, they’re easier to follow and frankly, usually more productive. But…sometimes there are certain behaviors that we continuously execute that kind of ruin all of the good stuff. Like, in relationships. Actually, ESPECIALLY in relationships. Read More

6 Tips for Moms Raising Teen Daughters

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This Mother’s Day, Blush wants to give you a bouquet of cyber hugs and kisses, some of our most valuable information for free, and a surprise waiting for you after you finish reading! It’s our gift to you.

We are an all female team of life coaches who work with teen girls across the globe. We love working with our girls, and we  love it even more when moms jump in, too! Mother-daughter relationships are incredibly important for teen girls’ self-esteem, so we want to do everything to help strengthen these bonds. Typically, we help via life coaching, but today, we have some tips written out for every mom! (We are SURE some of you are wondering what life coaching even is, so before we get to the tips…)

What is life coaching? At Blush, life coaching is a creative process that inspires girls to achieve their full potential. We teach life skills, set goals, and motivate for the future. Blush understands her. We don’t label, critique, or make her feel crazy. Teen life coaching is the new cutting-edge way to help teens get a head start on life. And Blush makes it easy and affordable by connecting with teens on their home turf: online.  Personal growth is hot, diagnosis is not!

Without further ado, here is your Mother’s Day gift from Blush!

Here are some tips for you moms out there raising teen daughters.

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7 Things Extroverts Want You to Know

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With all the attention the Introverts are getting on the Internet, it’s time for the Extroverts to have a voice.

And our voice is louder by nature, so this shouldn’t be too hard (obligatory extraversion joke). Obviously being extroverted is awesome, but we have to deal with crap too, ok? So our friends at Blush have put their heads together to come up with some things that need to be addressed. Ladies and gentlemen…here we go. Here are seven things extroverts want you to know.

1. We Aren’t Hitting On You. Chill Out.

The great thing about being extroverted is that we really do like to socialize with everybody. The not so great (or maybe also really great) part about being extroverted is that we don’t take gender into account.

Basically, if we ask if anyone is sitting next to you, we aren’t doing that coy flirtatious bit. We just want to sit down. Or, if you down your last sip of {insert age appropriate drink here}, buying you a refill doesn’t mean we’re trying to date you. We just have good manners. (Oh, stawp!) And last but not least, if we ask for your name, we are not hitting on you. Believe me, you’ll know when we hit on you. And you will like it.

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6 Things that Plague Girls Self-Esteem

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Having the freedom to rock lime green nail polish and a pencil skirt at the same time is a blessing…


…and clearly that’s just the tip of the iceberg (and my own strange taste). Girls have an uncanny ability to feel, express, and communicate. CNN has reported higher female college graduation rates for many years (we’re smarty pants) and, as shown by SNL and summer blockbusters, we are practically taking over comedy (we’re funny too!).  Of course, those are just a few examples of our fabulous qualities.  We excel in almost every facet of American culture, and every decade we make greater and greater strides to protect and expand our rights (basically…we’re awesome).

However, being a girl cannot be condensed to a shade of nail polish or Tina Fey (love ya girl).  We have our challenges too, and this is where Blush wants to help. As girls, we seem to have various tendencies that we all must overcome in order to help our self-esteem.  Our thought is that awareness of these negative habits will help us all get there faster. This list is for you to decide what challenges you the most, and to work on it for the New Year. Girls self-esteem might be challenged constantly in everyday life, but we’re here to remind you how awesome you are. Remember, you’re not alone. Blush is here to help you sort through any of the following challenges, because we’ve had to deal with them too! Read More