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My Boyfriend Picks Out My Clothes

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My boyfriend picks out my clothes.


Why? Well, I’m not what you would really consider a “fashionista.”

Design isn’t really my thing. I can appreciate a great outfit, but I can barely tell you why or how it looks the way it does. I have no idea how to mix and match colors or pair jewelry with a great pair of shoes (is that a thing?). Shopping is agony for the most part as I despise spending money on clothes. They’re so damn expensive. Typically if you really want something to fit the way it should, you’ll blow hundred(s) of dollars on the item and then have to turn around and spend more money for a tailor. Read More

Blush Over Orange is the New Black

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Aside from the absolute horrendous opening credits that everyone should fast-forward (every. time.), this provocative female drama is modern magic. Mixed with flashbacks reminiscent of Lost, witty banter straight out of a Sorkin production, and too many shock factors to even keep count–it’s no mystery why girls everywhere are madly obsessing. Read More

The Female Double Bind

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The Double Bind:

An emotionally distressing response as a result of two conflicting messages

Yeah, I think we know something about that.

Call it what you want: Hobson’s choice, a Catch 22, damned if you do, damned if you don’t—whatever figure of speech you prefer, it’s all the same. Society expects one thing, but then demands another. Exhausting.

Even with all the research in the world, these double binds do not even need to be proven by science—we live them every day. Think about something as simple as salary. Women rightfully ask for equal pay, and as a result are then called pushy (or possibly even fired). If we choose to ignore the disparity, we keep our jobs stable and coworkers friendly while we ignore our own self-worth. And that’s just one example.

From personality to advocacy, females are stuck between a rock and a hard place. We found four major female double binds affecting women, however, there are many more lurking in the waters. As women, it’s our job to find them, share them, and fight them. Let’s get started.

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