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How to Conquer Your Quarter Life Crisis in Nine Steps

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get over your quarter life crisis

So, you’re stuck in your Quarter Life Crisis.


It’s a bummer time, isn’t it? You feel like all of your accomplishments were for nothing, or anything you try is never really good enough. You’re swamped in a world of everyone else pushing forward, while you seemingly take two steps back. We know, because we’ve been there. Which means, we know how to get out of it. Phew! So take a deep breath, and know that today is the day you will begin your journey of conquering your Quarter Life Crisis.

May the Blush be with you.

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The DTR: Define the Relationship

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define the relationship



D. T. R. Three small letters that can make even the strongest of men wet their pants at the beginning of a relationship. But fear not, Blush humans…we have you covered. After talking to one of our dear Blush boys, (who happens to be fabulous), we realized this phase is the crappiest of all when it comes to relationships. I mean, if he’s confused, we’re all freakin’ doomed. So, for all of you budding lovers out there, we have your guide to figuring out exactly how to handle this stress ball of a situation. Go ahead, breathe deep, and accept the the inevitable.

Girls & guys, it’s time to define the relationship.
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