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An Open Letter From Introverts

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Hi, it’s us, Introverts.


We just wanted to write a quick note to everyone to clear the air. We know that we can be hard to read, a little closed off, and even irritable sometimes, but we do love you. To help you deal with us, we have put together a list of things you should know about Introverts!

1. Weekdays Are Me Days.

“Errr…Book Club is on Mondays? Um. Ok I can’t make it. Ever. Why? Because it’s on Monday.”

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We swear it’s not because we don’t like you. And it’s also not just because we want to catch up on True Detective (nightmares for days). The reality is, we don’t want to have to be “on” for three more hours. Socializing is for the weekends and the occasional Thursday (or every Thursday if you’re in college). We’re up for it then. We’re not up for it on Mondays. Of course we bend the rules for breakups, important meetings, or special occasions. So basically, if it’s not your birthday, it can wait ’til Friday. Read More

TV Shows You Should Be Watching

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TV shows

Not sure what to binge watch on your streaming service? We have you covered. Here at Blush…we’re all about strong female roles hitting the smaller screen. Not that we hate on the men…but it’s nice seeing some of us killing it this season! So, to let you know what we’re feeling this year, here are the 10 TV shows that you should be watching – that also happen to have strong female roles.

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Online Life Coaching: A Letter from Blush

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I’ve received many questions over the past year as to how on Earth I decided to create this online life coaching company. To be honest, I’m not even sure I know the exact answer! There are so many reasons as to why I wanted to start Blush, but the best answer I have is one that I’ve never shaken out of my head. And I wanted to share it with you here. Read More

The Social Entrepreneur

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female entrepreneurs


Blush Career Spotlight

Being a social entrepreneur pretty much sounds like the best job ever to us. You start a company that you love, you put your heart, sweat, and tears into it, and you build your dream. But adding a social element to it? Sign is up! So, for this Blush Career Spotlight, we are introducing you to two social entrepreneurs who founded companies based off bringing people together. They’ll tell you about the ups and downs, and give you in the inside look into the social start up scene. Get ready for some major inspiration to start flowin’ through you (that’s an actual side effect). Now onto it!

CSF logo   fox society


CSF is a members-only social club for women in their twenties and thirties located in Dallas, Texas. They host events that cover a broad spectrum of interests, allowing our members to take advantage of what the great city of Dallas can offer, both socially and professionally. Members can expect everything from wine tastings, fitness classes, noteworthy speakers and book authors, to events focused on fashion and beauty.

The Fox Society is a monthly subscription service that provides custom-planned itineraries for Austin’s couples. Their dates create time for adventure, spontaneity, and connection without the stress of planning or even remembering to plan. Eileen and Audrey, the Fox Society CEOs and concierges, connect with each couple on a personal level in order to create a personalized date night.

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The DTR: Define the Relationship

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define the relationship



D. T. R. Three small letters that can make even the strongest of men wet their pants at the beginning of a relationship. But fear not, Blush humans…we have you covered. After talking to one of our dear Blush boys, (who happens to be fabulous), we realized this phase is the crappiest of all when it comes to relationships. I mean, if he’s confused, we’re all freakin’ doomed. So, for all of you budding lovers out there, we have your guide to figuring out exactly how to handle this stress ball of a situation. Go ahead, breathe deep, and accept the the inevitable.

Girls & guys, it’s time to define the relationship.
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Acting in Los Angeles

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act in los angeles


Soooo. what is it really like to pursue acting in LA?

OH ADMIT IT: We know you all want Reese’s charm, Blake’s wardrobe, and Meryl’s chops. Actors are totally fascinating, and the great ones bring story telling to a whole new level. Even though we don’t think we quite have what it takes to become a famous actress (except maybe Danielle—she could totally be the new Mischa Barton), this is for all of you out there who have always wondered if acting in LA is for you! C’mon, let’s see whether or not your adorable-yet-sexy wink could translate to the silver screen. Here’s what it’s like to be acting in Los Angeles.

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Tips for College Freshmen

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tips college freshmen

College, we’re coming for you.

It’s time to head off to school, and everything is about to change. To make sure you have a leg up on your studies, organizations, and social thangs, follow us. We’ve got your back. Here are a few tips for college freshmen to make sure your transition is super smooth.

1. Join an Organization. Or two.

Frankly we don’t care if you’ve already got your crew–suck it up and join some clubs. You’ll meet new people AND you’ll actually have something to put on your resume other than “college student.” PLUS, having a leadership position is totally in the cards for you as a junior or senior….and you get major networking opportunities in your future. Who knows, these kids might help you land a job one day. Student Government, anyone? (YES WE WERE IN STUGOV DON’T JUDGE OK?)

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20 Ways to Drive Your Roommate Crazy

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roommate living

We know a lot of you girls are heading off to college this fall or moving in with different roomies in the upcoming months, so we decided to help y’all out. We know it’s not always easy to get along with your roommates, so in order to make sure you achieve this, here is a list of things that will guarantee drive your roommate crazy. Take notes, girls!

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