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How to Deal with Long Distance Friendships

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long distance friendship tips


College is so awesome.


I mean the number one priority in college (OTHER THAN MAKING PERFECT GRADES, GUYS) is to make friends. Everything surrounds socializing and meeting new people and connecting and having fun! There are clubs and study groups and mixers and so many fun things to do with lots of humans. Of course you have the breaks during the summer and over the holidays, but it’s all good because you get to go back to your hometown with all of your high school buds. It’s seriously the perfect balance.


How to Make Your Relationship Last

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So you found your boo. Congrats! Now all you gotta do is make your relationship last.

And nowadays, it seems like that accomplishment is about as difficult as finding a Target swimsuit that wasn’t sized for a 10 year old. Kidding. Kind of. Point is it’s definitely exciting to know you found somebody you can stand to be around for more than five hours in a row. And we’re assuming, you’d like it to stay that way. In order to keep long term relationships alive and thriving, Blush has put together some tips to cultivate happy and healthy lasting relationships. We want to help make your relationship last, and this is how you do it.

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