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How to Make Adult Female Friends

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Yes, The rumors are true: it’s hella difficult to make adult female friends.


I know, I know. As a grown adult, this sounds crazy considering we have been taught how to socialize and make friends literally since kindergarten. We were all forced in a room and told to choose a desk and say hello to whoever was sitting next to us. From there, we were told to invite friends over for snacks and playtime and sleepovers. If we didn’t move across the country at some point or the other, we continued these friendships through dance classes, drivers licenses, dingy dorms, and maybe even through our first jobs. Read More

Dating Advice for Guys

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dating advice guys


Dating advice…for guys!


Ok guys. Let’s just state the obvious first. Yes, Blush is a website for girls. We coach, talk, listen, and write to our girls every day. So why on Earth are we blogging to you boyz? Because after working with so many girls, we…….well…….um…….


How do we put this lightly?

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