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How to Stop Feeling Desperate When it Comes to Dating

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The idea that women feel desperate when it comes to dating is not a new phenomenon.

Honestly, we all hear it all the time. Women are clingy, dependent, insecure, controlling, blah blah blah shut up shut up shut up.

While I absolutely despise any stereotype out there about any female EVER – I have to say that I think I am beginning to understand why this whole “desperation” might have a little bit of truth to it. Read More

It’s Not Wrong to Want to Be in a Relationship

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I want to get something off my chest right away:

It’s not wrong to want to be in a relationship. 

Ah. That feels better already.

I know a lot of single women. And that’s to be expected. I’m in my late twenties, and the average age for marriage is crawling closer and closer to that 30 year mark. So to me, it’s pretty standard – even healthy – that a solid amount of my network is not in a relationship. However, I’m noticing more and more each month that my amazing, fabulous, independent, rockstar girls feel that it’s TOTALLY wrong to *want* to be paired off. Read More

How to Build Trust in Relationships

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build trust in relationships


All you need is love trust.

I like the Beatles just as much as anyone else, but I have to say…love is nothing without trust.

And I love love.

Very much. I think love is the single most incredible feeling in the entire world. But it doesn’t have a shot at lasting without trust. Not. A. Shot.

I also value trust because I don’t think it comes very easily. Love is impulsive. It’s irrational and illogical and uncontrollable. We don’t teach ourselves to fall in love. We don’t force it, either. It just happens. Anybody can fall in love. But not everybody can trust. Read More

Five Struggles of Adulting

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Can we please talk about the struggles of adulting.


Otherwise known as, the place where responsibilities are endless and the struggle is most definitely real. Ughhh how did we even end up here?! It seems like just yesterday we were graduating college and smiling from ear to ear over the fact that we FINALLY had money and freedom! Our eyes were set on our bright future and our hearts were thankful we made it through the “toughest time of our life” (lol). Plus, we could celebrate the culmination of our academic career with parties and pizza and champagne! Read More

How to Spot and How to Handle Red Flags in Relationships

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red flags in relationships

The early stages of relationships can be so much fun.

Dinner, dancing, texting, flirting, kissing….awww. It’s just the best. You’re so excited you can hardly see straight, right!? Yep. And that’s the problem. You can hardly see straight – so you miss those red flags in relationships.

We get it. It’s super easy to miss those red flags in the early stages of relationships–instead of looking out for those bright indicators that things aren’t what we think they are, we view the world with rosy colored lenses and let anything suspicious pass us by. But girls, red flags are NOT just for decoration. There are always signs that a relationship isn’t really what it’s cracked up to be, and that is why we are here! We help you find them. Read More

What NOT To Do in a Relationship

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relationship bad habits


We like to be positive here at Blush.

We like to tell you nice things to do, because, they’re easier to follow and frankly, usually more productive. But…sometimes there are certain behaviors that we continuously execute that kind of ruin all of the good stuff. Like, in relationships. Actually, ESPECIALLY in relationships. Read More